Essie Spring 2019 Collection


It’s finally getting -and staying- warm and I am THRIVING. I moved from a basement apartment up into a 3rd floor apartment this April, and the difference in natural light in the apartment is incredible. I’m loving having my windows and curtains open, and just letting the daylight and fresh air in. As much as fall is my favorite season, I do absolutely love the warmer weather. So with all of this sunlight and not having to wear a jacket, I AM A NEW WOMAN.

Of course with the warmer weather, we have summer collections rolling right into the nail polish community. But for now, we have this last spring collection to talk about! We’re catching up on reviews y’all, we’re on our way.

This is the Essie collection for Spring 2019. It’s their standard 6 piece collection, and features lots of shimmers and soft neutrals. Let’s talk about these spring babies, shall we?

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Sally Hansen ‘Matte Metallic’ Shades


Over here just swatching, swatching, swatching all my feelings away. We have SO many polishes to talk about, and ugh, I can’t wait to show them all to you. So this time I won’t ramble and let’s just get RIGHT into it!

Like I said, Sally Hansen has been busy this year, releasing all sorts of new shades and formulas and finishes! Getting these packages has made me pay more attention to their releases, and I’m so glad I’ve been able to try all of these out! (I was going to purchase some of these metallic shades myself before I got the email about em, so it worked out). They’ve got some beautiful neons that have released up in Canada, that I hope come on down here so I can snatch em up.

But we’re talking about these bad boys right now. These are part of their Insta-Dri line. They’re a new collection called Matte Metallics, and they’re well, matte metallics. They have the ‘Matte’ label on the bottle, as well as around the cap.

I have 6 of the 8 shades available – the other two are a deep cobalt blue, and a deep purple. Those sound stunning in this finish, so I might have to pick them up as well!

You can find these on Target’s website for $4 and Ulta’s website for $5 – as well as other drugstores like Walgreens and CVS.

Let’s get into the shades now!

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China Glaze ‘The Arrangement’ Spring 2019 Collection


I was going to post a comment of “it’s still spring, so I’m still on time” but I don’t have to make excuses for not posting until now. I do this blog as a hobby outside of my full time job, and I have to learn to stop making excuses for myself. Sometimes life is busy, and that’s okay. As long as I’m still enjoying it, that’s all that matters. Okay I’m coming down off of my soapbox now. I’m just feeling inspired lately, and learning to love my blog no matter what.

I’m finishing up a couple more Spring collection posts, so we can move onto summer! Summer means warmth and sunshine, and I’m ready for it. But of course, spring is still here and full of lovely hues to still talk about!

Let’s get right into it. This is the China Glaze Spring 2019 collection called ‘The Arrangement’. It features 12 shades of soft brights and dusty shades, and it’s perfect for spring in my opinion. I sway between wanting bright shades to dust off winter, but still love a dusty shade for those rainy days.

I purchased this full collection off of! Now onto the individual shades!

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Sinful Colors x Vanessa Hudgens ‘Cosmic Dreams’ Collection


You know, sometimes you feel like you’re finally starting to get yourself together, you’ve got to-do lists you’re crossing off and scheduling out things and just getting it done and feeling like a true adult. And then you lose your bus pass after you told yourself not to leave it in your pocket because you would lose it. I’m trying my best here. Either way I had a fun field trip to the customer service office to get a new one. Adult life is about the small adventures.

Shall we talk about this collection then? At least I can pretend to have it together with my nails and in the swatches, right?


And with this collection, we can talk about this more exciting thing! I bought this collection online. That’s right. I didn’t have to madly search stores, or get them shipped in from other polish fanatics. I could order them right on Amazon! Sinful Colors listened to feedback and is now offering their newer collections online for purchase through an Amazon store. It’s so much easier for me to recommend and show them to you when I can point you to a website to buy them!

You can only buy the full 6 piece collection right now for $18 here, and hopefully individual shades come in soon online as well! It’s a process as they’re figuring out selling online for the first time, so I’m still happy that the polishes are available in the first place. Slow and steady progress.

Update: It also sounds like they’ll be popping up at Walmarts with the other new collections this year, so keep a look out for them!


Now, this particular collection. This is the newest collaboration with Vanessa Hudgens. This is 3rd U.S. collection they’ve released in collaboration with her now (there were a couple Australia only collections as well that I heard whispers about).

