OPI ‘Hollywood’ Spring 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

Look at her getting back to blogging in a timely manner! We did it, 2021 is really a new year, new me moment. Alright enough kidding myself, but I really have been feeling so inspired and back in love with blogging again, and I’m just so ready to talk about all of the makeup and nail polish with you all! I’ve been feeling more productive and back into more of a routine, and I’m so excited to talk about so much nail polish and makeup with all of you.

So let’s get into it! It’s officially spring here on the blog! That’s right, as we’re in the middle of a Polar Vortex here in Chicago, as I let my faucets drip to help keep my pipes from freezing over this next week of single digit temperatures, we’re talking about spring on the nails. Spring waits for no one in the nail polish world.

Spring collections are dropping from our mainstream brands, and OPI is kicking it all off for us. This is the ‘Hollywood’ collection for Spring 2021. With this collection, also celebrating 40 years of OPI, they say they’re returning to their birthplace in Hollywood. There are a lot of light pinks and peachy creams, some bright pops of jewel-tones and a metallic and a scattered holographic shade. Overall it’s a varied color palette that we haven’t seen before and I was so excited.

Of course I bought this from my favorite site, PolishPick.com. As I say in every review about them, they have the best OPI prices and allow me to grab all of these collections to talk about with you all. Definitely go check them out.

We have a traditional 12 shade collection to look through, so let’s get right into the swatches!

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BH Cosmetics ‘Garnet’ Eyeshadow Palette – Swatches & Review

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Eye Looks

I had to scroll for quite a while, but my last makeup review was way back in January of 2020 (I was so close to almost poetically posting a new one on the same day a year later, but I digress). I can’t say why I stopped posting reviews of makeup, maybe I felt like no one was reading them or I wasn’t “qualified” whatever that could mean. But for 2021 I want to keep posting more of what makes me happy and interests me, outside of nail polish! It’ll still be 90% nail polish here, but my 2nd love is makeup and I buy just as much of it, so I might as well just tell you all how I like it!

And of course, when the pandemic hit, and I started working from home, I wasn’t wearing makeup and wasn’t as interested in new releases. But then something hit these last couple of months and suddenly I’m back in and absolutely loving putting on makeup and trying out new products. I’ve been waking up earlier before work just to listen to a podcast and test out new makeup, and I’ve been enjoying it so much as little “me time”. And it’s allowing me to really test a lot of the new products I’ve been buying! I’m still working out a system and getting more proficient at writing these reviews, but hopefully soon they’ll be more regular!


So let’s talk about this first palette back! Back in 2019, BH Cosmetics released a Zodiac palette series, dropping a small mini eyeshadow palette each month corresponding to different astrological signs. I’ll be honest, the color stories didn’t interest me too much, and I hadn’t heard amazing things about them, so I passed on them. But this year, BH announced that they were doing a new monthly series, this time inspired by birthstones!

I’ve been hearing amazing things about BH’s newer eyeshadow formulas, so I was definitely intrigued by these mini palettes. And when I saw the color story of this first palette, I was already sold!

Since they just released the palette for February, it’s a great time to talk about January’s release. This is the ‘Garnet’ palette for January, of course, matching the birthstone of Garnet. It features a heavily red themed color story, and it was just so cute and I couldn’t resist. These retail for $9, so they’re super affordable and just too easy to add into your cart. I gave you swatches, eye looks, and then a review on the formula! I like to be super detailed, so let’s just get right into it!

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Essie Valentine’s Day 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

LOVE IS IN THE AIRRRR. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Yes, time is somehow still moving forward. Will you all be having romantic takeout while watching Netflix as well? Yes, I’ll be doing this by myself and it won’t be any different from any other day, what about it. I’m sure I’ll be having a lovely night in with my true love, nail polish.

So let’s talk about some nail polish! Today we’re looking at the Essie release for Valentine’s Day 2021. This is a 6 bottle release of various shades of red, pink, orange and purple for the upcoming holiday of love. Essie has been doing a Valentine’s Day release for a couple years now, and I enjoy when companies do less traditional holiday releases! Of course, Essie also releases like 19 collections a year, but that’s another discussion.

