Lights Lacquer – Individual Shades Swatches

Lights Lacquer is showing a trend of releasing individual shades outside of their collections, and I’m showing a trend of picking up every single polish they release. Listen, I’m a blogger and I’m just CURIOUS, OKAY. And for the first two, okay I was ordering anyways and just chucked them in, save on shipping and everything. Either way you’ll be getting swatches of them in case you’re curious how they look and if you want to order them, so it’s all about helping the reader, really.

They’ve now released two* (at the time of originally writing this, I’m sure there will be many more) of these individual shades. I’ve picked up both so far, and as they continue to release, and I pick them up, I’ll be adding onto and updating this post with swatches of each new shade! That way it’s much easier to find them all in one place. There’s also links to my reviews of their full collections at the end, so it’ll be like a whole Lights Lacquer resource. WOO!

As always, these are available on the Lights Lacquer website, and each polish retails for $9.50 each.

Onto the swatches!

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Essie Expressie – 4 Shades, Swatches & Review

I actually still feel caught up and timely on my posts?? Am I a real blogger now? Should I not admit this and pretend I always have it together? How was everyone’s weekend? How did you spend it? I had a lovely productive time, and got a lot of swatching done. Weekends are where I catch up on a lot of stuff that got pushed back throughout the week, and they’re so relaxing and they’re just very important to me, okay. I need my weekend time. Are you the same way? Is it about being productive or relaxing?

Alright, onto the polish. Today we’re looking at something else that’s all about speed and time! Sorry, bad segue into talking about a quick dry polish line.

Essie recently released their new Expressie line, a new formula all centered around a quick dry formula.  There are FORTY new shades that they dropped, and they’re all available online at Ulta, Target & CVS, as well as being in stores at various drugstores. They seem to be mostly cream finishes with 4-5 shimmery shades. I only picked up creams to test out first, and of course, in some ugly pretty colors – my favorite.

As you can see, these are the same height as Normal Essie bottles, but skinnier. They have only .33 fl oz., less than the .5 fl oz that comes in normal polish bottles. For that reason, I don’t love that they’re priced at $9, the same as normal Essie shades but with less product. I do think the price should be lowered – or if you’re able to buy them at a discount would help. I had a bunch of Walgreens rewards that I used for these, so I got them all for about half off.


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OPI Hello Kitty Holiday 2019 – COMPARISONS

See the original review post here: OPI Hello Kitty Holiday 2019

Heyooooo we have a comparison post again! I know these dropped out last year, and like I’ve mentioned many times before I wanted to get back into them this year. A major goal for 2020 is to destash and declutter my collection, so these posts definitely help me accomplish that.

So today, we’re looking at the OPI Hello Kitty collection for Winter 2019. I’m working on holiday collections and working my way back to fall from 2019 – never too late for some comparisons!

Obviously I only pick shades that have actual close comparisons to look at and swatch – there were a few in this collection that I had nothing remotely close to, so if you don’t see them in this post, that’s why.

This is the first post I’ve included swatch sticks that expand out the color comparisons for certain polishes! I’m almost too proud of these, but they’re so helpful as well. Some of them may not be close to being dupes, but you’ll be able to see the sticks and see “oh it’s more pink-toned than this one, but deeper than this one”. It just helps you place the color within a bigger collection.

And then from those swatch sticks, I pulled up to the 3 closest shades to swatch on the nails and compare even more closely. LOOK AT ALL THE COMPARISONS, SHE’S WILD! All in all, I’m just trying to help make a guide, and help you give allllll of the information before buying. So I hope you enjoy!

Obviously I’m playing a little bit of catch up here – as spring collections release, I’ll be putting those comparisons at a higher priority, and then adding in previous holiday and fall comparison posts sprinkled in between. You can still find these shades and purchase them, so I figure they’ll still be helpful to have up!

Alright, we got a lot of polishes to look through, so let’s get into it already, shall we?

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Lights Lacquer Polished Gems Collection

I’m slowly getting all organized and back on a set blogging schedule, and ready to get out even more content this year. I’ve really embraced my Type A personality so far in 2020 and I have about 6 notebooks and lists going keeping me organized and honestly, I LOVE IT. Who doesn’t love lists? And of course, I hope this means more efficient blogging, and more consistent and timely posts for you! WOO! Enough rambling, let’s get into the main focus!

And so with that, here’s the first nail collection post of the year!

This is the newest collection from Lights Lacquer, KathleenLight’s nail polish brand. This was released for Winter 2019, and it’s called the ‘Polished Gems’ collection. There are 6 shades and they’re all themed off of different gemstones.

Listen, I originally was going to practice some self-control and pass on this collection. And I did for a while. But then I started seeing more and more swatches and just feeling more and more swayed, and alright I caved. I bought myself the bundle – as well as the two individual shades they have out as well, Cold Turkey & Moonstone, expect swatches of those coming as well. They were just so PRETTY on the nails and I just wanted them, okay.

The bundle was $52 for all 6 shades, or they’re $9.50 each for individual shades. They are only available online at the Lights Lacquer website currently.

