Swatch/Review: Orly ‘La La Land’ Spring 2017 Collection

SPRING IS ON ITS WAY. Well, that’s what I’m going to pretend anyways as all of these beautiful soft spring collections come to us. Welcome to my first spring post!

Today I have the Orly ‘La La Land’ collection, as based on the movie of the same name that just came out. I HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET SO NO SPOILERS. This also means I don’t know exactly what the names are referencing to, oops. Whatever they’re pretty colors and new nail polish so duh I got them.

I purchased mine off, as with nearly all of the new collections I get.

This is a 6 piece collection, as most Orly collections seem to be. There are 5 creamy pastel shades and then one shimmery topper.

Orly bottles have a wider brush, so it does pretty much cover my thinner nails in one swipe. It also makes it easier for me to flood my cuticles a little, something that can differ based on your nail shape.

I’ve noticed these shades (except for the topper of course) have about the same formula, so keep that in mind as I go shade by shade down below.

‘Head in the Clouds’ is a super light pastel pink cream. It almost has more of a jelly feel than a true cream (I feel like I noticed this with other Orly creams in their Holiday collection. Is this just me?). This one I noticed can be messy. If you apply too thick of a coat, I found it would pool at the end of my nail, leaving an opaque spot with the rest of the nail sheer. So the thinner coats is key. It is streaky, but does level out a little. I found it took 3 thin coats to fully cover the nail line and any streaks.


‘Cool in California’ is a light coral cream. This is one of those corals that leans a little more pink than orange. This one was less streaky, so one coat would give you a “my nails but better” look. Though it was considerably less streaky, it did still take 3 thinner coats to cover the nail line. It’s about the same feel in formula as the previous one.


‘Big City Dreams’ is a light cool-toned pastel green cream. Again, same formula as the other two above – so use thin coats to avoid pooling. This again took 3 thinner coats to cover the nail line and cover any streaking.


‘Forget Me Not’ is a light pastel blue cream. Again, with the thinner coats – you can even see it still a little thicker on the ends of my nails than the tops. Same formula as the others – so 3 thin coats to cover any streaking.


‘As Seen On TV’ is a light pink-toned purple cream. This one took 3 coats to cover the nail line, but was a considerably less streaky formula than the others.


Last but not least is the topper of the group. It’s ‘Anything Goes’ and is a jelly base with purple iridescent shimmer, as well as metallic blue stars and metallic pink circle pieces. The pieces were fairly easy to fish out. I tipped the bottle upside down to get them all out, and then with the normal dipping, I was able to pull a couple out each time. Obviously it’s not going to be as thick as you see in the bottle, but it’s not absolutely terrible to get some of the pieces out.


It just looks like fairy dust in a bottle. The gold shimmer you can see in the bottle here is a little more difficult to see when it’s on the nail.


Here’s another angle so you can really see that purple shimmer. Luckily that’s VERY apparent on the nail still.


Here it is with one coat over ‘Forget Me Not’. The shimmer and everything just adds this beautiful, whimsical feel, especially when paired over any of the pastels in this collection. So they really paired the topper well with the base polishes in this collection.


Another angle, just look at that shimmer.


I also wanted to compare this with another polish that had the same purple iridescent shimmer. On the pointer and ring fingers, I have ‘Anything Goes’ (without the pieces so I could just compare the base). And then on the middle and ring fingers, I have ‘Don’t Mesh With Me’ from China Glaze’s recent fall collection. As you can see ‘Don’t Mesh With Me’ has more of a blue-toned base, and a bigger shimmer than ‘Anything Goes’. So if you’re a crazy polish hoarder like me, of course you need both. 😉


And that’s the Orly ‘La La Land’ collection! I ended up liking them more than I thought I would, just as light, squishy pastels for the spring. But a lot of the polishes are pastels I know you may have seen before – and I know there’s some of the same colors in other brands with better formulas – so if you have that already, you don’t need these. Honestly, I know they’re not the best pastel formulas out there.

BUT I think the formula on these pastels make them different – they’re almost softer, more squishy than other pastels because of the jelly-like formula. So consider that. What are you looking for in your pastels? And if you’re willing to work with these, you can get some light spring nails.

The one that I say you would truly want to pick up from this collection is the topper ‘Anything Goes’. That lovely purple shimmer adds a lovely whimsical look to any polish. And the base is still clear enough that you can top it over any polish without altering the color. And the pieces are just fun. So if you get just one polish from this collection, get that one!

So there’s the first spring collection review! I can’t wait to find the next two Sinful Colors collections – their Spring, and their “Stone Crystal” collection. And of course, I’ll be getting the OPI ‘Fiji’ collection – but that’ll be later on. So lots of new releases to look forward to! Be sure to follow my blog to get notifications when I post!

Are you looking forward to spring? And do you think you’ll pick any of these up? What collections are you looking forward to the most?


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