China Glaze ‘You Do Hue’ Sesame Street Collection

All of the caps have these adorable little printed characters on them. They have the little face on one side, and then the little “symbol” of them on the other side, with the You Do Hue name printed as well. There are 3 different characters: Big Bird and his feather, Oscar the Grouch and a fish skeleton, and Cookie Monster and a cookie. I think it’s just so cute, and I love when the caps are special for a collection.

We have a lot of swatches to get through, so let’s get into the polish already!

Up first, we have the one sheer polish of the bunch. This is ‘I Count Even’ and it’s a VERY sheer purple jelly. This is 3 coats built up, and it was only on the 3rd coat that I started to see the purple. China Glaze says this was inspired by the trend of sheer polishes they’ve seen this season.


This will be a great palette cleanser, and would be great for a sheer look on the nails in between full color polishes. But of course, it won’t be for everyone. This definitely wasn’t a favorite of mine, just because I don’t love sheer polishes. Like I said, I’ll mainly use it for a more “naked” look in between swatching and manicures.



Alright, that’s the only sheer one in this collection! We’re onto the full color polishes now!

This is ‘Ah-Ah-Ahmazing’, and she’s a frosty lilac metallic shade. I had some nail line after 1 coat, but a 2nd coat easily made it opaque and smooth. There’s major brushstrokes in this, and it’s standard for a finish like this, so you’ll want to paint as straight as possible. If you really want it to be fully smooth, you might need to sponge on the final coat.

There’s a lot of very interesting and unique finishes in this collection. And this is another one that I know will be love or hate for people. I weirdly love this? I don’t know what it is, but I’m here for this frosty mess. Maybe because it just seems to glow on the nails. What do you think of it?



‘Beak on Fleek’ is a matte “Big Bird” yellow shade. This had a sheer uneven first coat, but it did even out a little as it dries. It was smoother on a 2nd coat, and could be opaque with a thicker 2nd coat, but I ended up doing a 3rd to even out everything. It was a little thinner than I was expecting or would have liked, but it is a more difficult color and finish overall.

It dries more quickly like any matte shade would, but nothing too crazy that you don’t have time to paint evenly. Not the best formula, but I’ll work for this unique shade, since I don’t have anything else like it.



‘Trash Can-Do Attitude’ is a metallic gold-tinged green shade. It had a good 1st coat, there was still some nail line, but a 2nd coat easily covered it up. This definitely has fewer brush strokes than ‘Ah-Ah-Ahmazing’. There are a few just because it’s a metallic, but most disappear and smooth out.


This is another that was just so fun for me, and unique to my collection. And I think very fitting for Oscar the Grouch.



The next shimmery metallic is ‘I Believe in Snuffy’. This is more shimmery and glittery than ‘Trash Can-Do Attitude’ and ‘Ah-Ah-Ahmazing’, and because of that, the brushstrokes will be less noticeable overall. This was an easy and smooth two coats, and so pretty on the nails.


Again, she just glows on the nails, how could you hate it?



‘Ernie Your Stripes’ is a full on shimmery orange-gold shade. With 1 coat, it was an “easy” look, to add a little fun to bare nails. It was pretty good on a 2nd thicker coat, though you might need a 3rd to cover up any last nail line and make it totally opaque.


As you can see in my super bright lights, you can almost see a little bit of nail line, but it’s nothing crazy in normal daylight. The shimmer is just so smooth and beautiful.



‘Fur Real Though’ is a more crelly bright pink shade. This had a lil bit of unevenness on the 1st coat. But it was good and even on the 2nd. There was a touch of nail line still visible, so I ended up doing a 3rd coat, and it’s so squishy and bright on the nails.



These last 5 shades are all of the scattered holo and glitter shades. Aka the best part of this entire collection.

Up first, we have ‘Monsterpiece’. This is a more jelly pink base with tons of scattered holographic sparkles all throughout. It’s a thicker formula, so it’s very easy to control on the nails, even doing thicker coats. This was just 2 coats to opacity.


This shade is goddamn gorgeous, so you can’t be mad at all of the photos you’re about to see of it.