I went on a good ol’ fashioned nail polish hunt for these shades, and by that I mean I took the bus to a bigger Target in a different neighborhood. Listen, that was an exciting Saturday for me, okay. And we love the satisfaction of finding a display of shades you were looking for. These have been a little more elusive to find overall, but I found them in displays in Targets as well as Walgreens stores! Target shows which stores have it in stock, so you can check their website before adventuring.

They don’t have the full bottle wraps like they’ve had other years, but the caps are printed with these cute little gold foil decorations. I do love the little decorations they put on the bottles each year for this specific collection.

Alright, let’s get into the swatches already.

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Sally Hansen Insta-Dri ‘Prismatic Shine’ Collection – Swatches & Review

There’s just something so exciting to me about a new release from Sally Hansen and I can’t explain why. Maybe it’s because it’s a “drugstore” nail brand, and it’s just a little something different from the mainstreams, and it’s always exciting hunting through the shelves of a Walgreens or CVS for them.

This time it’s for the Insta-Dri line, and I do love those little bottles, especially as they’re so affordable to grab! They’ve also had some quite interesting releases, especially with the Crayola and Jelly Belly collections, so anytime they do something new I’m intrigued and have to test it out!

When I saw this collection posted by another nail account, I was immediately intrigued. There are 8 new shades and they all have ‘Prismatic Shine’ right on the front label. Sally Hansen describes them as “8 new iridescent, out-of-this-world shades to add to our Insta-Dri lineup.” So it seems like these will be permanent and not just a limited release.

I grabbed these off of the Walgreens website because I’m impatient and love the convenience of online shopping. They retail for $4.49 there, while on the Ulta website they’re $5.59 and just mixed in with all of the Insta-Dri polishes.

So let’s get right into the swatches!

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Essie ‘Not Red-y For Bed’ Collection – Swatches & Review

You know, Essie collections have started coming, and they won’t stop coming. (Yes, that’s a Smash Mouth reference there, I am NOT sorry). In the past couple of years, Essie has really ramped up their releases per year, and it can sometimes be hard to keep up. Like for example, in 2020 I have folders for ELEVEN collections that released. And that’s not even including the Gel Couture releases, the ‘Roll With It’ collection and technically, this one also released in 2020.

It’s a LOT. Listen, I can talk about how it’s a lot while reviewing them all, okay. This blog and my Instagram are always here to help you navigate all of the releases and which ones you might actually want to buy. It’s my hobby, and I love doing it. Okay yes, we got that necessary discussion out of the way, now let’s look at this newest collection, my first Essie post of 2021.


This is the ‘Not Red-y for Bed’ collection, and it features 9 shades. We have mostly pink and red tones, along with a neutral and a couple of blues! It’s a very interesting color scheme overall, and I can’t say I can immediately think of any other collections like it. I do love the idea of a more monochromatic moment with some complimentary shades.

Of course, I purchased this from my main love, PolishPick.com. You know the drill, I love them, they have the best prices for mainstreams and super quick shipping. It’s the main way I can afford to just review all of the collections, when each shade is about half the price that they are normally.

So let’s get into the swatches!

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Orosa Beauty ‘Curtain Call’ Winter 2020 Collection – Swatches & Review

Listen, I too often jokingly say to my mother that if she had put me in ballet from a young age, I could be a STAR at this point. I have flexibility and weird feet, it could have worked, okay. Who hasn’t had a dream of being a professional ballerina? There’s a dance studio that just opened near my apartment and once it’s safe to do again, I’m DANCING.

All of these rambles have a point, I promise. They all connect to the newest collection we’re looking at today. This is the ‘Curtain Call’ release from Orosa Beauty, which they say is inspired by “the mesmerizing movement of ballet”. “Get ready for light and airy hues paired with rich jewel tones that will have you dreaming of whimsical performances all winter long.” I love a ballet inspired theme, and I think this color story fits very well. And of course, it just reminds me of my dreams.

It features 5 cream shades and 1 shimmer. I grabbed this from the Orosa beauty website during their end of year 30% off sale. The shades retail for $12 each, or $62 for the full set of 6.

Let’s get into the swatches!

