Essie Summer 2019 Collection – Comparisons

See the original review post here: Essie Summer 2019 Collection

IT’S SWATCH COMPARISON SATURDAY! WOO! Look, I’m still keeping it up! Weirdly proud of myself right now, I’m not going to lie. It was a wild and crazy Friday night here, swatching and comparing, and avoiding going outside in our heatwave that we’re having. There’s some good ones here – including my first ever full dupe for one of these posts!

This week we’re looking at the Essie Summer 2019 collection. I pulled comparisons for 4 of the shades. The bright neon orange, ‘Soles on Fire’, and the bright purple, ‘Tangoed in Love’, I couldn’t find anything close for. Two very unique shades to my collection for sure!

Let’s look at the comparisons!


Up first, we have the light pastel orange shade, ‘In Full Swing’. I had a bunch of shades in the same tone, but nothing that quite matched the peachiness of it. ‘Pink Noise’ was a little rosier, and ‘Everything’s Peachy’ was more yellow-toned.


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Essie Summer 2019 Collection


Y’ALL, FALL collections are already being previewed and released, and oooh boy, when it’s supposed to be a high of 99 this Friday, it’s hard to think about fall, even with it being my favorite season. I shouldn’t be shocked, as makeup and nail polish are always ahead, but I’m still catching up! Don’t worry, they’ll be coming to the blog soon enough.

For now, we still got a couple more summer collections to talk about!

In this review, we’re looking at the Essie Summer 2019 collection. I have the Zoya Summer collection coming up after this one, and then we’ll be finished with summer reviews! Crazy to think about!

This is a collection of 6 creams, with 3 more orange-toned shades, and then 3 bright pops of color. Now Essie calls all of these shades “neon”. However, I think at most 2 or 3 would count under that label, but you’ll have to see for yourself.

This collection definitely took a little bit of hunting to track down, but I finally got it. There are a couple left on, and they’re in stock now on – if you’re looking for discounted prices! I ended up buying 3 of the shades from, so they’re out and about at various drugstores as well – but it’s definitely a popular collection! Let’s look at the shades!

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LA Girl Haute Haute Heat Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Aloha Vibes’

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Eye Looks

Heyoooo it’s Makeup Sundays! Just like with Comparison Swatch Saturdays that I talked about in my last post, I’m trying to get on more organized and on more of a schedule for this blog. I’m not fully committing yet, and I know there will times and events I’ll have to move the schedule around, but let’s see how it sticks.

This blog will always be primarily nail polish, but as I’ve said before, I also love makeup just as much as nail polish. Since I’m constantly buying it as well as polish, I want to start posting about it more. I’m buying it anyways, so I might as well tell others how I feel about it! That’s why I’m bringing in Makeup Sundays, where I’m hoping to post just about makeup – if that’s not your thing, there will still be tons of nail reviews throughout the rest of the week. I only buy and review affordable makeup – whether that’s mainstream or indie. There’s so much good makeup out there that won’t break the bank, and that’s what I want to stick with!

As always let’s get right into the review already.

Today, we’re talking about the LA Girl Haute Heat palette! When this bad boy was teased and dropped, I was immediately intrigued. I love LA Girl for their foundation and eyeliners, and this palette looked unlike anything they had released so far, so I knew I had to try it. There are 2 different palettes. We’re talking about the on in ‘Aloha Vibes’, which has more blues and purples. They also have one called ‘Vacay Everyday’ that has rosier and warmer toned shades. They also have a highlighter palette in this same packaging.

This retails for $18 on the LA Girl website or $15 in store at CVS. I wasn’t expecting to find it at my local CVS, but I walked in one day and they had a full display of them. So there’s a chance it’s still up there. (You can see a full store list that stocks them here). They were available on Ulta’s website, but seem to have sold out there. I believe they’re still in Ulta stores though – and you can still buy it off LA Girl’s website.

As always, I’ll show you all the pictures, talk about the palette and packaging itself, and then have the full review and eye looks at the end! If you want to skip right to the eye looks, click here or the review part, you can click here.

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Orly Euphoria Collection – Comparisons

Original Review Post: Orly Euphoria Summer 2019 Collection

Another comparison post! I’m hoping to try to get these up on Saturdays for collections that have been swatched throughout the week. I’m not totally committing that yet, but it’s been working out so far! Comparison Swatch Saturdays! If there’s multiple posts during the week (if I can keep my schedule up) I’ll try to get multiple posts up throughout the day. All planning right now, so we’ll see how it works out!

Today’s post is talking about the new Orly Euphoria collection! I compared the 4 cream shades – I knew I wouldn’t have any dupes for the toppers. Let’s get right into it!

