My 2020 Blogger Resolutions

It’s the beginning of a whole new year! Which means it’s time for yet another resolutions and goals post. It’s crazy to think that it’s already 2020. 2019 was such a good year overall, and was full of highs and lows. I made so many good friends this year through blogging, and had so much support, and really started to find a stride, and I can’t wait to see what the upcoming year brings!

Of course, I planned on getting this post up on New Years Day, but then I laid around for a long while and watched episodes of The Witcher. (Everyone’s been there.) I also had friends staying with me, so I didn’t get any time to work on posts. And okay fine, there was also a bit of procrastinating there. (Who also hasn’t been there.)

Listen, all of this relates to the goals and resolutions I have going into 2020. This next year coming up is all about continuing to get even more organized and scheduled, and making sure my posts are more consistent, even when other plans come up. It’s always about improvement and giving you the best blog I can, and that’s the main theme of all of these goals.

Okay, maybe you don’t care at all about my personal blog goals, but I always love making resolutions – no matter how cliché they are – and goals help me continually improve in all aspects of my life. These are the personal goals I have for this blog, and maybe you can relate to them. If anything, they give me select items to be more accountable for and continue working on, and I’m excited to see how they manifest in 2020. And in the end, these goals are affecting my blog, and helping me improve the content I give to you.

So let’s get into the goals already! I have 3 main areas of my blogging and beauty life that I want to touch on this year: my physical collection, my blog itself, and my Instagram. I split it up into those 3 areas, and then went into more specific points with each one. Onward!

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Happy New Years and 2018 Plans for Gingerly Polished

Hello, and happy New Years! It’s crazy to believe it’s already 2018 – and that the time has gone by so fast.

A new year means lots of brand new and exciting opportunities, and a time for resolutions, and that includes for this blog. A little cliché maybe, but I have some big goals for Gingerly Polished, and some many new things ahead.

I know I’ve been behind this year, especially in this last couple of months. Between graduating college, getting a new job and moving, it’s been trying to figure out a new schedule, and working up the motivation to blog after a long day at work.

I still have holiday collections, and even a fall collection to review. I know, very late, but I still want to do them, just even as my own personal feeling of finishing them, better late than never! So I have some “resolutions” for my blog, and my beauty life.

  1. I know I’ve said it many a time before, but I plan on getting my shit a little more together. Posts will definitely be much more timely, and in season. And I plan on posting so much more. I have so many new nail and makeup products that I just want to talk to you about, and I started this blog for my love of nail polish and affordable makeup, and it’s still going to be that.
  2. I also plan on really taking care of my nails and my skin this year. My nails have especially suffered these past few months, as well as my cuticles in the super dry, super cold winter air. So it’s time to really take care of these babies. After all, they’re the stars of my blog. It’s time to treat them better.
  3. It’s time to really dig into my untrieds. There’s far too many lovely polishes stashed away inside my drawers that just need some love. Even if I don’t wear them as full manicures, I can swatch them on my nails to see formulas and colors.
  4. Time to get organized! Time to update my spreadsheets and really keep track of all of the polishes I have, as well as tackle the project of getting them all on swatch sticks. This will help so much with future posts and making comparisons way more accessible and easy to do. I’ll also be doing my best to declutter any polishes and makeup that I don’t truly love. After all, I have too much of a stash already to just keep things that are okay. Gotta stay ahead of the organization. (Not to mention my poor ignored Pinterest page).
  5. Lastly, I really just want to be more bold and daring with my makeup. It’s time to really feel creative and inspired, and get crazy with my looks. I have a brand new obsession with eyeshadow palettes, and let’s just see what they can really do. I’m inspired to really go for colors and wear bold lipstick more and more (luckily with my work I can do this). It’s time to really use all of my collection.

I just want 2018 to be the best year yet for Gingerly Polished, and for all of us lovers of all things nail polish and affordable makeup.

Can’t wait to go along this year with you.

So to start the year off, here’s my manicure for New Years. I don’t often do any sort of nail art or combo, but I definitely loved this, and want to continue even more.

This is a black base with China Glaze’s ‘Fairy Dust’ on the ends, as well as ‘Diamond in the Rough’, also by China Glaze.


So happy 2018 everyone, and stay tuned for an even more inspired and in love with all things beauty me.

To a new year of Gingerly Polished.



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