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Loud Lacquer ‘BABBs’ Holo Collection – Swatches & Review

Hello from the future again! I joke, but really I’m writing this from March 2021 as I finish up the last few posts just sitting in my backlog! Since these polishes are still available, I still want to get the posts up because yada yada yada lessons about still just finishing something even if it feels late. It’s really about just being able to fully cross of this box on my list, and who doesn’t love that.

Anyways, let’s just look at this collection, shall we? This is a new collection from Loud Lacquer, a smaller indie brand. This is the BABBs Holo collection, featuring 5 shades with a scattered and linear holographic finish. BABBs stands for “Bad Ass Boss Bitch” and you know, I feel that, I’m here for that. Feeling like a bad ass lady as I sit here blogging, influencing with my words. Okay, that might be too much, but you get the vibe.

These aren’t available as individual singles until later when Loud does another “catalog drop” but the full bundle of 5 polishes is still available for $60 on the Loud website.

Let’s get right into the swatches!

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Color Club ‘Golden State’ Collection – Swatches & Review

If you scroll back through my feed of blog posts, you’ll see a sudden uptick of posts all about Color Club starting in the summer. I can’t explain it, but they’ve fully taken over my heart this year (and my wallet). I just can’t resist, as they’re always coming out with new and interesting collections and finishes! I love their curated themes, and there’s a color story out there for everyone!

This time we’re looking at the ‘Golden State’ collection. This is their traditional 6 bottle release of shades of metallics, spanning from a copper, various shades of gold, and silvers. It definitely intrigued me as a nice little curated release, so during a sale I snatched it up to try out. (As I always say, follow their Instagram or email newsletter, as they’re always posting about sales, and you don’t often have to wait too long for 40-50%).

They retail for $8.50 otherwise if you pick them up full price, on the Color Club website. They are closed for the holidays through the 4th of January, so orders will ship out after that time – keep that in mind if you order during this holiday period!

Now alright, let’s get into these swatches!

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Loud Lacquer ‘Polishes of Xmas Past’ Collection – Swatches & Review

If any of y’all have been following me on Instagram for a while (which you should, that’s where swatches always get posted first), you might have seen that I’ve been watching a movie every single day of lockdown. It started as a fun project to pass the time and now I’m 286 movies deep and gunning for a full year. It’s now just who I am, movies are all that I have.

For October I switched it up and did 31 days of Halloween/spooky movies, and of course for December, I’ve been watching a Christmas movie every single day. (A surprise favorite was White Christmas, which I watched for the 1st time this year). What’re your favorite Christmas movies?

So of course when I saw the Christmas release from Loud Lacquer I just had to pick it up, because I mean it was basically made for me (and okay, you got me, I also do review all of the Loud Lacquer releases, small detail). This is the ‘Polishes of Xmas Past’ collection and it features 4 shades based off of various classic Christmas movies. I told you, it’s fitting. The set of 4 polishes and another special glitter shade named F*2020 come in a bundle for $55, or you can purchase the shades individually for $12.50-$13.50 each. They’re all available on the Loud Lacquer website.

I also grabbed their new holo collection as well, and that’ll be coming in a later post!

So let’s get into the swatches!

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Essie Winter 2020 Collection – Swatches & Review

Listen, I’m currently writing this in March of 2021 (is this like writing from the future?), and it snowed today so it’s basically one day of winter right? Close enough. Being serious though, I had a couple posts that got lost in my backlog, and I still wanted to get them out and crossed off my list, even if they are considered “old news” by this point. It’s about better late than never, and I’m trying to be better at giving myself leeway on this blog, and still finishing things even if they come a little later than planned. And these shades are still available on polishpick.com, so still able to pick them up if they pique your interest!

So let’s talk about them! This is the Essie release for Winter 2020. It features 6 shimmery shades. These shades are all very similar in formula and finish. They’re all light, more pastel shimmery bases, except for one deeper red, with a super strong golden shimmer all throughout. They could all be worn as a 1 coat, more sheer sparkly nail look, or built up to full opacity in 2-3 coats. Let’s get into the shades! I noted any differences between individual shades on each of their swatches as well.

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