BH Cosmetics ‘Garnet’ Eyeshadow Palette – Swatches & Review

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I had to scroll for quite a while, but my last makeup review was way back in January of 2020 (I was so close to almost poetically posting a new one on the same day a year later, but I digress). I can’t say why I stopped posting reviews of makeup, maybe I felt like no one was reading them or I wasn’t “qualified” whatever that could mean. But for 2021 I want to keep posting more of what makes me happy and interests me, outside of nail polish! It’ll still be 90% nail polish here, but my 2nd love is makeup and I buy just as much of it, so I might as well just tell you all how I like it!

And of course, when the pandemic hit, and I started working from home, I wasn’t wearing makeup and wasn’t as interested in new releases. But then something hit these last couple of months and suddenly I’m back in and absolutely loving putting on makeup and trying out new products. I’ve been waking up earlier before work just to listen to a podcast and test out new makeup, and I’ve been enjoying it so much as little “me time”. And it’s allowing me to really test a lot of the new products I’ve been buying! I’m still working out a system and getting more proficient at writing these reviews, but hopefully soon they’ll be more regular!


So let’s talk about this first palette back! Back in 2019, BH Cosmetics released a Zodiac palette series, dropping a small mini eyeshadow palette each month corresponding to different astrological signs. I’ll be honest, the color stories didn’t interest me too much, and I hadn’t heard amazing things about them, so I passed on them. But this year, BH announced that they were doing a new monthly series, this time inspired by birthstones!

I’ve been hearing amazing things about BH’s newer eyeshadow formulas, so I was definitely intrigued by these mini palettes. And when I saw the color story of this first palette, I was already sold!

Since they just released the palette for February, it’s a great time to talk about January’s release. This is the ‘Garnet’ palette for January, of course, matching the birthstone of Garnet. It features a heavily red themed color story, and it was just so cute and I couldn’t resist. These retail for $9, so they’re super affordable and just too easy to add into your cart. I gave you swatches, eye looks, and then a review on the formula! I like to be super detailed, so let’s just get right into it!

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