Review: OPI ‘Iceland’ Fall 2017

Yo girl is here with another fall collection review. I’m currently in my bed home from work today, so in between falling asleep, I finally was able to finish up this review. (Don’t worry, I’ll be back at work and raring to go again after lots of good sleep, just took one sick day). I already had all the photos done, so I just needed to put them together and here they are!

I’ll be honest with you guys, I wasn’t fully in love with the spring and summer collections from OPI this year. I thought the formulas weren’t exactly top notch, and the colors were just okay.

But this fall collection… there’s a reason fall is my favorite season. When I saw promos for this collection, I was honestly quite excited. All of the colors looked perfect for fall, and if we remember the Washington D.C. collection from last fall, the formulas are stunning.

This is the OPI Iceland collection for fall, based on Iceland the country, obvi, so of course we have OPI’s beautiful puns in all the names. It’s a standard 12 piece collection, and is full of 9 creams, 2 shimmers and 1 metallic.

These didn’t disappoint. OPI, you’re back to yourself.

I know I’m going to be a bit of a broken record here with this review, as I found most of these had a very similar formula – and spoiler alert, it’s beautiful.

All of these had incredibly smooth and easy formulas, with all but 1 needing only 2 coats. OPI did it again with the creams and I’m so in love. So let’s just get into me gushing about this collection.

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Review: Essie Fall 2017 Collection

Happy Black Friday y’all! I will be honest and say I just did some damage on Zoya’s website for their Black Friday sale – I wait all year for their major sales and I just got paid today, so it was fate telling me to go ahead and buy more nail polish, right? So I’ll definitely be doing a post on those when I get them in.

For now, we’re still chugging along with the fall collection reviews. I’m not going to lie, I had a little lull, and now, swatching these collections, I’m falling in love with nail polish and blogging all over again. Maybe it’s because I now have the time (and the funds) to really invest into it again, and my nails are finally growing and healthy again. Ahhh I’m so excited for the future of this blog. *sappy emotions*

Enough rambling! We’re trying to finish up fall collections here!

I have the Essie fall 2017 collection today! It’s a 6 polish collection (I did the 2 6-piece collections first, and now we have the 2 12-piece collections coming up, be ready). It’s got a 90s theme (something I don’t get tired of), and features mostly cream shades, with a pop of metallic and shimmer. So let’s get into the shades!

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Review: Orly ‘Velvet Dream’ Fall 2017 Collection

It’s still November, and the snow hasn’t stuck here yet, so that means I’m not late on fall collections yet, right? Right? Yes?

I know these have been a long time coming, but I finally got my hands on the polishes and the time to review these. That’s right, I’m finally reviewing fall collections! I mean, you can still buy these polishes, and most shades are still perfect for winter, so why not? And I still want to so obviously that’s all that matters. Welcome to my blog, everyone.

The first of the fall collections is from Orly! I feel like I haven’t reviewed Orly in so long – I did pass on their summer collection since I wouldn’t have gotten it until later, and by then I was no longer feeling the neons that made up half of it. Now the last collection of Orly’s I reviewed was their spring collection, and that was just a dud (see the Lala collection review here).

But I still loved Orly, and I still had hope that they wouldn’t disappoint me for fall. And thank god, it’s so much better.

This fall collection is called ‘Velvet Dream’ and features 6 shades. I bought mine off So let’s get right into the swatches!

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Review: NYX Elements Palettes: ‘Earth’ & ‘Fire’


Nearing the end of summer, NYX put out a whole ‘In Your Element’ palette collection. There were 6 palettes with 12 shades each, inspired by different elements. I picked up 2 of them, in ‘Fire’ and ‘Earth’. I’ve had these for quite a while now, and have played with them so much, so I’m putting up a review!

Let’s get out there right away and say, my one gripe about these is honestly the price. These are $30 a piece. I KNOW RIGHT. NYX has built their brand on being affordable and known for their high quality, with a lower price. So when they dropped $30 eyeshadow palettes, I was honestly taken aback.