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Colourpop Gimme Butterflies Palette Swatches & Review

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Eye Looks

It’s the first makeup review of 2020! WOO! Excitement!

In my 2020 Blog Resolutions Post (see it here) I talked about how I want to be more regular and consistent with makeup reviews. I’ve picked up a ton of new products lately, eyeshadow palettes especially, and I definitely need to start reviewing! Makeup is my other love besides nail polish, so I want to incorporate it even more into the blog. As always, nail polish will be #1, but I’m just expanding the blog out to include even more topics that excite and interest me!

Now let’s look at this palette, shall we? Over Black Friday, I made a large Colourpop haul of mainly a ton of their eyeshadow palettes I’ve been wanting. They’re all so affordable and I just love all of the color schemes. Safe to say Colourpop fully has me, and they can just take my money.

And along with that large Black Friday, I still wasn’t satisfied. Colourpop had also recently released a trio of Ulta exclusive palettes, that all were themed as part of their larger butterfly collection. Two of these 3 caught my eye, and I couldn’t stop thinking about them so I grabbed them after my brother gave me an Ulta gift card for my birthday. (It was also 5x points that day, so I almost had to, right?) I ended up passing on the 3rd palette that was included in that release (see I DO pass on some of them, okay). It was more orange-toned and featured a lot of shades that I already owned, so I just wasn’t in love with it.

As mentioned, these are 2 new palettes that were released together, but I’ll still be reviewing them separately and giving full reviews. I’ll compare them together in the 2nd post as well, so if you’re just looking for 1 you can base it on your color preferences.

So let’s begin with the 1st of the two! It’s called ‘Gimme Butterflies’ and it’s the lighter and more coral-toned of the 2, in the light pink packaging. These palettes are currently Ulta exclusives, though I’m sure they’ll be brought onto the Colourpop website sometime soon – like they did with the Love Bird 9-pans. They’re no longer showing on the Ulta website, but I did pick mine up in stores, so I’m sure there are still displays. They retailed for $18 each.

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My 2020 Blogger Resolutions

It’s the beginning of a whole new year! Which means it’s time for yet another resolutions and goals post. It’s crazy to think that it’s already 2020. 2019 was such a good year overall, and was full of highs and lows. I made so many good friends this year through blogging, and had so much support, and really started to find a stride, and I can’t wait to see what the upcoming year brings!

Of course, I planned on getting this post up on New Years Day, but then I laid around for a long while and watched episodes of The Witcher. (Everyone’s been there.) I also had friends staying with me, so I didn’t get any time to work on posts. And okay fine, there was also a bit of procrastinating there. (Who also hasn’t been there.)

Listen, all of this relates to the goals and resolutions I have going into 2020. This next year coming up is all about continuing to get even more organized and scheduled, and making sure my posts are more consistent, even when other plans come up. It’s always about improvement and giving you the best blog I can, and that’s the main theme of all of these goals.

Okay, maybe you don’t care at all about my personal blog goals, but I always love making resolutions – no matter how cliché they are – and goals help me continually improve in all aspects of my life. These are the personal goals I have for this blog, and maybe you can relate to them. If anything, they give me select items to be more accountable for and continue working on, and I’m excited to see how they manifest in 2020. And in the end, these goals are affecting my blog, and helping me improve the content I give to you.

So let’s get into the goals already! I have 3 main areas of my blogging and beauty life that I want to touch on this year: my physical collection, my blog itself, and my Instagram. I split it up into those 3 areas, and then went into more specific points with each one. Onward!

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BH Cosmetics Fairy Lights Palette Review

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Eye Looks

Here we go, THE LAST REVIEW OF 2019!! The last palette review of the DECADE. (I’m already having too much fun making decade jokes).

It’s fitting that the last post is a palette review, because you know I say this in every palette review, but it’s now going to be a goal for 2020 that I get my sh*t together and finally figure out a way to review palettes in a more consistent and efficient manner. I want to get up so many more makeup reviews in the 2019, along with nail collections of course. It’s especially a goal now after I’ve been a MONSTER lately and have picked up just so many new palettes. I’m not allowed to get any more until I have made a dent in my stack. (Especially when this took even longer to review. I’ll be going over this goal and others for the blog in a New Years post, so stay tuned for that).

I’ve also said 16 million times that eyeshadow is my favorite area of makeup, so I just want ALL THE PALETTES. There have been so many new beautiful palettes that have come out lately (I won’t lie, I have a ton from Colourpop to eventually talk about). I’ve made a couple of hauls of newer releases, and I’m so excited to talk about them.

As always, I’ll put swatches, eye looks and then the review at the end of the post. Feel free to jump to any part of the post using the links above.

Now let’s talk about the first palette off the stack today! This was the first BH Cosmetics palette I had picked up in quite a while (I honestly think the last one I grabbed was the 2nd edition of their large Zodiac palette). Just nothing had caught my eye enough until I saw this palette (and it was 10x points on eyeshadow palettes at Ulta when I grabbed it, so that didn’t hurt). It was the neutrals paired with pops of pink and blue that just got me for some reason, so I threw it right in with my haul.

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