This is the ‘Cosmic Dreams’ collection and features 6 shimmery space themed shades. There are 2 other shades that have popped up, but I’m not sure where they’re available – as mentioned above it sounds like they’ll be popping up at Walmart, so I’ll update the post if I’m able to snag them.

Let’s get on into these pretties!

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Sista Chic Lacquer ‘Chic & Cheeky’ Duo


You know, I meant to get this up earlier, but catching up on 5 seasons of Game of Thrones, and then just plain going to bed early has got me all off on my swatching schedule. (That’s right I’m way behind on Game of Thrones, and working on it, if you spoil anything I will KICK YOU).

Anyways, let’s talk about this “cheeky” little duo that releases today, shall we?

Damn, the quickest intro I’ve ever had into a post. Don’t worry, I’ll be more chatty in literally every other post.


This is the ‘Chic & Cheeky’ duo from Sista Chic Lacquer.  The owner, Debbi, says she was inspired to create this collection after another swatcher described a polish as “cheeky”. They’re two fun pinks, and available now on the Sista Chic website. Just like all of her other polishes, a portion of the money from these polishes will be donated to Project Rescue, an organization helping those rescued from sex trafficking.

As before, these were sent to me for my honest review, but I’ll always give my honest thoughts, all that fun and jazz. Now let’s get into the fun stuff.

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Wet N Wild ‘Rebel Rose’ Collection

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I seem to be in this pattern of finishing and putting up a review of a limited edition Wet N Wild collection right as they’re releasing a new one. I’M WORKING ON THAT. (If you haven’t seen, they have a collection called Crystal Cavern coming out soon. I’m so excited). Honestly, I’m gonna blame moving (and procrastinating, I moved a month ago) for this getting pushed to the back of the drawer. So here it is, and I’m going to be more timely with reviews coming up.

I’ve said it before, these posts are long and take a lot of work so maybe I get intimidated. But I’m always so satisfied and happy when they’re up and I just hope this can help out someone else looking to buy the collection! I’ve gotten a new motivation and passion for reviewing, so I can’t wait to just post even more reviews (and in a more timely basis) – and hopefully be on a more set schedule by the end of this summer.

So thank you for always being patient with me. I just want to be able to fully use the products and give the most thorough review I can, and I can only hope it helps you a little bit in your buying process. I’m buying this makeup anyways, I might as well talk about it for someone else.

Let’s talk about it already, shall we?

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Sally Hansen x Jelly Belly Shades


Happy Easter everyone! I didn’t go home this year so I hung out with friends for a lovely brunch, and gained a sunburn just having my arm out in the sun for that hour. Redhead probs. My mom sent over a huge box of Reese’s Easter eggs and more, so I can’t wait to eat too much of it and feel terrible about myself. What are your Easter plans? If you want a break from your family, or just something to read while you’re in a food coma, we, of course, have some nail polish to talk about.

Another Sally Hansen post! They’ve been putting out so many interesting things lately, so I’m having so much fun trying out their different lines and collections. I’ve loved their Crayola collaboration collections, so when I started seeing pictures of these, I got so excited, and knew I had to hunt them down. Now I have been lucky enough to receive some PR from Sally Hansen, but I purchased these items myself. (It’ll be in the corner now to make it obvious, even though most items I purchase myself). 

There are 11 total shades. I picked up 7 of them that interested me the most!

I found these cute little duo packs – they had the glitter crellies that I most wanted as well as another shade for a good little deal, so I picked up all 3 that they had. And just look how cute they are! These would have been perfect little Easter gifts. I also picked up the last glitter crelly ‘Strawberry Cheesecake’. The last 4 shades I passed on were creams: ‘Blueberry’, ‘Green Apple’, ‘Very Cherry’, and ‘Island Punch’ (a light purple).

You can find the duos for $6.50 or all of the individual shades for $4 on Target’s website (which is where I got these! Some of the shades and duos are now on sale as well!). You can also find all of the duos on Ulta’s website for $7.99 and 6 of the individual shades for $4.99. I’ve also heard these have been found at Walgreens. These are where I can find them personally, though they may appear in various drugstores around you!


All of these shades have the Jelly Belly logo printed onto the cap, as well as printed on the bottle. I’m a sucker for all of their collaborations, and I can only hope they continue doing more of these!


Now let’s get into all of these shades!

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