Review: City Color Cosmetics ‘Intense Blush Quads’ – Collections 1 & 2

Today’s post comes from the depths of archives of photos I have stashed in folders within folders. I haven’t had the time to create new posts lately because of school, so I wandered the folders to see if I had good photos from all the fruitless times before this I tried to (unsuccessfully) start and keep a blog. And I found some buried treasure!

Today’s post is about a loved product that’s been in my collection for a while, that’s still available today, and something I still recommend for many people! It’s very much like all of the blush palettes coming out in the drugstore recently (but City Color did it first).

This is from the brand City Color Cosmetics. Their products can be found in Five Below stores, or on their website. They have such affordable, quality products, and I can’t stop singing their praises.


For this post I’m talking about their Intense Blush Quads. They have 4 different collections, and I have the original 2 collections to talk about today. These retail for $7.99 a piece on their website – or I picked mine up at my local Five Below for $5 a piece. They also have a deal on their website where you can pick up Collection 2 and Collection 4 for $12.99. Absolutely so affordable.

So let’s get right into it!

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Swatch/Review: City Color Cosmetics ‘Figtastic’ Eyeshadow Palette

It’s the start of a series of eyeshadow palette reviews on the blog! What can I say, I love palettes, and I picked up 10 million new ones. So you’re going to hear about all of them!

Now don’t worry, there will be nail polish again on this blog too. I’m on the hunt for the new Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson polishes, and the Valentine’s Day polishes as well, so those will be coming soon. But for now, we have palettes!

Let’s get started with City Color Cosmetics.

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