Sista Chic Lacquer ‘That Song is Stuck in My Head’ Trio


Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! Do you have any plans for your long weekend? I’m going up with friends to our college town for a little reunion, and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to just be goofy and silly with college friends for an entire weekend.

And of course, this time I made sure there’s lot of polish queued up for the long weekend, so don’t worry there’s still polish and posts coming! Lots of fall collections on the way, and this new trio.


It’s a quick little post today for a cute little trio. We have a new trio from Sista Chic Lacquer! This is the ‘That Song is Stuck in My Head’ trio and is based on those songs that just get stuck in your head when you hear them. It’s a trio, so there are 3 new polishes. These will release on September 1st on the Sista Chic website and will retail for $10 each. As always, a portion of the profits will go to Project Rescue, an organization that helps women and children rescued from sex trafficking.

There is another trio also releasing on the 1st, so be sure to tune into the Sista Chic website!

Let’s get right into the swatches!

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Zoya ‘Sensual’ Fall 2019 Collection

I can’t believe it’s almost September already, where has the time gone! Of course, I’m not that sad as I’m so dang excited for Fall. Fall is my favorite season of all, and I’m ready to no longer be sweating all the time. I’ve lived in the Midwest all my life, so the colorful and changing leaves are always incredible and beautiful, and JUST GIMME FALL.

And today, we’re looking at the first of the fall collections I have to review. Fall is also my favorite for nail polish and makeup, as I’m a sucker for deep, vampy and jewel-toned collections.

The first one up is the ‘Sensual’ collection from Zoya! This is their typical 12 piece collection, and features some neutrals, some berries and deep vampy blues and purples. It contains 9 cream shades and 3 shimmer/metallic shades.

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Essie Rocky Rose Collection

Y’all it is almost SEPTEMBER. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN. Time is flying, especially with how much traveling I’ve been doing. I’ve been gone a lot of weekends, which is when I get a lot of blogging done, so my posts have been a little more sparse. But I got a lot of posts on the docket coming up. The photos are taken, the swatches are done, it’s just the posts being written and so much good stuff is coming on up. Stay tuned for all of the fun reviews.

Now, this is the last collection I have to review before we dive full on into fall collections! Don’t get me wrong, I love some warm weather and sunshine, but I’m so ready for fall. Fall is my absolute favorite season, and fall makeup and nail polish is the best. Give me some vamp, gimme some earth tones, gimme that COOL WEATHER.

Now this collection has a lot of oranges and earth tones, so though it may be a summer release, I’m still hella excited to put these on my nails. This is right up my alley.

What I’m going on and on about today is the ‘Rocky Rose’ collection by Essie. It was released as part of the “Summer Trilogy” from Essie, that included the ‘Gorge-ous Geodes’ collection and the ‘Sunrush Metals’ in their Gel Couture line. It’s a 9 shade collection of more earthy and warm toned shades, from browns, oranges and pinks.

I picked these up from (they have a few shades left) and I’ve also seen them around at drugstores like Walgreens and Target.

Let’s get right into all of these swatches!

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Essie ‘Gorge-ous Geodes’ Collection

You know, sometimes you plan on being productive and getting some posts done after you get home from another weekend trip, and then sometimes you fall asleep on your couch right when you sit down. We’re all trying our best here. I’ll actually be home this weekend, so as always I’ll be swatching up a storm to get some fall collections up and reviewed.

But first we have a couple collections that are falling right in between summer and fall, and are just too stunning to let go by. Mainly Essie collections, because they’re just released a boatload this year. I’m not complaining.

This is the Essie ‘Gorge-ous Geodes’ collection, and it features 6 neutral holographic shades.

I grabbed these from I’ve found they always get new Essie collections the quickest, and I wanted to make sure I snagged these. They’re still showing in stock on their website. I grabbed em all up as soon as they were available, since I didn’t want to risk missing out on these. As I always say with any mainstream holographic shade, I snatch it up so fast. I need to have them all, and I hope mainstream brands keep putting them out. These caused a storm when they released, and they’re still making waves. I’ve been waiting so long to put em on my fingers, and it’s finally THEIR TIME. LET’S GET INTO IT.

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China Glaze ‘You Do Hue’ Sesame Street Collection

China Glaze came out with an adorable collaboration with Sesame Street for their 50th anniversary! It’s a 12 piece collection of lots of colorful shades and lots of sparkle.

It took a little longer to get my hands on this collection, but it was so dang worth it! I ended up purchasing from, and there are still some shades left there as well as on

Let’s get into it!

All of the caps have these adorable little printed characters on them. They have the little face on one side, and then the little “symbol” of them on the other side, with the You Do Hue name printed as well. There are 3 different characters: Big Bird and his feather, Oscar the Grouch and a fish skeleton, and Cookie Monster and a cookie. I think it’s just so cute, and I love when the caps are special for a collection.

We have a lot of swatches to get through, so let’s get into the polish already!

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Wet N Wild Pac-Man Perfect Game Nail Polish Set


Whew boy, it’s the start of a busy couple of months for me! I have two family weddings coming up, one in September and one in October – including being a bridesmaid for the September one, so it’s about to be a lot of traveling and craziness! I’ll be testing how well I can get posts together and ready to put up before I’m gone for a weekend, which is something I want to be better at anyways. I just talked about how I was more consistent in posting in July, so its time to REALLY TEST THAT.

It’s crazy that these are coming up so fast, and I can’t believe it’s already August! The time is just flying by. But we still have plenty of summer left here, and the heat isn’t letting up. Do you have any plans for the rest of the summer?

But as always, the polish doesn’t let up for any schedule! Today’s post is talking about this little nail polish set that came out in the Wet N Wild Pac-Man collection (I’ll have a separate post about the makeup items up in the next week or two). When this collection was previewed, I was very interested in the eyeshadow palette, of course, but seeing a nail polish set always makes me excited, and it was something I knew I had to snatch up. They’ve only done this one other time, with the Flights of Fancy collection last summer.

I’ll always miss the full limited edition nail polish collections that Wet N Wild used to come out with (especially as they ended right as I was getting into polish). And I’ll always have a hope that they’ll do them again someday. For now, I’ll deal, and have these little sets fill the void in my heart.

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Essie Glazed Days Collection


I posted this on my Instagram stories as well, but I’ve been a lot more motivated with my blogging lately. I got a planner at the beginning of July, and scheduling out my posts and what I need to be doing each night, whether it’s swatches, photos, or posts, has been doing wonders. I went from doing 2-5 posts every month to posting ELEVEN in July! It might seem like a little thing, but I’m proud of myself. I’m on more of a schedule and more consistent, and it’s feeling so good. I’m in love with blogging again, and can’t wait to continue posting for you guys! And I hope you’ve been loving the more consistent content!

I’m still working my way through a desk of polish collections that had built up, and we’re almost caught up and ready to get into FALL COLLECTIONS. It’s crazy to think about, since it’s only a few days into August, but polish brands are full on into the deep vampy colors. Fall’s my favorite season, so I can’t complain at all.

But it ain’t fall just yet! (I mean, it is still regularly above 80 degrees here). We still have a couple collections to talk about before that.

Essie has been BUSY this summer, and they’re released this collection, along with their summer collection AND a summer trilogy! Whew, that’s 4 collections all within the span of a couple months. They’re small collections, but we’ve got a lot of Essie coming up on the blog.

So we’re looking at some jelly polishes today! This is the ‘Glazed Days’ collection, and features 6 polishes in a sheer jelly finish. You can still find these onĀ, and I picked up a few that I needed from CVS as well.

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