Swatch/Review: Flower Beauty ‘Flower Pots’ Powder Blush in ‘Warm Hibiscus’

It’s getting to the point where I honestly only go to Walmart for the makeup. Curse you, Walmart exclusive brands! Flower beauty and Hard Candy keep me coming back. Luckily they’re cheap and just so pretty that I can’t be too mad.

This product I have today, I saw so many others hauling it, and as soon as I saw the photos of it, I knew I had to pick one up.

This is from the brand Flower Beauty, Drew Barrymore’s makeup brand. Before I was skeptical of the brand, almost seeing it as another celebrity just putting out makeup products. But for Spring 2017, she’s been putting out beautiful product after another. And it’s hard to stop myself from picking them all up. Fabulous job, Drew. My wallet thanks you.

This is her new ‘Flower Pots’ Powder Blush. There are 4 shades, and I picked up the one in ‘Warm Hibiscus’. These were $8.98, and exclusive to Walmart – but you can pick them up on the Walmart website as well.

These ‘Flower Pots’ blushes are reminiscent of the Milani Powder blushes, with the flower imprint. But it is not as deep and pronounced as the Milani ones. These are also a little smaller size overall than the Milani ones.

But enough about the Milani ones. Back to these.


They’re in a nice clear package, so you can see the color without opening them – always a plus. And it’s a nice sturdy plastic package, with the Flower name on it. Really nice quality! Flower Beauty is, I would say, on the “2nd tier” of drugstore makeup – it’s a little more expensive at times, but still so much affordable compared to higher end. But you can see this higher price on the quality of the packaging as well.


And just unf. Look how beautiful this is. I just like looking at it. Okay I promise I actually use it too. BUT LOOK HOW PRETTY.


The shade ‘Warm Hibiscus’ is a lovely peach-toned pink with gold shimmer throughout. It’s a nice smooth shimmer that gives a lovely gold sheen to the blush.


As you can see by the swatch it’s just a lovely golden sheen with the peachy color. It’s reminds me of ‘Luminoso’ by Milani as well, but more pinky – I have a photo comparing the two below.


And you can also see, this blush is PIGMENTED. This was one swipe! I swirled my brush around this a lot when I first got it, and just BOOM color! But luckily this blends out beautifully and so smoothly on the cheeks that it worked out. I just went for a statement blush look that day. So you just need a little to go a long way.

And below, you can see it compared to ‘Luminoso’. They have the same golden sheen, but ‘Warm Hibiscus’ is more pinky, while ‘Luminoso’ is a straight up peach.


With this blush on, the golden shimmer throughout give your cheeks some lovely life to them. It gives you such a healthy glow, and you just look alive. I absolutely love this blush to compliment warm eyeshadow looks I wear day to day.

This blush also wears well on my oily skin as well. Obviously I’m less oily in the winter, so it only fades after many hours of wear, and yet still doesn’t completely fade away. It also fades away evenly.

Overall, I have no bad things to say about this blush. It is just so beautiful, and even more beautiful because it’s so affordable. I would love to pick up more shades of this formula. I cannot recommend these enough for a beautiful drugstore blush.

Have you tried any new Flower beauty products lately?



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