Color Club ‘Fresh Picked’ Collection – Swatches & Review

Honestly I’ve really gotten in Color Club this past year, and that’s DANGEROUS for my wallet. I’ve realized they’re really underrated, and they’re constantly posting such fun collections and color stories. My collection of their polishes has grown EXPONENTIALLY this year, and I’m not mad about it.

And when they released this one, there was just something about this collection that snagged my attention. Did I need any of these shades? No. But you can say that about any polish and all that matter is that I WANTED them, okay.

This is the Fresh Picked collection, and it features 6 shades with some sort of peachy/orange undertones. I loved the theme and the whole color story with this collection, they went together so well, and I think they nailed it. I hope we get more curated, almost monochromatic collections like this!

I purchased this from the Color Club website. (One thing that helps build up a stash of their polishes is that they’re always doing sales, I got these for half off! So I say always wait for a sale! Follow them on Instagram or sign up for their emails).

Alright let’s get into the swatches!

I tried to go from lightest to deepest here with the colors. Or I’ll say lightest to most saturated in terms of shades. You’ll see as I go on.


So up first we have ‘What a Peach’. This is a light yellow-orange cream shade. This had a more uneven 1st coat, which I say I always expect with lighter, more white-based shades like this. I got it pretty well opaque in 2 coats. If you’re doing thinner coats, you might need a 3rd to fully cover any last patches.

I did find this was a thicker formula, so it’s easy to float on thicker coats without it flooding the cuticles. It’s very smooth on the nails, and nice to control.

Color Club – What a Peach


‘Cobbler Gobbler’ is a super bright, almost neon orange creamsicle shade. Again, a streaky 1st coat, and again I was expecting that with such a white-based shade. A 2nd coat was good, though I did have some ridges peeking through, so I did add a 3rd on to fully cover. I think most people can get this opaque in 2 easy coats!

Color Club – Cobbler Gobbler


‘Feelin’ Fruity’ is a light peachy-pink cream shade. (It reminds me of the color of peaches from Animal Crossing, anyone else?) It had some streaks in the 1st coat, but was easily fully opaque in 2 coats. It had a super smooth and super lovely formula. One of my favorites for sure!

Color Club – Feelin’ Fruity


This is one of the two shades that have a touch of subtle silver shimmer to them. This first one is ‘Lookin’ Like a Snack’ (I also love this name).

This had a smooth 1st coat with just a few ridges peeking through. A 2nd coat easily covered it and made it fully opaque. This latter half of more rich and saturated shades all had such beautiful formulas!

Color Club – Lookin’ Like a Snack

The shimmer is subtle, but gives almost a frostiness or sheen to it. I don’t mind it being more subtle, as it’s a lovely little touch to the color.

Color Club – Lookin’ Like a Snack


‘Juiced Up’ is a stunning bright orange cream shade. This was definitely one of my favorites just because I’m a sucker for a bright orange like this.

I did have some ridges showing after the 1st coat, but it was an easy two coats to get it fully opaque. Another super smooth and lovely formula!

Color Club – Juiced Up


Last up we have ‘Kiss My Peach’. This is the other shade with subtle silver shimmer, and is in a bright warm-toned peachy-pink base.

Another that was easily opaque in just 2 smooth coats. It has that same subtle silver shimmer to it as ‘Lookin’ Like a Snack’, and again gives it a little bit of frostiness. I do love the base color, so I’m okay with a little more subtle shimmer.

Color Club – Kiss My Peach


And that’s the collection! Honestly some lovely cream formulas, and no complaints here. I can’t wait to see what they continue to release!


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