Mooncat ‘Once Upon a Fairytale’ Collection – Swatches & Review

I had seen Mooncat floating around and in my Instagram feed, the gorgeous linear holos and magnetics tempting me each time a fellow nail friend posted up new swatches. And then finally I saw this collection of just soft and fantastical blues, pinks and purples, and I finally dove in and bought my first full Mooncat collection.

If y’all were at all familiar with indie polishes before this, you might have heard of Live Love Polish. Well they recently rebranded into the more edgy and fun branding and name of Mooncat. Their motto is “Abandon the Ordinary”, so you just know you’re going to get some unique finishes and formulas.

So let’s look at this set, the one that truly started my new love for this brand. This is the ‘Once Upon a Fairytale’ collection, and these colors truly match that theme. We have 5 sparkly and flakey shades to look at today. I bought these way back in May and swatched them up on my Instagram, but still wanted to get a matching blog post for them as well! This collection doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, and they’re still available on the Mooncat website for $14-$15 each, or in a nice little bundle.

Now let’s get on into the swatches!

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OPI ‘Jewel Be Bold’ Winter 2022 Collection + Glitter Exclusives – Swatches & Review

Listen, has it been over a month since I posted a blog post? Yes, but we’re NOT going to ruminate on that today. I think I have this exact same spiel each time I come crawling back here after not posting regularly, and I have no excuses. I’ve still been swatching up a storm on my Instagram (plug here to follow me there), but I neglected you all over here, my heart and soul, my regulars, the ones who continue on even with no algorithm, steady through any storm.

But I digress. Let’s not pause and stay on the negative, and let’s just discuss what we’re all here for: nail polish. And I know most of you are here ESPECIALLY for new OPI nail polish. That’s right, I see my stats, and I know no matter what I’ll always be posting up the OPI seasonal reviews, don’t you worry. Even if I only put up 4 posts a year, it’ll just be the seasonal OPI releases. OPI keeps us all going. So let’s look at this newest release.

This is the ‘Jewel Be Bold’ collection for Winter 2022, and it features the traditional 12 bottles, along with 3 glitter exclusives. So 15 shades total. That’s right, we got a lot of polish so I won’t be too wordy, and I’ll let the photos do all of the talking (she says while still being wordy).

We have just 1 cream shade, and then 14 shimmery and sparkly and glittery shades. So if you’re a lover of sparkle this is the set for you. As always, I purchased from my favorite place, They always have the best prices and incredibly fast shipping. Highly recommend!

Now, enough talking, let’s just get right on into the swatches!

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Essie Fall 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

We gotta finish up the fall collections! Just right in time, as the weather is FINALLY cooling down around here, and I’m READY. I’ve BEEN READY. Fall is truly my favorite season, especially weather-wise and I’m just ready to layer up and wear pants, alright. I’m just TIRED OF SWEATING. (Not tired of CAPS though, sorry about that.)

And along with the weather and the clothing, fall is also my favorite season for NAIL POLISH (again sorry). It’s just those deep vampy shades that gets my heart going and I’m just always excited for those grungy shades that we see scattered across fall releases each year. And don’t you worry, we have some of those in the collection we’re looking at today.

This is the Essie Fall 2022 release, and it’s a traditional 6 bottle set. It’s just full of saturated and rich cream shades, including some gorgeous vampy shades. I love a specialty finish, but creams will always have the #1 spot in my heart, especially when they’re just so pigmented and smoooooth. I grabbed this off of Beyond Polish – where they’re at a more discounted price, especially when you grab the whole bundle!

Spoiler alert: I already mentioned it slightly above, but there are absolutely STUNNING formulas in this collection, and I just can’t wait to dive on in and show them to you. LET’S GET SWATCHING (oops).


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Glam Polish ‘We’re Back, Witches’ Collection (5 Shades) – Swatches & Review


I’ve been so blessed to be swatching for Glam Polish for almost a year now, and in that time I’ve collected quite an amount of shades in that time. So I should really catch up on my mound of polishes and reviews for them, huh. So I can continue to help guide you through all of their lovely and gorgeous releases. Come, on, let’s go together.

