Review: Wet N Wild – Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks

Wet N Wild is stepping up their game for Spring 2017, and just pooping out new types of makeup. Luckily, these all come at their still super affordable prices, and I couldn’t wait to snatch basically everything new up.

I was going to try to put all of these new Wet N Wild products in one post, but it was getting too long, because you know me, I have to give you every aspect about a product. Well, you’re going to get lots of reviews right in a row coming up! Stay tuned for the other reviews coming soon!

But for now, the first product I’m reviewing is the liquid lipsticks.

They have been raved about so much already so I’m sure you’ve heard about them. They’re called the MegaLast ‘Liquid Catsuits’ Matte lipsticks. I have 2 shades, but there are 13 total. These retail for $5. I picked mine up in my local Walgreens, but you can also order them off of Wet n wild’s site.


These come in a clear plastic tube so you can see the color inside – super nice to pick out the one you want right away. It’s a black screw off top, and the packaging feels really good quality – especially for the price.


It’s a doe foot applicator with a little dip, that fits around your lips nicely and also helps to pick up product easily. You can also flip it to the pointed tip to line around the cupid’s bow and everything.


From left to right, I have the shade 921B – ‘Nudist Peach’ and 925B – ‘Give Me Mocha’. ‘Nudist Peach’ is a warm toned peachy nude, and ‘Give me Mocha’ is a brown toned brick red.


(Look, my first official lip swatch photos!) 921B – ‘Nudist Peach’



925B – ‘Give me Mocha’



The lip swatches haven’t dried fully yet, so they have some shine. But once they do dry down they are completely matte.

These cover evenly, and do not sink into fine lines in the way that there is more pigment in the “cracks” of the lips.

As you wear them more, and as they mattify, they will sink into fine lines, in that the lines will be more pronounced and not smoothed. But it’s something that’s not super terrible as you can see on my lips.

These are typical liquid lipstick feel – if you’re not used to them they can be uncomfortable. They dry down and it feels like there’s a layer on your lips, so you can tell you’re wearing them. Again, you can get used to this. They’re not overly drying as if I feel like my lips are going to crack off, but they’re also not moisturizing.

But dang, do these babies last. They take a minute or so to dry completely down and become matte, but then they’re there for life. Or at least most of the day. If you’re eating something oily, you will have to reapply. So overall, it’s going to be more dry because it’s going to last.

They reapply well over themselves as well.

Overall I really love these and I can’t wait to pick up more shades. They’re so good for such an affordable price.

What’s your favorite shade?


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