Review: Orly ‘Velvet Dream’ Fall 2017 Collection

It’s still November, and the snow hasn’t stuck here yet, so that means I’m not late on fall collections yet, right? Right? Yes?

I know these have been a long time coming, but I finally got my hands on the polishes and the time to review these. That’s right, I’m finally reviewing fall collections! I mean, you can still buy these polishes, and most shades are still perfect for winter, so why not? And I still want to so obviously that’s all that matters. Welcome to my blog, everyone.

The first of the fall collections is from Orly! I feel like I haven’t reviewed Orly in so long – I did pass on their summer collection since I wouldn’t have gotten it until later, and by then I was no longer feeling the neons that made up half of it. Now the last collection of Orly’s I reviewed was their spring collection, and that was just a dud (see the Lala collection review here).

But I still loved Orly, and I still had hope that they wouldn’t disappoint me for fall. And thank god, it’s so much better.

This fall collection is called ‘Velvet Dream’ and features 6 shades. I bought mine off So let’s get right into the swatches!

Up first is ‘Silken Quartz’, a frosty pale pink nude shade. This was almost good at one coat, if you’re not looking too closely. But it was set at an easy two coats for me. It’s a frost finish, so you are going to see some brush strokes, so paint straight. For me, this was like a perfect mannequin hands shade. The frosty finish might not be for everyone, but I love this undertone for a nude so well.


‘November Fog’ is a beautiful lilac cream shade. It had a sheer first coat that made me worry, but I was honestly so surprised at how well it built up in 2 coats. I did do 3 on some nails, just because I did thinner coats, but you could easily do it in 2. This did have a thinner formula that wanted to run down the brush, so just make sure to really wipe it off before you go in, or you might flood your cuticles. But it was such a smooth formula for a pastel (something very much lacking in their Spring collection), so I was so delighted with this one.


‘Black Cherry’ does remind me so much of the Revlon lipstick of the same shade. It’s a beautiful squishy berry crelly. This could almost be set on one thicker coat, but with the wider brush, more polish for each layer can get a little messy, especially if you have thinner nails than mine. But it was a smooth, even 2 coats. As you can see on my ring finger, it does deepen depending on how thick your coats are, but it’s not going to be super noticeable in person. Perfect for fall.


Up next is the jelly red called ‘Just Bitten’. As you can tell by my lovely cuticles, this one is super messy on cleanup, so be careful (something I’m still not even after all these swatches). This was almost good on one, but I still had some visible nail line, which was taken care of after 2 – so its your preference on the look. This was a standard red jelly, nothing super unique, and nothing I don’t have in my collection. But a super lovely red nevertheless.


Up next is a color I will never have enough of. This is ‘Blue Suede’ and it’s a stunning cobalt blue. I won’t ever be sick of these blues. This had a sheer thin first coat, but it wasn’t patchy on the nail at all. It covered pretty well on 2 coats – some nails still had some visible nail line and needed 3 depending on how thin of coats I did. Compared to ‘Just Bitten’, this was the opposite and had a surprisingly clean removal – no smurf hands today.

I didn’t wear this long enough to truly test out if it would stain or not. I would hope the clean removal is an indicator that it doesn’t. Fingers crossed.


Last but not least is the namesake, this is ‘Velvet Kaleidoscope’. This is gorgeous multichrome that flashes from red to gold to green. It also has all sorts of shimmer in there as well. I tried to capture the color change on camera, but was unsuccessful, but it’s definitely noticeable in person (and in the bottle in the picture here). For being so packed full of shimmer, this had a pretty sheer first coat. Most nails were good on 2, but at some angles I did still see some visible nail line. Adding a 3rd coat also deepened the shimmer. So it’s a more finicky formula, needing 3 coats, but so worth it for that color.

The shimmer can make clean up a little messy, so that’s something to keep in mind. But it’s so beautiful, and that flash just reminds me of crunchy autumn leaves. It’s stunning, and the most unique shade of the collection. It’s the one I decided to do a full manicure of, and honestly I bumped some nails – but the shimmer honestly hides dings so well, and is just so pretty no one will ever notice.


So that’s your Orly fall collection! Yes, many of the shades are not the most unique – but if you’re looking for some staples to add to your collection, these are all good formulas to pick up. (And I mean, you get more polish in a bottle of Orly than in OPI, just saying).

I do love Orly so much, and I’m SO glad they picked themselves back up after that Spring collection. This shows you don’t drop a brand after one bad collection.

If you’re only looking for one shade from this collection, pick ‘Velvet Kaleidoscope’ – it’s the most unique shade, and that flash is absolutely STUNNING.

Essie and OPI fall reviews are coming next! Stay tuned! Thanks for not dropping me after I took forever to review one collection, kay?


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