This current release we’re looking at today is the ‘We’re Back, Witches’ collection and it’s inspired by the upcoming sequel to the beloved movie, Hocus Pocus. Now I’m a true fan of Hocus Pocus, I watch that movie every single year in the Halloween season, it has a special place in my heart, and I’ll hear nothing bad about it. So when I heard tales of an upcoming sequel, I’ll admit I was suspicious. What will they do to the sacred property of this movie? We’ve been living in a world of unnecessary and mediocre sequels so, of course, I’m NERVOUS.

But you know what won’t let you down when it comes to Hocus Pocus 2? A nice little nail polish collection inspired by it. Did you love that segue? Did you know segue was spelled that way? My mind was also blown learning that. Lots of things happening in this post. ANYWAYS, this is a 10 bottle release, which Glam loves to do and as always I have 5 of 10 shades to swatch up for y’all.

These are spooky and witchy, and perfectly themed for the upcoming Halloween season so I was truly EXCITED. As always, these shades are available on the Glam Polish website both individually and in a nice little bundle.

Let’s dive on into the swatches!


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OPI ‘Fall Wonders’ Fall 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

Ah yes FINALLY, I’m getting the OPI Fall post up! I’m usually so on it for these collections especially each season and I just feel behind, but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. I know, it’s technically not even fall yet, how could it possibly be late? Well in nail world it’s already been fall for a WHILE. So it’s about TIME we look at OPI’s fall release.

As always, this is a traditional 12 bottle release from OPI for their seasonal collection. This one is the ‘Fall Wonders’ set for Fall 2022, obviously. We have 8 creams and 4 shimmery shades, featuring “down to earth shades inspired by the world’s natural marvels”. So it’s very earthy and neutral and muted and perfect for fall around.

Y’all know the drill, I bought this set from – it’s still my favorite place for the best OPI prices, that allows me to buy even more other shades to review for you all. (If you buy from there you can mention I sent you on over, I don’t earn any commission it just helps to know where traffic is coming from).

We have a lot of shades to look at so let’s dive in already!


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Orly ‘Surrealist’ Fall 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

IT’S FALL, TIME, Y’ALL. Well at least in the nail world. We move fast here, so it’s truly autumn time, with brands dropping their seasonal collections. And honestly I wouldn’t be mad if the weather decided to catch up as well – I’m so ready for 60 degree weather and sweaters. Sweaters, not sweating. Please, Chicago weather.

Anyways, as mentioned it’s fall in nail time, so it’s time to dive right into the fall collections. We’re looking at Orly’s release first up, since the Color Pass box showed up on my doorstep. (I’ve mentioned Color Pass a million times, but it’s where you pay up front and throughout the year you get the 4 collections delivered to you with additional goodies in each box. And you can also just buy one box at a time, so even better to recommend. A great option if you’re already planning on buying full collections or want to try out the brand!).

This collection is the ‘Surrealist’ collection, and it continues the Art theme Orly has had going on for the entire year (their spring was Impressions and the summer was the POP!). This is a set of 6 shades of rich and saturated cream shades and 2 gorgeous shifty shimmers. Really gorgeous for a fall collection! Enough talking, let’s look at these swatches already!


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Holo Taco 3rd Anniversary ‘Gala’ Collection – Swatches & Review

I’ve been a big fan of past Holo Taco releases, and I grab a collection here and there where it absolutely sells me (I’ve got a big ol’ cart of past releases that I wish I could just press check out on, but even my inflated polish budget can’t afford that at the moment). And from the moment I saw this one advertised, I was absolutely intrigued.

This is the ‘Gala’ collection, released in honor of Holo Taco’s 3rd Anniversary. Crazy that it’s been 3 years already, time flies truly. But along with the standard holographic sparkle we would all come to expect, this one also had a black and white theme, complete with coming in a box made to look like a clutch bag perfect for any black tie event. We have 4 full color shades and one topper shade to look at here.

Okay yes I KNOW SOME OF THESE SHADES ARE SOLD OUT. BUT not all of them are and I still just want to feature this collection for posterity and future reference! (And I’ll be more on time for posting of future collections, I swear). Who knows, maybe you’ll stumble upon them on a restock or on a future destash. For now, you can check out what’s in stock on the Holo Taco website!

