Review: CoverGirl Total Tease Mascara

Continuing on with the makeup reviews, I have another product from CoverGirl! I’ve actually had this mascara for a while, and just haven’t posted about it yet, whoops silly me. But that means, I really know it, obviously that’s why I waited so long, yeah that’s it.

Anywho, CoverGirl makes my all time favorite mascara, the Super Sizer, and I love many of their other ones, so anytime they come out with a new mascara I have to try it. It’s a sickness really. Let’s just get into the review already.


This is the Total Tease mascara. It’s a black tube with a bright pink twist off top. It retails for $8.99 at Ulta, $7.99 at Target. Mine is in the shade ‘Very Black’, because I always want the blackest mascara ever.


I swear, there’s someone out there at CoverGirl, whose job it is to just come up with really strange and new brushes for mascaras. And they’re very good at their job.

This one’s got 3 sides of shorter bristles, and a smooth side. And then it’s got this little comb of longer bristles at the end of the brush. I know right, it’s strange looking.

I have found I had a little bit of a learning curve with this brush. If you’re accidentally applying with the smooth side, you’re just loading up product onto your lashes, and that’s when it got clumpy and goopy. But if you just flip to the bristles, and really wiggle at your roots, you can comb out the lashes and really get them nicely coated. Just work with a little if there’s any clumps.

As for that little comb on the end? CoverGirl says it’s for really combing and separating your lashes – I find that too hard to do for all of my lashes. I honestly don’t use it too much. I use it more on my very outside lashes, to kind of comb them out of hiding. But that’s about it. The other bristles do the job for me.

Overall, I do find it really coats my lashes and makes them really stand out. The super black formula is really noticeable. It also does really good at lengthening my lashes, and still adding some volume, without being too clumpy. If you’re not careful, it can get super clumpy, so just really work and separate the formula with the bristles.

You can see the before and after difference for my lashes in the photos below.



This lasts all day on me as well, without any flaking or smudging. It does seem to lift my lashes up a little bit and doesn’t feel overly heavy on my eyes.

My one gripe about this is that at first it has a super wet formula. After I applied it, for the next couple of minutes, it would still be wet, and if I happened to hit my eyelashes at all, I would get mascara all over everything.

It would also feel almost annoying on my lashes, feeling like it was getting into my eyes as well until it dried. It wasn’t irritating at all, I just found myself picking out mascara from my eyes throughout the day.

Luckily, as it dried out over the weeks, I had less of a problem with that.

I also don’t love it on my bottom lashes, as the shorter bristles can get messy and get mascara all over my bottom lashline. I usually use a more separating mascara on my bottom lashes.

My favorite way to wear this mascara is with my beloved SuperSizer, or other separating mascara first to really separate and lengthen, and then to put this on top for volume and just really make my lashes pop.

Overall, I do really like this mascara. I do find a big difference in my lashes after using it. It did just take a little learning curve for the brush, and if you’re not careful, it can get clumpy really fast. But once I got the hang of it, I found it gave me lots of definition, length and volume. I would repurchase this in the future!

I have my eye on the L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara to try next. What are your favorite drugstore mascaras?


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