Review: Wet N Wild – Megaglo Makeup Sticks – Highlight + Contour

We’re continuing on with the week of Wet N Wild reviews! I have picked up a few of their new products and have been testing them out for a while, so I couldn’t wait to review them. There’s one more review (for now, until I buy more products) coming after this, so stay tuned! (Did you guys see they just dropped their limited edition Spring 2017 collection? I’m sweating already. I adjusted my titles of posts so as not to confuse people).

Today’s review is on the new cream highlight and contour sticks! Let’s get right into it.

They are called the ‘MegalGlo Makeup Sticks’ and I have the Highlight and Contour shades. They also have Conceal and Blush shades in the same format. As you can see, they’re just traditional chubby cream sticks with a clear plastic top.


There are 3 shades of the contour stick, and only 1 of the highlight. The highlight is called ‘When the Nude Strikes’ and the contour shade is ‘Oak’s on You’, the lightest of the 3 shades.

As you can see on my fair skin tone, the highlight is a light champagne that gives a really nice glow – if you’re much fairer than me it might be too dark. And then the contour shade is VERY warm – it’s almost orange, so I use this to bronze my skin rather than contouring. It’s too warm-toned for a contour. Again, on much fairer complexions this would probably be way too orange to use. I’ll definitely be using it more come summer time. sticksswatch

Here are the shades blended out as well. That contour shade did scare me at first, but I promise you can make it work. See my demo below.


These are a little thicker formula so they can take a little more time to blend. I find the highlight has a little creamier formula than the Contour, as the contour shade can feel a little more dry. But if you work in sections and work with patience, they can be blended out smoothly.

I start with the contour and apply it to one section of my face, and then blend it out with my Real Techniques contour brush, and then move to the next section. It does blend out nicely and adds some warmth to my pale skin. This can be built up for more color, or sheered out to a subtle glow.

Definitely use it BEFORE powder or else it can get splotchy and weird. I don’t see it moving my foundation especially if I work fast to blend it.

L-R: Just foundation, contour applied, contour blended out.

As you can see you can blend it out to some nice subtle color to the face. But again, I don’t think this is for anyone fairer than me. I have to blend it out a lot or else it’ll just be too orange on my skin. And this is the lightest shade.

The highlighter has the same formula, but obviously with its light shade you don’t have to be as precise with blending it. I do find that it will also highlight texture you might have on your face, so keep that in mind as well. It does add a very noticeable shine to your cheekbones or wherever you apply it. Again, works best before powder, but still shines through with powder on top.

L-R: Highlight applied straight, and blended out. (Here you can see that bronzing shade blended out as well, really giving some nice color).

I think these are great options if you want to venture into the world of cream bronzing and highlighting. It can take a little learning if you’ve never done it before, so don’t get discouraged if it’s a little bold on the first use – because that happened to me at first. You just learn to go in with a lighter hand.

Overall, I really like the highlight. It gives a nice strobing effect and can add a good base for a powder highlight as well. It’s a shade that can work on all skin tones, even my fair skin.

The contour color is very warm, and not something I would use for contouring, but rather bronzing. I have to blend it out in order to avoid a super warm look. Keep in mind these cream products do show texture on the skin as well – so think of your own skin type when thinking about buying them.

Are you going to pick these up?



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