These are still just absolutely gorgeous to look at, so let’s get right into the swatches!


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Mooncat ‘Medusa Unleashed’ Collection – Swatches & Review

This past year I’ve been dipping my toe into brands outside of the mainstream label, just ever so slightly swimming into the shallow end of indie polish. Now don’t be expecting me to dive DEEP into the indie polish game – there are SO many amazing brands, and as much as I would love to blow my grocery budget on trying everything, I must have some restraint. There are amazing swatchers and bloggers out there that are exclusively indie based so I’ll let them continue to do their great work. BUT I’m so grateful and privileged to be trying a few brands that have caught my eye this year. I’m already buying so many mainstream brands, but every so often there’s a little wiggle room to try something else.

And one of them has been Mooncat! If y’all weren’t aware, this brand used to be named Live Love Polish. They rebranded and renamed and I’ve been watching out for their releases ever since I saw Instagram friends posting about them (those bottles and caps were just so cool). And well, this release of an absolute sparkle-fest just hooked me in.

This is the ‘Medusa Unleashed’ collection, and it features 6 super sparkly dense shimmer shades that are all packed with scattered holo sparkle, and have a gorgeous shift to them – and include Medusa themed names. What more could we want in a polish?

I grabbed these from the Mooncat website – as far as I know that’s the only place they’re sold so far, as they’re more of an indie brand. They retail for $14 each, or if you buy the bundled set you get a touch of a discount. I understand they’re more expensive than mainstream shades, but they are an indie brand and offer different finishes and formulas than you’ll normally see in the mainstream game. I’ve enjoyed trying out these new brands and adding some sparkle to my ever-growing collection!

So let’s get into the swatches already!


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Glam Polish ‘Where the Sky Meets the Sea’ Collection (5 Shades) – Swatches & Review


I’ve been so blessed to be swatching for Glam Polish lately, and listen, we can say straight up here that they release a LOT of shades. They keep me busy in the best way, showing you all of the sparkle and shimmer. There is about one collection a month, so I can understand it can feel very overwhelming. Since I’m receiving shades from most collections, I’m doing my duty here to swatch them up, tell you how they perform, and show those live formulas. Be your lovely little guide through this sea of Glam Polish, you know the drill.

All of Glam Polish’s collections have fun themes, and styles, and they especially have many inspired by popular movies! And along those lines, the set we’re looking at today is the ‘Where the Sky Meets the Sea’ collection, and it’s based on the Disney movie, Moana. We have lots of tropical and shimmery and summery shades inspired by all of those gorgeous hues and shades of that movie. There are 10 total shades releasing, and I have 5 of them to swatch up for you!

These are available on the Glam Polish website both individually as well as in a bundle set. (As always, even though these were so kindly gifted to me, all my thoughts are my own and honest). Their collections and shades stick around for a while, so don’t feel like you need to rush out and buy them immediately if any catch your eye! Just a nice little heads up (I don’t like to swatch super limited edition shades, I don’t want to create a frenzy to buy immediately!)

Now let’s get right into these swatches!


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What’s Up Nails ‘Gust of Wind’ Collection + Polish & Beauty Expo Exclusive – Swatches & Review


You know when your boyfriend is gone for an entire week and you’re like “I’m going to be so productive, I’m going to catch up on blog posts and get so many up!” and then you sit watching satisfying cleaning videos for hours every night instead? Just me, oh okay. But look, CRAIG, I got ONE UP, thats productivity, baby. I’m so proud of me, time to reward myself with more videos.

But actually, let’s look at some polishes today, shall we? That’s what we’re all here for. So today we’re looking at another release from Whats Up Nails! I had previously reviewed their Geodes collection, so I was so excited to be able to review this next release for y’all! Whats Up Nails – or Whats Up Beauty is a whole site selling a variety of brands of indie polishes – as well as featuring tons of nail art supplies, as well as their own line of polishes!

This is the ‘Gust of Wind’ collection and it features 6 polishes. These are available now on their website for purchase! It features 4 shimmers, 1 magnetic shade and 1 reflective glitter. At the very end of the post I also featured their Polish & Beauty Expo exclusive shade (that’s no longer just exclusive to the Expo).

We’ve got some GORGEOUS shades so let’s dive right in!

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