You can see on my ring finger here a little peek of the linear holo, and I know it’s going to be STUNNING in sunlight. This is the shade most packed with holographic, and honestly a favorite of this collection. I want every holo that any mainstream brand does, and will continue to gobble them up. Gimme more.


And here it is with flash, so you can see more of that holo jump out, and what it would be like in sunlight!


‘Free to Be Sesame’ is a dark green base with smaller sparkles all throughout. I think these are more silver than holographic, but it’s still a stunning effect overall. Just like ‘Monsterpiece’, this was a thicker formula, and an easy 2 coats to be opaque.


Just those sparkles. This is more densely packed than ‘Monsterpiece’, but has smaller glitters overall, so it has a little bit of a different finish. But I love them both equally. It dries with a touch of texture, so a good glossy top coat will smooth it all out.



‘Grover It’ is a dark blue base, with even smaller and more scattered holographic sparkle. This had an even more jelly formula, so it did have an uneven and streaky 1st coat. But it was easily opaque and smooth in 2 coats.



‘Dat Color Dough’ is a light metallic blue shade. This was more of a full coverage glitter shade than the others that are more glitter within a base. Another sheer 1st coat, but it builds up so easily in 2 coats. Again, a touch textured, but nothing a good top coat won’t smooth over.



The very last shade is ‘Living in the Elmo-ment’, a red base with tons of chunky glitter. This was the biggest and thickest glitter of the groups, with different sizes of silver metallic hexagon pieces. It had a good 1st coat, and was pretty well even on 2 coats. Depending on the thickness of your coats, you might have some nail line and need a 3rd, but it’s easy to work with, even with the thicker glitter.


As you can see, it will be a little bumpy just on it’s own. (I always like to show the shades without top coat, to show how it’ll be on anyone’s nails). It will need a thicker top coat to smooth and even it out, but I do love a good chunky glitter.



And we made it! There’s a lot of super fun and unique shades and finishes in this group, and I think it’s perfect for a Sesame Street collection! “I Count Even’ was the only one that was a true pass for me, just because it’s SO sheer. ‘Ah-Ah-Ahmazing’ and ‘Trash Can-Do Attitude’ won’t be everyone’s favorites because of the metallic frostiness.

But I love that a mainstream brand is doing something fun and different. The glitter shades are absolutely stunning, and I think ‘Monsterpiece’ and ‘Free to Be Sesame’ are the must-haves of the collection.

What do you think of these shades?


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China Glaze ‘Body & Sol’ – Comparisons

See the original review post here: China Glaze ‘Body & Sol’ Collection


I’m adding in a new type of post to go with my reviews! From now on I want to do my best to make sure my review posts are followed up with a comparisons posts (I loved the idea from Manigeek with her Comparison posts. That’s where I was mainly inspired as well as others on Instagram – specifically @polish.lab.rat and @clmck1620). I went through all of my drawers and pulled out any sort of similar color – then showed the top 3 comparisons (if there were that many) on my nails! If it’s a super common color with a lot of close duplicates, I’ll expand it out to show more with swatch sticks.

I have so many polishes now that it’s only fair I start comparing them! I know it’s always helpful for me to see, and others love to see it as well! I’ll be mainly showing mainstream brands – OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Orly & Zoya – as I have the most of those and it’ll be easier to go through.

And if you ever have specific comparisons you’re curious about, feel free to let me know! If I have the polish I’ll definitely make sure to put up photos, both on here and on my Instagram.

This comparison post is for the China Glaze ‘Body & Sol’ collection – see the official review post up at the top as well. I ended up only finding comparisons for 5 of the 8 shades, and none were exact dupes this time.

Let’s get right into the comparisons!

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China Glaze ‘Body & Sol’ Collection


Happy Father’s Day everyone! I’m currently at my parents house as sort of a “weekend retreat” and to hang out with my dad for the weekend. It’s been a nice relaxing couple of days of shopping, seeing Rocketman, and just lounging around with home cooked foods. Just what I needed. What has your weekend been like?

I’m also using today to catch up on some posting. I know I teased these polishes about a week ago, but sometimes life gets busy, and my whole week was feeling like there’s just not enough time in the day! But I’ve got some time now to settle down and write this out.

