Palladio ‘Herbal Crayon’ Shadow & Liner Crayon

Today I have a brand I haven’t tried before! This review comes from Palladio Beauty. Palladio is an affordable brand, and you can buy their products at Sally Beauty stores and online at and on Sally Beauty’s website as well.

I got a gosh dang good deal on their eyeshadow crayons when they were running a special – buy all 12 colors of them for only $6, the price of 1. That’s right, I got 12 eye crayons, normally retailing for $72, for $6. So basically I couldn’t say no.



They’re called the ‘Herbal Crayon’ Shadow & Liner crayons.



I believe these are being discontinued (which is why I got that good deal a while ago), so unfortunately they’re going away, and can’t be as easily found anymore. But, if you see a couple of these shades that I think are just hits, be sure to grab them. There are other shades that are just plain passed (I’ll list which is which below). All of the shades I love are still available on – so you’ll see them later on!


They’re a long, thicker pencil, that you just sharpen. The cap and the bottom of the pencil matches the color inside. They originally retail for $6 each. These aren’t twist up, so you’ll have to sharpen them.



Out of the 12 shades, there are some definite hits, and some definite misses. The formulas are not the same, so see below which ones to hunt down if you can, and which ones to pass on.

If you see these shades, for sure pick them up! I marked them in blue on the photo.
‘In the Buff’ – cream shade, incredible for creating and cleaning up cut creases, or creating a nude base on the eyelid
‘Iced Coffee’ – light taupe brown shimmer shade
‘Espresso’ – bright copper shimmer
‘Gold Dust’ – bright gold shade
‘Olive’ – olive green shimmer
Luckily, these shades are all on! Some are underneath the normal section of eyeshadow pencils for $6, and some are under ‘Last Chance’ for only $4! So you can still get the good shades! Go go go! These 5 I definitely recommend.


These shades especially I found create work beautifully over the whole lid. They’re super pigmented and creamy. They blend out nicely without just fading away, and blend out smoothly, and don’t budge for the rest of the day. I like to wear them best as an actual cream shadow, rather than a base for powder eyeshadows. They’re not sticky enough really to really hold onto powders. I found these have almost a powder texture once applied on the eyes. They’re really quite interesting. They don’t crease or fade throughout the entire day either, even on my oily eyelids.

I love using most of them as an almost one shadow look, putting it all over my lids, and blending it out for a super quick eye look. The cream shade is amazing for putting all over the lid and cleaning up a cut crease. I have found these don’t stay in the water line, so they’re for the lid.

It says these also have aloe and other nice ingredients, giving a nice cooling sensation to your eyelid as you apply it! It’s really quite soothing and a nice feeling in the early morning.

As for the other shades, even if you see them on super clearance, I would count them as a pass. They’re the rest of the shades in white writing.
‘Icicle’ – a shimmery white
‘Moonstone’ – shimmery champagne
‘Pink Tutu’ – shimmery pink
‘Blue Suede’ – creamy blue-gray
‘Eclipse’ – gray
‘Twilight’ – Navy blue
‘Black Pearl’ – black cream

I found these shades to lack pigment, or just not be creamy. I would have to be sure to draw in every single blank space to make sure my lid was covered evenly, since they wouldn’t blend out nice. And if there was pigment, they would blend away to be patchy and uneven. So skip these shades – don’t let the tempting clearance get you. They swatch so well, but just don’t perform well.

So, these are being discontinued, which is a shame for 5 of the shades. The other 7 I won’t miss. But you can still find them on Palladio’s website, so you can still pick them up. They make lovely lid shades, and I recommend them for easy eyeshadow looks. Go to Palladio’s website and pick up those 5 good shades while you can!

Somewhat of a different review today, but there you go!

I’m going to have the OPI Spring collection on here soon, so stay tuned for that!


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2 thoughts on “Palladio ‘Herbal Crayon’ Shadow & Liner Crayon

  1. What a steal you got! I had one that I got on clearance from Sally Beauty a while back but it dried out so quickly in the cap. It was called “Raspberry” and a gorgeous berry colour – it did glide on nicely when it was fresh. Bummed I had to toss it.

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