Sinful Colors ‘Chic Chicas’ Shades

I’m slowly making my way through and posting all of my “this should have been posted a while ago” posts, this one included. Hey, better late than never really.

For the spring, Sinful Colors released 3 different collections, all under the ‘Spring Trippin’ theme. I reviewed the other two so far (see the Desert Divas and Bayou Babes), and finally I have 3 shades from the last one. This one was a little harder for me to find, so I only have a couple, but I wanted to post about them anyways.

I believe there were 6-7 new shades in this, 6 cream shades with Spanish themed names, and one topper shade. They’re all bright saturated creams, and can go well into the summer as well!

Onto the shades! And look, I have my lighting back again! Reunited and able to swatch into the late night hours again.

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OPI ‘Fiji’ Spring 2017 Collection + Comparisons

I know, I know. I’m a little late to the game with this, but I’m still posting it. Hey man, it’s my blog isn’t it? I’ll have the summer collection from OPI coming up soon as well!

But for now, let’s stick to spring. As usual this is a 12 piece collection (OPI is how I go bankrupt with these 12 piece collections), full of mostly creams inspired by the tropical island of Fiji. I picked mine up off Ulta’s website when I had a buy one get one free coupon for OPI.

Into the swatches! Comparisons will also be at the bottom! My lighting is a little different on this one too – I’m at my parents house so I went with good ol’ fashioned daylight! But they’re all color accurate.

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Sinful Colors ‘Desert Divas’ Stoned-Crystal Shimmers Collection

I’m a little late on this bandwagon. But it’s been busy around here. From packing up my whole life, to getting ready to graduate and leave my friends to graduating and moving away from all of my friends, it’s been a time. But I squeezed in this nail review for you!

As I’ve said, everyone has already talked about this collection, and for good reason. These polishes are incredible.

This is the ‘Desert Divas’ collection. This was one of 3 collections that dropped all for the spring from Sinful Colors, underneath the title ‘Spring Trippin’. It also included the ‘Bayou Babes’ Sinful Shine collection (which I reviewed here) and the ‘Chic Chicas’ collection, which I’ll have a couple from soon.

For now, let’s look at the ‘Desert Divas’ collection. This is a 9 bottle collection. I have 8 here. So there were 8 that were in the main displays, and then Sinful Colors did that thing where they limited released one color to make it seem super limited and make people go crazy over it – it worked. But I got it.

These all have the ‘Stoned Crystal Shimmer’ sticker on them, which means they’re all a cream color base with little silver shimmers throughout it. Stunning. I knew I had to have these. My Walgreen was severely low stocked, but luckily Christy was able to hook me up! She found a full display and sent me the shades I still needed! Be sure to check her out on Instagram @he.chosethenails – she does lovely nail art! Have I mentioned before how I love the nail polish community?

Enough chatter, let’s get into the swatches! Hopefully you already picked some up!

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China Glaze ‘Spring Fling’ Spring 2017 Collection

It’s been a hot second since I’ve posted (I feel like I say this in every post. Someday I’ll get my life together). But, I graduate college in two weeks. When did that happen? It’s 2 weeks exactly from today! I get all overwhelmed thinking about it.

So my life has been consumed with finishing portfolios and applying for jobs. I have to be an adult soon and I’m not ready.

Let’s just talk about this. Today I have a nail polish review! Look out! I’m still slugging my way through the spring collections. It’s not summer until June in my book. So bring on spring!

Today I have the full China Glaze spring collection. This is called the ‘Spring Fling’ collection and it’s a 12 bottle collection. China Glaze (and OPI) are going to be the real reason I go broke with these 12 bottle collections lemme tell you.

I bought mine off – that website is really why I can afford this addiction, do wholeheartedly recommend.

This post is going to be very photo heavy – with 12 colors and comparisons at the end, there’s a lot that has to be shown. So let’s get right into it!

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Essie Spring 2017 Swatch/Review

I’m trying my best to catch up on all the spring collections. THERE’S JUST SO MANY. But we’re getting there. And I mean, it’s technically still spring. Spring just arrived in the UP 2 weeks ago, so I’m technically right on time. That’s right, I’m making excuses for myself – it’s my blog, I do what I want.

Better late than never I say.

Anyways, as you can see from the title, we’re looking at the Essie Spring collection! You know, OPI is my one true love, but Essie is slowly creeping into my heart as well. Especially with this collection – spoiler alert. Ever since I’ve gotten into blogging, and therefore been reviewing the newest Essie collections, they’ve been killing it on formulas.

And this collection is no exception, so let’s get right into it.

This spring collection is another 6 bottle collection, like normal. It features 6 cream colors. Onto the swatches!

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Sinful Colors ‘Bayou Babes’ Sinful Shine Collection

Hello everyone! I’m back! If you follow my blog, or follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I posted I would be a little MIA as I was finishing my big senior project for school. And while I have a couple more days of work on it, (it’s sending out for printing Wednesday!) it’s finally slowed down and I’ve been able to write up some posts in the breaks. What was it? Well I created a 40 page magazine about the food & drink in my town here! I interviewed everyone, wrote the articles, got the photos and designed it all – and now it’s going to be displayed in our art museum with the rest of the graduating seniors’ work. It’s crazy to believe it got done – and soon I can sleep again!

