Swatch/Review: Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson ‘Pretty Vintage’ *Updated* FULL Collection

The first nail post of 2017 is here! I know there’s been a lot of makeup lately, but I’m going back to where I started – with Sinful Colors. You can always count on me reviewing the newest Sinful Colors collections here (provided I find them in my Walgreens).

Today I have the Kandee Johnson ‘Pretty Vintage’ collection! As soon as I saw advertising for this, I basically ran to my Walgreens to snatch it up. I had to have it. Now Kandee Johnson has 2 collections out with Sinful Colors – this is the ‘Pretty Vintage’ one full of cream colors. The other is the ‘Vintage Anime’ and had more glitters.

This collection is a collaboration with, obviously, YouTuber Kandee Johnson. Kandee is so absolutely talented, and just seems like such a lovely person, so I was very excited to see these, especially when I saw the colors! This is a 12 color collection, but I was able to find 7 of the shades that are in the most popular display – apparently the others are a little hard to find. If I ever find them, I’ll be sure to update the post. *UPDATE* I found one of the full displays that has all 12 shades on it, so I have the full collection now! I’ll start with the first 7, and then put the newest ones I’m found at the end.

I’m going to go in numerical order for these ones, so let’s just hop right in! Onto the swatches!

First up, is 2266 – ‘Pink Velvet’. This is the one ‘Sugar’ texture of the group, so it dries textured. It’s a bright fuchsia pink. Now, I hate to start with a negative, but let’s just get it out of the way. I had quite the time with this polish, let me tell you. The first coat was fine – it goes on smooth, and then dries textured, so you can know when it’s dry. But for a textured polish, it dries a little slower than others. Now the 2nd coat – thinking it was like a normal texture polish, I put on a little thicker coat, and waited for it to dry. And waited. And waited. I kid you not, I made myself, and ate, a peanut butter sandwich while I was waiting for this to dry. There were some parts that didn’t even fully dry (see the end of my middle finger). On my pointer finger, I ended up knocking it, and dented it, so I removed it and re-painted. This time, I used thinner coats for each of the 2. THIS IS THE KEY. USE THIN COATS OF THIS POLISH OR ELSE DEDICATE 6 HOURS TO LET IT DRY. When it’s dry, it’s less textured than a Pixie Dust, and more of like a nail file feeling. Beautiful, but man, the work to put into it was as long as this paragraph reviewing it. It’s also very hard to see the gold shimmer in the bottle on the nails. ((Whew. I promise the next ones are shorter)).


All of the next polishes have a ‘Vintage Matte’ finish, so they dry pretty matte. They also all have a much easier formula.

2267 – ‘Whipped Frosting’ is a creamy white polish. There’s a drop of nude in this, so it’s not a stark white. This was such a smooth, easy formula. The first coat was a little streaky, and the 2nd evened it out. Since it’s a more matte formula, don’t manipulate it too much or it’ll get ridges. And since it’s a matte, it does dry fast. Lovely polish.


2268 – ‘Pin Up Pink’ is the same base color as ‘Pink Velvet’ but with a matte finish. With a thicker coat, this will be opaque in one coat. I did two here. Unfortunately that beautiful gold shimmer in the bottle is not apparent on the nails. But again, lovely, smooth and easy to control. It also levels itself out nicely.


2269 – ‘Candy Hearts’ is a bright sky blue. Another 2 smooth easy coats. This one also levels out nicely on the nails. In this one, you can see the finish is more of a satin matte, than a stark matte.


2271 – Mint Chip (Sorry I skipped the number, I wanted to do all of the creams before the topper) is a lovely mint color. This is more of a blue-based mint color, but it still leans more green than say Essie’s ‘Mint Candy Apple’. Broken record, this has a lovely smooth, 2 coat formula. Such a beautiful color for spring. There’s some more that gold shimmer visible in the bottle, but again, it doesn’t show on the nail.


2272 – ‘Strawberry Milk’ is a pale, creamy pink. Pretty much like strawberry milk (hahh I’m sorry). Once again, a smooth, 2 coat creamy formula. Love this.


Lastly 2270 – ‘Kanfetti’ is a “glitter” topper. I say that in quotes because it has the same ‘Vintage Matte’ sticker, and the pieces are all matte, so is it technically a glitter topper? What do you call this? As you can see there are holographic pink, matte green, pink, blue, and yellow small hexagons, and larger matte green and blue hexagon pieces in a clear base. This was 2 coats, so it spreads evenly on the nail, but is obviously meant to be a topper. The base isn’t too thick at all.


Here it is with 1 coat over ‘Mint Chip’.


And then 1 coat over ‘Pin Up Pink’. It’s such a fun topper! And the clear base also adds a nice shine to any of the matte colors you top it with. I love the different mix of pastels in it.


Here’s the new shades as well! First up, there are 2 more ‘Velvet Sugar’ finish polishes.

The first one is 2274 – ‘Mint Sugar’. It’s the textured version of ‘Mint Chip’ from the previous ones- a bright, mint green color, although this one does have a tinge more blue in it. It’s just like ‘Pink Velvet’ above – so two thin coats. I repeat, go thin with this, and it’ll dry and give you a lovely textured finish.


The other sugar finish is 2277 – ‘Pink Sugar’. Same polish, and finish, but in a bright bubblegum pink version. Again, the textured version of ‘Strawberry Milk’. 2 thin, easy coats.


Then there are 3 other cream polishes with gold shimmers throughout. They are more of the ‘Vintage Matte’ finish.

First up is 2273 – ‘Peaches N Cream’. This is a bright orange-toned peach cream with gold shimmer. Unfortunately the shimmer is not very apparent on the nails – it might be brought out more with a top coat. This took 2-3 coats – depending on the thickness of application. I also found you don’t want to manipulate it too much, or else it can get streaky and uneven. Overall, very beautiful though.


Next is 2275 – ‘Licorice’. This is a black cream base with the gold shimmers. The shimmers are most apparent on the nail in this polish. This was a beautiful smooth formula – it needed just 1-2 coats depending on the thickness of application.


I had to put a top coat on this one, for obvious reasons. The shimmer comes alive in this one with a top coat. Absolutely stunning.



The last one is 2276 – ‘Cherry on Top’. This is a bright, well, cherry red with more of the golden shimmer throughout. The shimmer in this one is subtle, but apparent on the nails with the matte formula. This was opaque in 1 coat, but adding 2 adds more depth and shimmer. I did 2 coats for this picture.


So that’s the collection! I honestly really love this collection (even with my beef with that sugar polish). All of these colors are so bright and fun, and are exactly what I need in the middle of the Blizzard of the year I’m experiencing where I live. I tried to pick one favorite, but all of the matte pastels have my heart. Kandee Johnson has my heart.

Have you spotted these yet? Have you found all of the polishes?


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