Hauling! Maybelline, L’Oreal, Essence + More!

I’ve recently had some gift cards so I think that justifies most of this haul. Well I also didn’t have gift cards, but it’s been a while since I’ve done a major haul so it’s fine. Everything I do is for the blog remember? I do this just for you guys. All I do is give.

Most of its from Ulta, but let’s go over the one thing not from there first. I finally got the China Glaze Summer collection (just in time for the end of summer, right?). I’m catching up on my summer collections now that I have a job and spending money again, so just bear with my timeline. That review of that full collection will be up on the blog in the next couple days! (If it helps, half the collection feels like fall to me).

But for the rest of the haul I blame Ulta. First, they send me that 20% off coupon. Then it’s 5x points on lip products, which are my true vice. Then I had a gift card, so you know, it would have been a true sin if I didn’t order anything from Ulta. (In other news, Ulta just sent out ANOTHER 20% coupon and I have another gift card. I’m being ATTACKED I tell you).

So you’ll see there’s a lot of lip products in the photo. I don’t have individual photos since I’ll be reviewing all of these more in depth in the next coming weeks. So stay tuned for these reviews and more!


I’ll do a quick run through of the products I’ll be writing about!

From L’Oreal:
-the Lash Paradise mascara in ‘Blackest Black’
-one of their new matte lipsticks in ‘At the Drop of a Matte’, a bright purple color

From Maybelline:
-2 of the Super Stay Matte Ink Lip Color in ‘Loyalist’ and ‘Escapist’ – a light nude, and then a deep, vampy purple
-3 more shades of the metallic matte lipsticks in ‘White Gold’, ‘Pure Gold’, and Silk Stone. I absolutely love Maybelline’s lipsticks so when I see new ones, I want them all, and the fact that they’re metallic is even better. These join the other shade I picked up earlier in ‘Molten Bronze’.

From Revlon:
-2 of their shades of the Metallic matte lip colors (can you tell I want to try all of the metallic matte shades?) in ‘Glam’ and ‘Luster’

Finally from Essence:
-2 of their Metal Shock lipsticks in 02 and 08. (Again, with the metallic lipstick trend, I digress).

For most of these new formulas I wanted to pick up a couple shades from different sides of the range of colors to test out, and if I liked them, I would pick up more. I’m a lip product junkie, so I really can’t wait to try these all out. Be ready for all of the lip posts coming up in the next weeks!

So that’s my recent haul! See any products you’re excited about? Stay tuned for the reviews!

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