When these were at Ulta, they had an amazing sale on all of NYX, so I got them for $21 each instead. However, they seem to have been limited edition to Ulta, as they’re not available on their website anymore. They are still available on NYX’s website, but you won’t get the Ulta sales or points unfortunately.

At least with the higher price, they really have beautiful packaging. They come in nice, sturdy and thick plastic packaging, with unique designs to each palette. They also have nice large full size mirrors, so they’re good if you want to take them to travel. The pans on these are large as well, giving you a good amount of product.

I’ll still just mention the higher prices, especially because my whole blog is based on affordable makeup. So this will be a honest review of the product, and then from there you can decide if you want to spend a little more on it. Obviously, it’s still a much cheaper option than most higher end palettes – so always something to remember.

Even though they are more pricey, I honestly love them (spoiler) and still have the other shades on my wishlist.



So let’s get into the review. Since both palettes had the same formula, I’ll just talk about both here, and then show swatches for each individual palette after!

For both of these, I found they had a similar formula. The matte shades are very pigmented, so they can come off very strong at first. But if you lightly dip in, and tap off your brush, you can slowly build them up. They blend out so nicely and don’t just blend away as you go. This goes the same with the satins – basically any of the shades that aren’t completely shimmery.

As for the shimmers, they swatch so beautifully, and can be built up on the lids better with your finger. They can be a little harder to pick up on a brush – you need something more dense to grab the pigment. They won’t be as stunning on the lids are they are in the pan on their own, but they are still quite a pop.

However, I find that, like other shimmery shades from different brands I’ve used, I prefer to use them with a glitter primer (both Hard Candy and NYX have amazing ones for less than $6! – I’ll be talking about both soon). After blending out my crease shades, I take a little of the primer and pat it on my lids, and then pat the shimmer shades right on top. And its then that you get the full look of them in the pans.

The shades are absolutely stunning, and wear all day on my lids.

So overall, I’m in love with these palettes. They have beautiful formulas, and I didn’t really find a dud shade in either one! Okay fine, NYX, you got me. It’s a higher price, but it’s also a better formula than we’ve ever seen from NYX.

So let’s get into the individual palettes.

First up is the ‘Fire’ palette! This has a beautiful fireworks pattern all across it.


It’s obviously full of fiery tones, with bright pops of orange, red and yellow, as well as some warm browns, and some deeper ashy grays.

It’s not a palette for the faint of heart, especially with that bright red there in the middle. But there’s honestly some good neutral browns and burgundy shades, so you can work your way up. There are more toned down colors for some lovely deep fall looks.


If I had one complaint, it would be the lack of a lighter, more mid tone crease shade. The matte blending shades in here can range a little darker, so lighter looks are a little harder to come by. But this palette is obviously built on the idea of a more bold look, so mid town crease shades aren’t an absolute must.

But this is certainly a unique color range, and if you’re looking to be more adventurous, this is definitely a step towards the bold! It’s about your own color preferences, and what you would wear.


And here are the swatches! That brown shade in between the red and the orange swatches a little patchy, but it blends better on the eyes. That 2nd shade from the right reminds me of the good ol’ blue brown pigment from Mac, or the beautiful shade from the Wet N Wild Comfort Zone palette.

As you can see you don’t have many light toned crease shades. You get what looks like 6 truly matte shades, 4 shimmery shades, and some lovely satin finishes.


The next two photos are more of a close up so you can see the shades even better. These are all done without primer.

I also didn’t find too much fallout on my face – just make sure to tap off the matte shades before you go applying them. They can grab a lot of product when you dip in at first, but if you tap it off, you’ll be fine. Same goes with the shimmer shades – they’re not loose glitters at all, so you won’t find glitter on your face throughout the day.

And warning: selfie ahead. Ignore my shotty iPhone camera, but I went for a bold look one day using the yellows and reds. They all surprisingly blended so well into one another, which can be difficult with those particular shades. I love this for when I’m feeling wild with my makeup.


