Review: City Color Cosmetics ‘Intense Blush Quads’ – Collections 1 & 2

Today’s post comes from the depths of archives of photos I have stashed in folders within folders. I haven’t had the time to create new posts lately because of school, so I wandered the folders to see if I had good photos from all the fruitless times before this I tried to (unsuccessfully) start and keep a blog. And I found some buried treasure!

Today’s post is about a loved product that’s been in my collection for a while, that’s still available today, and something I still recommend for many people! It’s very much like all of the blush palettes coming out in the drugstore recently (but City Color did it first).

This is from the brand City Color Cosmetics. Their products can be found in Five Below stores, or on their website. They have such affordable, quality products, and I can’t stop singing their praises.


For this post I’m talking about their Intense Blush Quads. They have 4 different collections, and I have the original 2 collections to talk about today. These retail for $7.99 a piece on their website – or I picked mine up at my local Five Below for $5 a piece. They also have a deal on their website where you can pick up Collection 2 and Collection 4 for $12.99. Absolutely so affordable.

So let’s get right into it!

The blush quads come in a sturdy plastic black packaging with clear windows on top, allowing you to see the colors. There’s 4 sizable pans of color that give you a decent amount of product. As you can see, the shiny plastic packaging shows fingerprints unfortunately.


Now I have the two collections, Collection 1 & 2, that have the brighter colors, so they can be a little intimidating. Collection 3 & 4 have more toned down colors.

Collection 1 is the pink-toned one. The first shade has subtle silver shimmers in it, but they do not really show up on the cheeks once applied. Otherwise the rest are matte and satin shades.


This was not much building at all, so you can see they are VERY pigmented. From L-R: dark raspberry pink with silver shimmers; a bright cool-toned matte pink; a more nude-toned rose satin; and a satin barbie pink.


Now I took these photos before my quad suffered tragedy. I was traveling with them when liquid leaked all over them, destroying both the blushes on the end. D: Luckily the 2 in the middle survived. They’re so cheap though that I could just buy another one. 😉


Let’s stop looking at tragedy and just instead look at more pretty colors.

Collection 2 features more oranges and red tones. These are all satin or matte finishes.


From L-R: the first shade is a more nude-toned brick satin; then a bright reddish-coral matte; an orange satin with small shimmers throughout; and a bright coral satin with shimmers as well. The shimmers don’t really show on the skin once you apply though.


Now, don’t let these colors intimidate you. Even I, a fair redhead, can pull these blushes off. They are super pigmented, but if you just dip your brush in barely, and tap off the excess, it’ll give you a nice wash of color. Work slowly, and carefully, and build them up.

These also blend so beautifully and smoothly, so if even if you do go a little overboard, you can blend it out easily. Or you can do what I did and go for a statement blush look that day. Either works really.

I absolutely love these blush quads. The formula is just incredible. They’re so affordable, and they give you some bold new colors to add to your collection. I can’t recommend them enough.

I want to pick up the other 2 collections as well! Maybe I’ll place an order soon on their website… Are there any other City Color products you would like me to review sometime?

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