Sinful Colors ‘Color Crave’ Valentine’s Day Collection

Just in time, it’s Valentine’s Day, y’all. I guess I’ve never really understood the appeal of Valentine’s Day – I’ve spent the last 3 with my best friend, Sam, even when I was in a serious relationship. And I don’t plan on breaking that tradition, already planning a night with her and my other girlfriends, filled with lots of wine and chocolate. Treat yourself on this day, and every other Wednesday.

But I will always love Valentine’s Day collections. Who doesn’t love pinks and reds? I’m always a sucker.

I was lucky to find the display of the Sinful Colors collection for 2018! I know it’s been a while since I’ve had Sinful Colors on here! It’s getting harder for me to find them which is so tragic, since they were such a part of my blog from the beginning. At least I have these! And I’m going to keep scouring Walgreens for the new shades.

For this collection, they have only 3 new shades – the rest are all repromotes. I have all 3 new shades, as well as swatches of some of the repromotes and comments about the others! So let’s get right into it, love bugs.

The first of the new shades is ‘Candy Gram’. This is a warm-toned bright pink base with some blue shimmer. The shimmer is not super apparent on the nails, but it gives it a little more dimension and shine to the look.

This took me 2-3 coats. Depending on how careful you’re being, and how thick of coats you can do, you can get it opaque in 2. However, on some nails, to even out some streaks I needed 3 coats.

But it is a gorgeous pink shade. I surprisingly really ended up liking this one, and it’s perfectly girly and sassy for the holiday. She’s worth the work, true about any ladies, fellas.


Up next is ‘I Want S’Amour’. This is a berry base with more of that blue shimmer. This was a stunning color and took only 2 coats to be opaque. It’s a super easy formula, and that shimmer gives it so much depth and shine. I love that they’re going outside the traditional pinks and reds for their Valentine’s Day collection!

They’re sweet and perfect for the day, without being the typical red, and pink that we’re used to. Stunning.


The last of the new shades is a topper. They really have to have one of these in every collection, and I have to buy them every single time. I’m sucked in by having to review a full collection, even when I know I’ll be disappointed.

This is ‘No Heart Feelings’. Its a clear base with super subtle pink shimmer and gold metallic heart pieces. And again, I was disappointed by this topper.

The shimmer doesn’t show up at all really – maybe on a super dark base. The heart pieces take a while to fish out, and can be a little more difficult to place on the nails. And as you can see they are thick enough that they won’t lay flat on the nails – I can just see myself catching these on something and so easily pulling them off – or them just falling off with wear. I think you can just buy little heart decorations from craft stores and place them on your nails a lot easier.

So this is a pass from me.


I also have 3 of the repromotes they’re pairing with the collection. These have been included in previous collections, and I’ve reviewed them before so I won’t spend too much time on them. But they are colors I do like a lot.

First is ‘Pink Smart’, a solid baby pink cream shade. You can get this opaque in 2-3 easy coats.


‘Lie-Lac’ is one of my favorite Sinful Colors shades. This is a, of course, lilac shade, and it’s opaque in 2 easy coats, which is incredible for an affordable light lilac shade. A great polish to add to any collection.


And ‘Boom Boom’ is a more squishy magenta pink color. This was another easy 2 coats, and gives you that traditional pink you’re looking for this Valentine’s Day.


The other polishes they include as part of this collection: ‘Besos for Pesos’ a light pink cream, this was a limited edition polish in their ‘Chic Chicas’ collection last spring; ‘Devil’s Stare’, a red jelly with iridescent flakies; as well as a white and a top coat.

The Walgreens exclusive on their website for this collection is ‘Gold N Roses’, a shimmery rose gold shade. This one wasn’t my favorite, and I ended up decluttering it in favor of ‘Hush Money’, which had a better formula and overall color – and I believe is a permanent shade. Just a thought.

So there are the new shades for Valentine’s Day this year! Quick and easy, this was a short review! I do love the 2 actual polish shades, ‘Candy Gram’, and ‘I Want S’Amour’. They are good formulas and give you some not so typical colors for the romantic day. The topper is, once again, a pass.

Sorry this was so late, but at least I got her up on the day! That’s an accomplishment for me!

A couple more winter collections are coming, and then we’ll be right into Spring polishes!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 🙂

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