Colourpop Gimme Butterflies Palette Swatches & Review

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It’s the first makeup review of 2020! WOO! Excitement!

In my 2020 Blog Resolutions Post (see it here) I talked about how I want to be more regular and consistent with makeup reviews. I’ve picked up a ton of new products lately, eyeshadow palettes especially, and I definitely need to start reviewing! Makeup is my other love besides nail polish, so I want to incorporate it even more into the blog. As always, nail polish will be #1, but I’m just expanding the blog out to include even more topics that excite and interest me!

Now let’s look at this palette, shall we? Over Black Friday, I made a large Colourpop haul of mainly a ton of their eyeshadow palettes I’ve been wanting. They’re all so affordable and I just love all of the color schemes. Safe to say Colourpop fully has me, and they can just take my money.

And along with that large Black Friday, I still wasn’t satisfied. Colourpop had also recently released a trio of Ulta exclusive palettes, that all were themed as part of their larger butterfly collection. Two of these 3 caught my eye, and I couldn’t stop thinking about them so I grabbed them after my brother gave me an Ulta gift card for my birthday. (It was also 5x points that day, so I almost had to, right?) I ended up passing on the 3rd palette that was included in that release (see I DO pass on some of them, okay). It was more orange-toned and featured a lot of shades that I already owned, so I just wasn’t in love with it.

As mentioned, these are 2 new palettes that were released together, but I’ll still be reviewing them separately and giving full reviews. I’ll compare them together in the 2nd post as well, so if you’re just looking for 1 you can base it on your color preferences.

So let’s begin with the 1st of the two! It’s called ‘Gimme Butterflies’ and it’s the lighter and more coral-toned of the 2, in the light pink packaging. These palettes are currently Ulta exclusives, though I’m sure they’ll be brought onto the Colourpop website sometime soon – like they did with the Love Bird 9-pans. They’re no longer showing on the Ulta website, but I did pick mine up in stores, so I’m sure there are still displays. They retailed for $18 each.

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