Sinful Colors ‘Lucked Up’ St. Patrick’s Day Collection

Alright, I know I’m right on the wire again with posting this. But amid all the green beer drinking and boozing, there will definitely be time to stop into Walgreens and pick up a green polish if any of these strike your fancy. Maybe the pot of gold is really a Walgreens. Makes sense to me.

I think I finally found a reliable dealer in the new Sinful Colors collections, guys. I think I finally found the Walgreens I can stalk relentlessly until they put out the new displays. Hopefully, fingers crossed, my SC reviews are going to be a little more reliable. Sinful Colors was my one of my first posts on this blog, and some of my most viewed, so I’ll always come back to them and pick up the newest shades as soon as I can find them.

Today I have the St. Patrick’s Day 2018 collection from them. This is called ‘Lucked Up’ and it features 3 new shades, as well as a boatload of repromotes. So let’s get right into it!

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Orly ‘Darlings of Defiance’ Winter 2017 Collection

We finally made it through Winter collections! And before the first day of Spring! That was really my main goal. I planned on having this up earlier, but I was hosting visitors at my apartment last weekend, and then was recovering from that, while simultaneously having a super busy week where I was barely home.

But now, now I’ve had time to sit down and work through some posts. I’ve got this one, as well as the OPI Lisbon collection, the Wet n Wild Goth-o-Graphic collection, and the new Sinful Colors core shades coming your way, so lots of good reviews for now.

But for now, like the random cold snap we’ve been having over here, we’re going back to Winter. Specifically the last Winter collection that had been hanging out in my home unloved.

It’s been a while since I’ve swatched an Orly collection – I skipped out on the summer collection. I was already behind season in swatching for those, and wasn’t interested in the neons by the time I got around to it, so I just passed. But that by no means I don’t love Orly. I missed them truly, and I’m glad to have some bottles in my hands again. And lemme tell you, they really found their way back in my heart again, and made me regret putting them off so long. But don’t worry, they’re getting their day now.

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Wet N Wild ‘Ultimate Brow Retractable’ Brow Pencil

I planned on having this up much earlier, but I had a friend down visiting for the weekend, and you know how that just takes up the time. I love having visitors, I just need to learn to plan more posts ahead of time before they come. But we’re getting right back into it.

Anyways, this is continuing my review of all the new Wet N Wild products I’ve picked up! I think I’m going to go on more of a “low buy”, at least until I get some of the mountains of products I’ve picked up reviewed. I have so many new eyeshadow palettes I’ve been playing with, as well as so many new Wet N Wild products. I gotta get through some of my backlog before I buy more makeup. I, of course, will still have nail polish collection reviews coming as well, including the new Sinful Colors core shades and the OPI Lisbon shades. Lots of well overdue reviews coming!

Continuing on with new Wet N Wild products, today I’m talking about their new brow product! Brows are a very important part of my makeup routine (most of my friends know my brows are the most important part of my makeup application, and I take great care of these thick babies). So any time a new affordable brow product comes along, I’m very curious and need to test it out.

This is the ‘Ultimate Brow Retractable’ pencil from Wet N Wild.

This retails for $3.99, and I picked it up (along with all of the other products I’ll be talking about) directly from Wet N Wild’s website, There are only 3 shades of this as well, and they’re all pretty cool toned. I have the deepest shade in ‘Medium Brown’.

I have pictures of the product below, a review on the formula, and then a series of photos showing how I use it in my brows and a before and after using the product. So let’s get right into it!

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Wet N Wild ‘Hello Halo’ Liquid Highlighters

Wet N Wild dropped a crap ton of new products lately, and I scooped them all up and have been trying them for a while. I’m finally going to be dropping the crap ton of reviews all at once, because I know there are lots of other people that are curious. And yes, of course I bought up the new Goth-O-Graphic collection as soon as it released. I’ll be getting that soon, and testing it out to have a review up in the next couple of weeks.

For now, I’m starting with all of the other products they released for 2018. This includes liquid higlighters, which this post is about, eyeshadows, brows, and a new cushion foundation. That’s right, I have all of these new things and have been trying them all, so as reviews for those come out, I’ll be linking them all down below.

As I said, we’re starting with the liquid highlighters. These were the things of the new releases that made me so excited. But I held back and only bought two of the shades to try out first. I picked up all of my products from Let’s get into the review.

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China Glaze ‘The Glam Finale’ Winter 2017 Collection

Another winter collection! I swear we’re almost done, but like I said, I’m still going to put these up and review them. Otherwise they would just sit in my collection and not get the love they deserve.

It’s still chilly enough duh, I can do what I want.

So let’s get onto this China Glaze collection. It’s called the ‘Glam Finale’ and it’s a typical 12 bottle collection. It’s full of bling and sparkle and perfect for breaking up those winter grays. 🙂 so let’s get into it.

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Sinful Colors ‘Color Crave’ Valentine’s Day Collection

Just in time, it’s Valentine’s Day, y’all. I guess I’ve never really understood the appeal of Valentine’s Day – I’ve spent the last 3 with my best friend, Sam, even when I was in a serious relationship. And I don’t plan on breaking that tradition, already planning a night with her and my other girlfriends, filled with lots of wine and chocolate. Treat yourself on this day, and every other Wednesday.

But I will always love Valentine’s Day collections. Who doesn’t love pinks and reds? I’m always a sucker.

I was lucky to find the display of the Sinful Colors collection for 2018! I know it’s been a while since I’ve had Sinful Colors on here! It’s getting harder for me to find them which is so tragic, since they were such a part of my blog from the beginning. At least I have these! And I’m going to keep scouring Walgreens for the new shades.

For this collection, they have only 3 new shades – the rest are all repromotes. I have all 3 new shades, as well as swatches of some of the repromotes and comments about the others! So let’s get right into it, love bugs.

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#TopicTuesday: Sentimental Polishes

Hello everyone, it’s my very first Topic Tuesday! Topic Tuesday was started on Instagram by Jodi of @jodispolish. Each Tuesday a new question, pertaining to the nail polish community is posted, and anyone can join in! It’s open to all who want to join and you can see everyone who participates by using the hashtag “#topictues” at the end of your post!

This is my first one, and when they were deciding topics for February, I actually suggested this one and it got enough votes to be included for this week! 🙂 So of course, I had to participate. I love always seeing everyone’s answers and learning more about the faces behind the nails. I’ll definitely have to do more of these!

So this week is ‘Sentimental Polishes’, so polishes that have a special meaning to you!

This might be a little longer of a post, but read on to find out more about me!

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