We’re finally talking about the collection China Glaze released for Summer 2019. This is the ‘Body & Sol’ collection, and it features 8 bronzey and nude shades. It’s a unique collection for summer, and I think it’s perfect for the warm weather (if it’ll ever stay in the 80s down in Chicago!).

Let’s talk about em, shall we?

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China Glaze ‘The Arrangement’ Spring 2019 Collection


I was going to post a comment of “it’s still spring, so I’m still on time” but I don’t have to make excuses for not posting until now. I do this blog as a hobby outside of my full time job, and I have to learn to stop making excuses for myself. Sometimes life is busy, and that’s okay. As long as I’m still enjoying it, that’s all that matters. Okay I’m coming down off of my soapbox now. I’m just feeling inspired lately, and learning to love my blog no matter what.

I’m finishing up a couple more Spring collection posts, so we can move onto summer! Summer means warmth and sunshine, and I’m ready for it. But of course, spring is still here and full of lovely hues to still talk about!

Let’s get right into it. This is the China Glaze Spring 2019 collection called ‘The Arrangement’. It features 12 shades of soft brights and dusty shades, and it’s perfect for spring in my opinion. I sway between wanting bright shades to dust off winter, but still love a dusty shade for those rainy days.

I purchased this full collection off of! Now onto the individual shades!

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China Glaze ‘The Grinch’ Holiday 2018 Collection

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying family time, or even just a nice break from work, and entirely too much food.

I’m at home at my parents for a week, so I’ll be using this precious time to just loaf around, eat a lot of cookies, and write a lot of posts. That’s right, I’m getting AHEAD in writing my posts. (I say this now, we’ll see how I do). So yes, that means lots of posts will be coming up, or at least they’ll be consistent in posting.

But today, we’re talking about a super festive collection, the China Glaze Holiday 2018 collection. This is full of lots of sparkle and shimmers and grinchy goodness.

I’m here, drinking spiked hot chocolate so I apologize in advance for any wayward commas or comments. I’m honestly just here living my best life.

So let’s just get right into the swatches already.

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China Glaze ‘Ready to Wear’ Fall 2018 Collection

You know when you head to your parent’s house for Thanksgiving weekend, and you’re fully prepared to get a lot of work done on your blog on all the days off. And then you forget your notebook of all your swatching notes. *smacks myself*. Even when I try and prepare to be productive, and get back ahead of the game, life says nope. I’m still trying my best.

But it’s time for me to finish up this last fall collection. I’m currently writing this in the middle of a winter storm warning. Yah I know it’s a lil late, but for me and to keep the order, I need to finish up the last fall collections I have before I get into holiday swatches. I can’t just have these 12 polishes sitting out forever unloved. So here they are.

No matter what, I still love a good fall shade. I ain’t mad, give me the fall colors all year.

Let’s just get right into this, shall we? This is the China Glaze ‘Ready to Wear’ Fall 2018 collection. It’s a 12 piece collection just like their other collections. We got some creams, we got some shimmers, we got some metallics, we got a lot of fun, so let’s get into it already. Onto the swatches!

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China Glaze ‘Paint it Black’ Halloween 2018 Collection

It’s almost Halloween! What are you planning to be this year? I plan on going as a duo with my best friend as Walter and the Dude from the Big Lebowski. I can’t wait to spend the night in a vest and yellow tinted sunglasses to be quite honest.

I love Halloween, so of course I love when there are themed polishes. Why do we always skip right from fall to Holiday?? There are very important holidays in between. Thank God, China Glaze has been coming out with their Halloween collections. I’m so sad I wasn’t fully collecting polishes yet for their older ones, but it’ll be something that’ll truly haunt me this holiday.

When I first saw pictures of this years, however, I was so intrigued and knew I had to have it. I mean, a whole collection of black polishes? Count me in. Perfect when I’m feeling angsty.

This is the ‘Paint it Black’ collection, and it’s a 6 piece set for Halloween, all with polishes of different black bases and finishes. Enough rambling, let’s get right into the swatches.


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