BH Cosmetics Fairy Lights Palette Review

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Here we go, THE LAST REVIEW OF 2019!! The last palette review of the DECADE. (I’m already having too much fun making decade jokes).

It’s fitting that the last post is a palette review, because you know I say this in every palette review, but it’s now going to be a goal for 2020 that I get my sh*t together and finally figure out a way to review palettes in a more consistent and efficient manner. I want to get up so many more makeup reviews in the 2019, along with nail collections of course. It’s especially a goal now after I’ve been a MONSTER lately and have picked up just so many new palettes. I’m not allowed to get any more until I have made a dent in my stack. (Especially when this took even longer to review. I’ll be going over this goal and others for the blog in a New Years post, so stay tuned for that).

I’ve also said 16 million times that eyeshadow is my favorite area of makeup, so I just want ALL THE PALETTES. There have been so many new beautiful palettes that have come out lately (I won’t lie, I have a ton from Colourpop to eventually talk about). I’ve made a couple of hauls of newer releases, and I’m so excited to talk about them.

As always, I’ll put swatches, eye looks and then the review at the end of the post. Feel free to jump to any part of the post using the links above.

Now let’s talk about the first palette off the stack today! This was the first BH Cosmetics palette I had picked up in quite a while (I honestly think the last one I grabbed was the 2nd edition of their large Zodiac palette). Just nothing had caught my eye enough until I saw this palette (and it was 10x points on eyeshadow palettes at Ulta when I grabbed it, so that didn’t hurt). It was the neutrals paired with pops of pink and blue that just got me for some reason, so I threw it right in with my haul.

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