Swatch/Review: Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson ‘Vintage Anime’ FULL COLLECTION

Another Kandee Johnson collection? THAT’S RIGHT. The first collection was called ‘Pretty Vintage’ and was all cream colors with a lovely matte or textured finish – see my post about it here. This collection is called the ‘Vintage Anime’ collection and features all lovely glitters and a range of fun toppers.

Of course I needed both.

Now there are 12 polishes in this full collection. I found them on a larger standalone display in my Walgreens, separate from where new Sinful Colors displays usually are. There’s a variety of finishes in this collection, but pretty much all of them have glitter or shimmer in them.

These have rose gold shiny tops, instead of just matte black like normal, a little like the Sinful Shine line, but are still part of the normal Sinful Colors line. But they also retail for $3 each, instead of the normal 2. They all have the ‘Kandee Johnson for Sinful Colors’ sticker on the caps as well.

I was going to go in numerical order, but many of the polishes that have similar finishes aren’t numerically after one another (why, God, why), so I’m going to go in little sections. I’m going to group them by different finishes and formulas.

So let’s just start with the creams! There are 2 creams with subtle pink shimmer in them.

The first is 2251 – ‘Flip Tease’. This is a more blue-toned mint green cream, with a subtle pink shimmer throughout. The shimmer doesn’t photograph, but it’s noticeable when looking directly at the nails. The pink shimmer is more apparent in this one than in the next cream shade. Super lovely formula, this was an easy, smooth 2 coats.


Next is 2262 – ‘Kiss Goodnight’. This is a pale blue periwinkle cream, again with that subtle pink shimmer throughout. The shimmer in this is more subtle than in the other, and it’s hardly noticeable on the nail unless you’re looking for it – you can see it a TINY bit on my pinky. But it’s another smooth, easy cream – 2 coats to opaque.


2258 – ‘Mermaid Tail’ might be my favorite of the whole collection. In the bottle it’s a beautiful blue-teal-olive green duochrome in the bottle. However, on the nail, it’s more of a straight olive-teal green – no duochrome unfortunately. But as you can see, it’s just absolutely beautiful, and well looks like a mermaid tail! It has super micro-silver shimmer throughout, and applies beautifully in 2 coats. It’s a more metallic, so there are some brush strokes, but most of those disappear as it dries.


2255 – ‘Blueberry Hot Rod’ is almost a jelly-crelly formula. It’s a bright blue with purple and silver shimmers throughout. It has a sheer first coat, but evens out. However, depending on the thickness of your application, you’ll need 2-3 coats to cover the nail line. But the shimmer is so beautiful on this one (just look at that pointer finger).


2254 – ‘Pinksicle’ is the first of the 2 “iridescent toppers”. It’s a super light pink base with subtle holographic shimmers, and a bright green flash to it. This was 3 coats – so you can wear it at this as a more look, but the nail line will still show at different angles. Or you can use it as a topper.


Look at that flash and shimmer. Unf.


2261 – ‘Dripping in Pearls’ is the same formula as ‘Pinksicle’. It’s a light champagne base with that super subtle glitter, and a very strong gold flash. It really does give a pearl finish to the nails. Again, this is 3 coats, so it can be worn on its own for a more sheer look, but it really pops as a topper.


Side view to show the gold flash.


The next one is more of the first of the true toppers. 2260 – ‘Spoon Full of Sugar’ is a clear jelly base with metallic pink glitters, larger circle glitters, and bigger hexagon pieces. This was one coat, so you can see it spreads easily and smoothly across the nails, picking up a lot of pieces.


Here is one of my favorite combos – this is 1 layer of ‘Spoon Full of Sugar’ over 2 coats of ‘Pinksicle’. You can really see the green shimmer of ‘Pinksicle’ popping in this shot. So lovely, and it’s really like an anime character threw up on my nails.


Next are the 2 iridescent flakies polishes. I was going to swatch them both individually, but then I realized they were so similar that there was no point. So here you can see them both side to side. ‘Kandee Pink’ looks more pink in the bottle, while ‘Digital Dreams’ is clear. However, once on the nails you can see they both have a clear base with different sizes of those hexagon iridescent glitter pieces. This was built up to 3 coats, so you can see there’s still no color to the bases, making the polishes identical.


Bottom line, if you’re not a crazy polish hoarder like most of us, you don’t need both. One or the other.

Here it is from the side – again, identical. A little disappointing to have basically two of the same polish in a collection.


I swatched them both over a dark polish to see if that brought out any differences, and still no. So again, same polish. Don’t need both. I couldn’t find any difference – they both add a nice iridescent flash to any color.


For the next 3 glitter toppers, I swatched them next to each other to show there is truly a difference in them. They have the same base with different colored holographic glitter pieces throughout. This is 3 coats of each, so they can almost be built up to opaque, but I would use these as toppers.

‘Heart of Gold’ has gold glitter, ‘Urban Magic’ is silver holographic glitter, and ‘Rock Kandee’ is more a pink-toned holographic silver glitter. ‘Urban Magic’ and ‘Rock Kandee’ are pretty similar in look, so those 2 might be another that you don’t need both. Depends on your level of desire to have the whole collection.


Swatching them as 1 coat over a darker polish, you can see below, it gets harder to see the difference between them. I can see a tiny flash of gold, but that’s it, and it’s not going to be evident enough to really warrant having all 3. So unless you’re building these up on their own, you won’t see the difference in glitter colors. Do you need all 3? No. (If you’re a collector, of course). Again, a little disappointing that these aren’t really different.


Overall thoughts – it’s a really cool collection, honestly. There’s a lot of different finishes and definitely lots of sparkle! There are a couple repeats of shades, so unless you’re a polish hoarder, you don’t need every single bottle. There’s a lot of cool toppers, and some really nice creams, so there’s a little something of everything!

Definitely fun to add a few new unique shades to your collection!

Are you going to pick any up?

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4 thoughts on “Swatch/Review: Sinful Colors Kandee Johnson ‘Vintage Anime’ FULL COLLECTION

  1. Argh, earlier I was holding Mermaid Tail IN MY HAND and I ended up putting it back. Seriously questioning that move now, it looks gorgeous!

    The comparisons of those glitter toppers is super helpful! It really is a bummer that Kandee Pink and Digital Dreams are the same.


  2. Thanks for the thorough review! I certainly won’t feel bad about not having both the iridescent shades since they appear identical on the nail. In fact, since they look so similar it makes me mad enough not to get either right away. I will just wait until they turn up in discount stores.


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