Letting Go of My First Makeup

Do you remember your first makeup?

I still remember the first little eyeshadow palette I got from one of my friends. It was her mom’s, and it had a purple shade right in the middle that I would just smudge into an area to add a “pop of color” into the mess of eyeshadows that I had already applied. It probably didn’t even show up, but you know, that was me experimenting.

I’ve recently been trying to use up a smattering of foundations I have, and I finished up my latest bottle of Revlon Colorstay. This was my who-knows-how-manyth bottle of this stuff, because I absolutely love it for its high coverage.


And it was the first real foundation I had as a teenager getting makeup. I remember, even back then, researching about the best high coverage foundation, one that would cover up the acne I had, as well as all of the other teenage insecurities.

I remember just caking this onto my face, thinking the best way to cover acne was to just add more layers. It was so heavy, and looked so obvious, but hey it was part of my first attempts at makeup – and something I think everyone has to go through really.

And then the other day while decluttering, I found this super old Contour and Blush kit from BH Cosmetics – truly my first love in brands of makeup, basically all of my brushes that I still use today are from BH Cosmetics. Look how dirty it is – it’s been through so many moves and being tossed from drawer to drawer.


It’s super old, and you can see where I used the crap out of that stark white shade, and too dark brown contour. I wish I could back and see what I looked like “contouring”. I’m sure it looked a little clownly.


I remember using that yellow and nude shade to clean up things as well as those blushes all the time. Caking more and more powder on top of already cakey foundation. But now they’re super old, and barely show up in swatches anymore, so it’s time to let it go. I have better contour sets that suit my skin tone as well.

I’m sure BH Cosmetics has changed this palette since then, and it was funny, right after I found it I saw the newest version at my local TJ Maxx the same day. It’s like life was trying to highlight it that day.

So even though I’m letting these things go, it’s always funny to think back on where my makeup journey started – with the muddy, crazy contours, bright unblended eyeshadows, and cakey foundations. They’re nostalgic, and they make me smile. It makes me think of how far I’ve come in my makeup journey, as well as how much more I have to go.

What were some of your first makeup items?

And do you remember some of your “regrettable” first makeup choices? I cringe, then laugh just thinking about mine.

But if anything, they make us who we are today.


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