But what I really couldn’t believe was the amount of support that poured in from the beauty and Instagram community. It was incredible. My heart was so full from all the wishing of luck and sweet messages you all delivered. Ever since I joined this community, I’ve found nothing but open arms and new friends and support as we all just talk about the things we love. So I want to thank all of you who supported me – I couldn’t have stayed sane without this.

But now, I’m back and ready to post more than ever! Since this project is (pretty much) done, I’ll have more time to devote to blogging – and applying for a real adult job after graduation – AH. We’re not thinking about that right now. We’re thinking about pretty nail polish.

SO Sinful Colors put out 3 collections all at once, underneath a big theme of “Spring Trippin'”. There are 2 collections in their normal ‘Sinful Colors’ line called ‘Desert Divas’ – with the ‘Stoned Crystal Shimmer’ finish (I NEED THESE AND HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO TRACK THEM DOWN. I might have to put out a call for someone to find them for me), and the ‘Chic Chicas’ collection of creams – again, another one that I haven’t been able to find (my Walgreen supply has been TERRIBLE).

And then there’s a new Sinful Shine collection – which I actually did find, and am talking about today. This is an 8 shade collection – but there’s 5 new shades and 3 repromotes. The repromotes didn’t interest me too much, so I just picked up the new shades.

Like I mentioned, there’s 5 new shades, and they’re all this wonderfully shimmery finish. You can also tell them with their themed-New Orleans names. Since they’re the Sinful Shines, these retail for $2.99 a piece.

So let’s get into the shades – and back to blogging!

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Swatch/Review: Wet N Wild Spring 2017 Limited Edition ‘Queen of My Heart’ Collection

Hello friends! The post you’ve been waiting for, and the makeup I never get tired of – limited edition Wet N Wild collections. BRING ON MORE. I LIVE FOR THE WHITE LIMITED EDITION PACKAGING.

Sorry this took so long – I was on Spring Break this week. You would think that would mean I would get a lot of work done with all my time. INCORRECT. My roommate and I went on down to Chicago – she had some job interviews and we had a blast otherwise!

But here it is now!

Anyways. I have all the products except for the lip palette – I don’t tend to use lip palettes at all, so I decided to pass. But I do have the highlighters, eyeshadow palettes, brush and cream color sticks! I was so happy to see new eyeshadow palettes in this collection – I missed out on the fall ones, so I was just itching to have some new Wet N Wild trios.

This collection is called the ‘Queen of My Heart’ collection, and features 2 highlighters, 3 eyeshadow palettes, 3 cream Lip & Cheek tints, a lip palette, and a new kabuki brush.

You can buy the whole collection now on Wet N Wild’s website – – for $30. Hopefully the products will be available individually soon as well.

So there’s lots to talk about – let’s get right into it.

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Review: New Wet N Wild – MegaCushion Highlight

Here’s the last of the reviews on the new Wet n Wild products I have currently – at least of the permanent additions. I just found the limited edition Spring 2017 collection so I’ll be reviewing that and getting that up soon! But for now, let’s look at this next product!

Cushion products are all the rage in the beauty community right now, so it’s no surprise that Wet N Wild hopped on the train. However, they took it one step further, coming out with color correcting, highlight + contouring, and also cushion lipsticks. I need to pick up more!

Today I have the ‘MegaCushion Highlight’. This is just like all the cushion foundations coming out lately, but obviously a highlighter! This retails for $5.99 and comes in 1 shade, called ‘Who’s that Pearl’. It’s to note that I didn’t realize how small it was. It fits right in the palm of my hand – so not terrible to store.

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Review: Wet N Wild – Megaglo Makeup Sticks – Highlight + Contour

We’re continuing on with the week of Wet N Wild reviews! I have picked up a few of their new products and have been testing them out for a while, so I couldn’t wait to review them. There’s one more review (for now, until I buy more products) coming after this, so stay tuned! (Did you guys see they just dropped their limited edition Spring 2017 collection? I’m sweating already. I adjusted my titles of posts so as not to confuse people).

Today’s review is on the new cream highlight and contour sticks! Let’s get right into it.

They are called the ‘MegalGlo Makeup Sticks’ and I have the Highlight and Contour shades. They also have Conceal and Blush shades in the same format. As you can see, they’re just traditional chubby cream sticks with a clear plastic top.


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Review: Wet N Wild – Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipsticks

Wet N Wild is stepping up their game for Spring 2017, and just pooping out new types of makeup. Luckily, these all come at their still super affordable prices, and I couldn’t wait to snatch basically everything new up.

I was going to try to put all of these new Wet N Wild products in one post, but it was getting too long, because you know me, I have to give you every aspect about a product. Well, you’re going to get lots of reviews right in a row coming up! Stay tuned for the other reviews coming soon!

But for now, the first product I’m reviewing is the liquid lipsticks.

They have been raved about so much already so I’m sure you’ve heard about them. They’re called the MegaLast ‘Liquid Catsuits’ Matte lipsticks. I have 2 shades, but there are 13 total. These retail for $5. I picked mine up in my local Walgreens, but you can also order them off of Wet n wild’s site.


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