Sinful Colors ‘Desert Divas’ Stoned-Crystal Shimmers Collection

I’m a little late on this bandwagon. But it’s been busy around here. From packing up my whole life, to getting ready to graduate and leave my friends to graduating and moving away from all of my friends, it’s been a time. But I squeezed in this nail review for you!

As I’ve said, everyone has already talked about this collection, and for good reason. These polishes are incredible.

This is the ‘Desert Divas’ collection. This was one of 3 collections that dropped all for the spring from Sinful Colors, underneath the title ‘Spring Trippin’. It also included the ‘Bayou Babes’ Sinful Shine collection (which I reviewed here) and the ‘Chic Chicas’ collection, which I’ll have a couple from soon.

For now, let’s look at the ‘Desert Divas’ collection. This is a 9 bottle collection. I have 8 here. So there were 8 that were in the main displays, and then Sinful Colors did that thing where they limited released one color to make it seem super limited and make people go crazy over it – it worked. But I got it.

These all have the ‘Stoned Crystal Shimmer’ sticker on them, which means they’re all a cream color base with little silver shimmers throughout it. Stunning. I knew I had to have these. My Walgreen was severely low stocked, but luckily Christy was able to hook me up! She found a full display and sent me the shades I still needed! Be sure to check her out on Instagram @he.chosethenails – she does lovely nail art! Have I mentioned before how I love the nail polish community?

Enough chatter, let’s get into the swatches! Hopefully you already picked some up!

2218 – ‘Just Deserts’ is a perfect nude for my hands. It’s pretty much a ‘mannequin hands’ shade on me, matching me perfectly. I loved how this made my nails look. This was a polish that just looked so classy and elegant on my hands.


For the formula, I found it was pretty much the same for all of the shades – 2-3 coats depending on the thickness of your coats. It’s almost a squishy cream, so a 3rd coat would often deepen and richen the color. So that’s the formula on all of them – keep that in mind. But all the colors and finishes are beautiful, so 3 coats is worth it. The coats did take a wee bit longer to dry, but nothing crazy.

Moving on, 2219 – ‘Tealing Power’ is a bright blue cream base, with a touch of green to it. It’s a warm toned blue. Again 2-3 coats.




I do not have 2220 – ‘Better Sedona-ed’, but that’s a light pastel blue base.

2221 – ‘Clay Me’ is a nice, bright orange cream base. This one had the most “Crelly” feeling formula of the bunch. Again, 2-3 coats depending on the thickness of your application. All of the formulas were so smooth and easy to control, and they didn’t flood the cuticles, even with a thicker coat.




2222 – ‘Desert Reign’ is a beautiful mauve color. Another lovely elegant color on the nails. This was one that’s beautiful on longer nails especially. This was good at 2 coats, but the color deepened on 3.




2223 – ‘Thera-Pewter’ is a light taupe purple pastel base. This started with a thinner first coat – but it was very smooth and even after. 2-3 coats depending on your application. The silver shimmers blend in more on the lighter colors, but it gives this nice little flash from a distance.



2224 – ‘Gotta Terra-Cotta’ is a brown-toned darker blush shade. This was another good at 2 coats, but a 3rd coat deepened the color. Another elegant everyday shade.




This is the elusive 2225 – ‘Super Cooper’. This was a color that was a “limited release” making it harder to find, but Christy’s got me! It’s a nice dusty green base. Another easy 2-3 coats on the nails. This almost looks like moss on the nails? Is that just me that sees that?




Last, but certainly not least is 2226 – ‘Namaste the Night’ (there’s an Essie shade with that same name). This is a dark, rich royal purple base. The shimmers really pop on the dark base. Another that was good at 2 coats, but 3 really deepened it up and made it richer. Screw spring ideals, I’m wearing darks now.




So there it finally is. The long awaited ‘Desert Divas’ collection from Sinful Colors! I went through a lot to get these, and it was all worth it because they are so beautiful! All of the formulas were very easy to work with, so I didn’t mind the extra coats. These are such a unique finish, that I know I’ll be keeping all of these in my collection for forever. In conclusion: I’m gushing about these. But you probably already know that.

Now that I’m back home for a little bit, I’ll be working hard to get some more reviews up! I know it’s been a little break but I have some time once again. And all of the summer collections are coming out suddenly! Stay tuned for more!

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4 thoughts on “Sinful Colors ‘Desert Divas’ Stoned-Crystal Shimmers Collection

  1. Just Deserts and Desert Reign are right up my alley! I love the little flecks of this collection. And despite my prejudice against orange polishes, I find myself liking the Clay Me.
    Congrats again on graduating! 🙂

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