Loud Lacquer x Junior High LA ‘Back to School’ Fall 2020 – Swatches & Review

Now I don’t venture too far into indie brands at this point in time – mainly do to budget reasons as I can’t afford them as well as all of the mainstream brands I swatch (and there are so many good indie-only swatches out there). But there are a couple that I have been regularly buying from, and Loud Lacquer has definitely nudged its way in! I picked up their summer release, and just loved the whole branding and concept, and from there have been watching their new releases. (It also helps that they only release 4 at a time, so it’s much easier to grab a full collection).

So let’s look at their fall offering! It’s called ‘Back to School’ and features their traditional 4 polish release. This collection is in partnership with Junior High LA, a non-profit organization out of Los Angeles that helps benefit and showcase marginalized artists! A portion of the profits from this collection will be donated to them! The collection already sold me with the colors, and I’m so glad to support a wonderful cause as well!

I also entirely love spelling out Loud with the bottles too much okay. (Also bottles sold through restocks won’t have the specific letters on them, as it’s easier for them to restock that way. Just an FYI – only the first rounds of new collection drops will have the letters, if that matters at all!)

I grabbed this lil bundle off of Loud Lacquer’s website! (It’s currently out of stock, but they’ll be restocking soon!) Now let’s get into those swatches, shall we?

Up first we have ‘Slow Dance’. This is a yellow-toned, super light beige cream. It had a streaky 1st coat which I always expect with white-based shades like this. But it builds up well in just 2 coats! I think for most people, it’ll be fully opaque in 2. For my super ridged nails I did add a 3rd coat to cover any last patches.

Loud Lacquer – Slow Dance


‘Pep Rally’ is a dusty, mustardy yellow that always gets my heart racing. Do I have enough of these shades? Maybe. Do I always want more? Duh.

This had a very similar formula to ‘Slow Dance’ above, in that it had a sheer 1st coat, but builds up well in 2 coats. Again for most people it’ll be opaque in 2 coats – I added a 3rd for any last unevenness. But super smooth and easy to paint on.

Loud Lacquer – Pep Rally


This next one is another shade I probably have more than enough of, but want every single one for fall. It’s ‘Away Game’ and it’s a gorgeous burnt orange cream shade.

This had a thicker formula than the previous 2, so thicker coats are easy to control and won’t flood the nail. You could get this easily opaque in 1 thicker coat, I did 2 thinner ones here, and it’s so smooth on the nails and lovely.

Loud Lacquer – Away Game


Now of course for the fan favorite of the collection. And it’s a favorite for good reason!

This is ‘Extra Credit’ and it’s a deep brown scattered holo shade. Another that had a thicker formula, so it’s so smooth and easy on the nails. And it can be opaque in 1 thicker coat. I used 2 thinner ones, and noticed the base deepening up to match the bottle with the 2nd.

Loud Lacquer – Extra Credit

And just look at that holo! Of course my lights will bring out some more sparkle, but this shade is beautiful even in normal daylight.

Loud Lacquer – Extra Credit

But of course I had to bump it up even more, and boom! ‘Extra Credit’ with flash to really bump up that sparkle. You’ll get the same effect in some direct sunlight, and just overall it’s so pretty.

Loud Lacquer – Extra Credit (with Flash)

Definitely my favorite of the collection as well!

Loud Lacquer – Extra Credit (with Flash)


And that’s the quad! These were perfect shades for the fall time, and great to add to your collection if you’re looking to build an autumn “capsule”! Formulas were great, and no complaints here!

Definitely put Loud Lacquer truly in my radar, and I can’t wait to see what they continue to release!


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