Review: New Wet N Wild – MegaCushion Highlight

Here’s the last of the reviews on the new Wet n Wild products I have currently – at least of the permanent additions. I just found the limited edition Spring 2017 collection so I’ll be reviewing that and getting that up soon! But for now, let’s look at this next product!

Cushion products are all the rage in the beauty community right now, so it’s no surprise that Wet N Wild hopped on the train. However, they took it one step further, coming out with color correcting, highlight + contouring, and also cushion lipsticks. I need to pick up more!

Today I have the ‘MegaCushion Highlight’. This is just like all the cushion foundations coming out lately, but obviously a highlighter! This retails for $5.99 and comes in 1 shade, called ‘Who’s that Pearl’. It’s to note that I didn’t realize how small it was. It fits right in the palm of my hand – so not terrible to store.


As you can see, it’s a screw off top, and then there is a little pad inside, just like any other cushion product. You can use the pad to apply it, but I personally don’t as I find it doesn’t blend the product out as it applies like a brush does.


Then you pull up the little divider that keeps the cushion from drying out, and there you have your cushion soaked with product. Make sure to evenly press the divider back into place, and that’s it really back on to avoid your product drying out.

And then you just press whatever you use to apply the product (I like to use the Elf Small Stipple brush) into the cushion and you get your product, and then dab it onto your cheekbones.


Don’t be scared by the pink color of the sponge, because as you can see it’s more an icy pink tinged pearl color. This is built up a little, but it’s more of a subtle glow on the cheeks. I really like it for a more natural highlight day.


I am pretty fair, and as you can see this does show up on my pale skin. The pink tone of it also goes well with my cool-toned skin. This does apply well over powder without overly disturbing the product underneath – however I don’t tend to use this to highlight my nose, as I find any cream product disturbs the concealer on my nose no matter what. But it’s lovely on the cheekbones.

If you don’t put a product over top, it gives you a lovely subtle glow that makes it look like you are just radiating from within. I love this, because it just blends into the skin and looks so natural! It’s so pretty, and smoother than some of my powder highlights. And if you put a powder product on top of it, the highlight really just pops and lasts so long on your skin.

Being a cushion you do also get a decent amount of product – but obviously it won’t last as long as a powder highlight before running out. It’s very easy to pick up product, and I fall in love with it the more I use it.

Also because it’s a liquid product, it goes well over drier patches on the skin as well. A cushion always adds a little more moisture into the product, making it look more natural on the skin.

I would definitely recommend, especially for the price. It makes me want even more cushion products. Way to go, Wet N Wild! They’re really stepping up their game.

What new Wet n Wild products have you been loving?


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