LA Colors ‘Matte Liquid Lip Color’

Hey look, affordable liquid lipsticks!

I’m terrible at remembering to touch up my lip colors, so liquid lipsticks and other longwearing lip colors are often my best friends. So when I saw a display of new LA Colors Liquid Lips at my local Shopko (hey-o Upper Peninsula), I had to snatch some. I’m always on the lookout for cheap liquid lipsticks.

LA Colors was always known to me as the brand in Dollar Tree that offered pretty cheap makeup that felt cheap. But now, they’re releasing a lot of new and improved products, and I’ve been pretty impressed so far.

These are their ‘Matte Liquid Lip Colors’ and these retail for $3 (I found them for $2.50 at my Shopko) and you can find them at Family Dollar and Dollar General (and for those in the UP, Shopko), as well as on LA Color’s website now! They have 18 shades total.

I have two shades here – I had 3, but in the craziness of moving, I can’t seem to find it which is unfortunate. It was a lighter nude shade, so I had both light and dark shades to try out. Luckily, I was able to try out the nude shade before I lost it.


They come in long clear plastic tubes that you can see the color inside. The cap has the words matte all over it. It seems to printed onto the cap, and not just a plastic overlay. It seems to be very good packaging.


The applicator is a long flat doe foot. It’s very easy to spread the product over your lips with the flat side. I use the tip to outline my lips and it seems to work pretty well, even in the smaller areas. It holds a lot of product on it as well. I find I can swipe over my lips once and get them covered, and flip it over to go over another layer.

The two shades I have are ‘Eclipse’ on the bottom, a dark taupe purple shade, and ‘Suede’, a darker brown shade. As you can see, they come out very liquidy, almost moussey. They’re very smooth and easy to spread though, and don’t run. As you can see, they’re definitely darker than they originally appear in the tubes. I definitely picked two vampier, more statement shades – not sorry.


And then after a couple of minutes they dry down to matte. I only had it on to take a photo, and it was already hard to remove – in a good way.


Once it sets down, it feels very light on your lips. And as you can see it covers smoothly and nicely with one coat. Even the dark shades are smooth. They will settle into your fine lines, in that every wrinkle of your lips can be seen – it doesn’t smooth them out, but it doesn’t emphasize the wrinkles either, you understand? Even the lighter shade I had covered evenly, and wasn’t chalky at all.

I went over all my lips with one side of the applicator, and then rub them together, and smooth and finish out any patches with the other side of the applicator. It holds enough product that I don’t have to dab back in for more product at all.

And once it’s set, it’s set there. Even through eating and drinking, this lasted so well on my lips. Only once I had something oily did it start to wear, as any lip product would do. And when I did need to reapply, it layered well on itself, not getting flaky or anything.

Below is my lips normally, and then ‘Eclipse’ swatched on my lips – the little patch in the bottom of my lips is sunlight, not patchiness.

And then ‘Suede’ swatched.

These are incredible liquid lips for the price. You have to not mind the feeling of liquid lips on your lips, but it’s something that you can get used to. Especially with these, they’re light-feeling and not overly drying. I will definitely be getting more of these! They’re incredible, and only $3!

GO BUY THEM ALL. I know I’ll be picking up more shades.

I’ve been having such good luck with LA Colors’ new releases! I really want to try their brow pencils next. Do you have any hits from LA Colors?



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One thought on “LA Colors ‘Matte Liquid Lip Color’

  1. I got numbers 1-10 and love them all. I just found out they released shades 11-18 so I’m on the look out. I swatched all the shades I have on my page.


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