And the other one I have is the ‘Earth’ palette. It’s got a really cool, geometric, layered rock sort of pattern on the front. I honestly love the packaging on these, and they look so cool, even when closed.


This one is a little more toned down than the ‘Fire’ palette, with lots of lovely berry and orange tones. This has more of a variety of colors, and definitely gives me the autumn vibes.


Just look at that beautiful green and gold shimmers.


This one gives you more of the neutrals and crease shades not found in the ‘Fire’ palette. But you can still get some bold looks with those pops of berries. I’ve honestly been absolutely loving using this very often for my everyday looks. I’ve been loving the burgundy.


This palette offers the neutral crease shades that you can pop with the shimmers for so many different shade combos.


And you can get bolder looks out of this as well! This was a look I did with the burgundy shades, and the shimmery gold and green shades.

With some glitter primer, those shimmers are absolutely stunning.



So there are two of the ‘In Your Element’ palettes!

Though these might be a little more on the pricey end for drugstore makeup, you are getting lots of product, and an absolutely beautiful formula. They offer some really unique color ranges, so if you’re looking for color to add to your collection, these are great options.

They’re available on the NYX website for $30 each. (Heading into the holidays, you’ll probably get some sales going as well).

I’ve got my eye on a couple more of these.

Have you picked up any of these?


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Review: China Glaze ‘Happily Never After’ Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween 31st, y’all! I’ve been spending my evening hiding away from the neighborhood kids because there’s a lot of them, and I have absolutely no candy. Meanwhile, my adult Halloween festivities took place on Saturday.

Did you have any fun plans for Halloween?

And what’s better for Halloween than a Halloween collection review? That’s right, I finally have the Halloween collection from China Glaze! This collection is making quite a buzz in the nail community, and now that I have it I understand why.

Long story short, all the formulas are really nice. So let’s just get right into it.

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Review: Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers 2017 – Liquid Catsuits & Megalast Lipsticks

As soon as I started seeing promo photos for the new Fantasy Makers collection for this year, especially that they had new lipstick shades coming out, I basically had them in my cart and ready to buy on their website. However, I got lucky, and when I walked into Walmart one day, they had a huge 4 sided untouched display of all the products, so I snatched up all of the colors I had my eye on.

They put out a lot more items in this collection that are more specifically geared towards Halloween. I was honestly most interested in the lip products, so that was all I picked up to review today. You can see and buy all of the other products on their website,

They also have 6 shade cream color palettes and 2 cream paint pots for face makeup, stencil packs, body crayons, lip glosses (I’m not a huge lip gloss fan), glitter eyeliners (I wasn’t incredibly wowed by the ones in the Fall collection), colored mascaras, glitter palettes, and new shades of their glitter pigments. So lots of fun colors and items that you can use for great and colorful Halloween looks.

But today I have some shades of the lip products to review!

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Swatch: Sinful Colors ‘Undead Red’ & ‘Bite Me’ – Halloween 2017

I’ve been falling a little behind on my Sinful Colors posts – I still have yet to figure out which Walgreens store down here will be my hookup – if you live in the Chicago area (did I mention I live in Chicago now?), lemme know if you have a go-to Walgreens that actually gets in the new Sinful Colors collections.

But before I moved, I did find two of the shades from the Sinful Colors Halloween 2017 collection. This year’s collection is called ‘Night of the Living Red’. It has 2 glow in the dark shades as well as the normal glow in the dark top coat – I didn’t like the glow in the dark shades from last year so I didn’t bother picking them up. It also has 4 repromotes, as well as 4 new shades. I found 2 of the new shades for today. All of the Walgreens stores I went to only had the smaller displays so I never found the other two shades. But they’re called ‘If You’ve Got it Haunt It’ and ‘Pumpkin Spice’.

I at least have the two shimmery red shades that I wanted to show you today as part of my Halloween palooza on the blog this weekend! So let’s jump right into it.

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