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Orly Euphoria Summer 2019 Collection


Good God, it is HOT today. My sweet little Midwestern self can’t handle this heat. It’s 95 here today (with a heat index of 104), and I’m melting. You can bet I parked my happy lil butt right in front of the AC when I got home, electricity bills be damned! I was naive and thought the 70s we enjoyed for the past couple of days was here to stay, I just forgot the 90s we had the week before ever happened. Call me weak, but I live in a place that had a Polar Vortex this year. So yes, I’m going to comment on the heat as it continues on like a normal summer.

So it’s fitting that there’s a polish called ‘Muy Caliente’ in this collection we’re talking about today. HEYOOOOO.


I picked this collection up as part of their Color Pass program! I’ve talked about this in my other Orly posts, but a little refresher: it’s where you pay $119 up front, and then you get the 4 Orly collections for the year shipped to you as they release. You also get little fun extras in each box!

I’ve told many people, it’s definitely worth it if you’re planning on picking up all of these collections like I do. It can be a big cost up front, but it’s done and over with, and then you’re set for the rest of the year. You can start it at any time – however, you’ll only get the summer box if you sign up before July 14th! (Most likely, you would have to wait until the fall collection releases, and get the 4 collections starting then if you sign up after).

However, if you want to buy individual shades and aren’t looking for full collections, of course, this wouldn’t be your best value. I’ve found the best prices on for individual Orly shades!

Now, let’s talk about this box!

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Wet N Wild Crystal Cavern FULL COLLECTION

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Eyeshadow Trios
Cream Highlight
Brightening Rocks
Setting Spray

I always joke that I get reviews up of Wet N Wild collections right when they’re about to drop a new one (I can’t WAIT for the new Pacman collection), and you know, I wish I could say this was an exception. As you can see, these are beasts of posts, so I’m still figuring out the best way to tackle them in a more efficient way. But as always, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. I knew I wouldn’t let this go by without a full review. Enough intro, it’s a lot to talk about so let’s get into it!

A new fun thing: As you can see I have links at the top to jump to different parts of the review! If you’re interested in only certain parts, click those to scroll on down!

We’re talking about the Crystal Cavern collection! This is a light, airy and shimmery collection based on crystals. This collection includes 4 new eyeshadow trios, 4 new lipglosses, 2 new highlighters, 4 new perfumes and a setting spray.

As with all of their other collections, they are selling the whole thing in a box for a discounted price. The full collection box is $49.99 and features all of the products (separately they retail all together for $74). They also have sets for each of the crystals, that include the specific eyeshadow trio, lipgloss and perfume, as well as the two highlighters and the setting spray for $19.99. You can also buy a set of the 4 perfumes for $23.

I was, of course, interested in trying all of the products, so I ended up just buying the whole collection box.

If you buy the whole collection, it comes in this big ol’ chunky crystal shaped box.


Honestly it’s a very cool presentation and I got to pretend I was a real booty guru receiving PR from Wet N Wild for a hot second (a true dream).

It has all of the pieces nicely secured, as well as information about the whole collection at the top. But unless you’re planning on keeping the box forever to display, it can be a lil chunky and overwhelming (especially when you’re living in a studio apartment and have it sitting by your recycling for 2 months oops). Of course, I love the attention to detail and the effort to present it.


ALRIGHT, HERE WE GO. Like I’ve said, it’s about to be a long one, as all of these posts are – there’s a lot of pieces to talk about and I love to give you thorough reviews. Like I said before, there are links above you can click to skip to specific parts of the review, or you can buckle on up and scroll through it all.

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OPI Neons 2019 – Comparisons


Alright y’all, we had the full collection swatch and review, so of course now we have the comparison post. I said in my last comparison post that I wanted to keep doing this for the collections I reviewed, both for reference for myself, and for others! I know it’s helpful for everyone to see, and always helps me when deciding whether to purchase. This blog was made with the intention of being a resource, so of course I want to provide that for you!

We’re talking about the comparisons for the OPI Neons 2019 collection today! I found some similar shades for 4 out of the 6 colors.

I picked up these shades from And as you can see, I’m now labeling it “purchased with discount”. I always want to be upfront and honest with all products I’m getting, so I’m posting that up there now. After purchasing from PolishPick multiple times on my own and talking about them with no incentive, the owner was kind enough to give me a blogging discount – I’m still purchasing the shades myself, but at an even cheaper price, which allows me to keep picking up the shades and showing them to you!

Even without the discount, PolishPick is still the place I’ve found with the cheapest prices for OPI – she also gets in the new collections right when they launch, and I’ve never had a problem with shipping or receiving products. Even without a discount, I would still be shopping there for each collection! That’s my spiel for the post.

Enough yammering, let’s get to nail polish.

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