LA Colors ‘Diamond Crush’ Collection – Swatches & Review

LA Colors is creeping up on there as one of my favorite drugstore, and just overall, polish brands. They’ve been releasing such interesting collections and finishes lately, and I’m always watching for what they put out next! So when I saw posts about this collection, you already know I was ON IT. Okay, okay fine not EVERY collection they put out is amazing, and you’ll see that when I review their creamy neons coming up. But THIS collection is really good okay, and keeps me putting up with the one occasional dud.

This is the ‘Diamond Crush’ collection. It features 8 shades of polish with a more jelly like colored base and dense holographic glitter, giving it an overall scattered holographic finish. I snagged these off of the LA Colors website for $3, and I know they’re also available at Five Below stores.

These are stunning, so let’s just get right into these polishes!

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LA Colors Metals Nail Polish – Swatches & Review

Listen, I told you all that you were getting a lot of posts as I worked through my backlog today, so ENJOY THEM. This poor post has been waiting in my drafts for far too long, and I’m finally setting it free because these polishes are just beautiful. (Also here’s an advertisement to follow my Instagram, as I often post swatches, like these ones, up there even if the blog posts aren’t done yet!!)

So let’s look at these beauties already! These are the Metal line from LA Colors. LA Colors describes them as having a “metal effect from bright, jewel tones to classic metals”

Now I will say, I wouldn’t quite call these “metal” finish. I do think of more chrome finishes with “Metal”, so I will call these super foiled shimmer shades. I know, I know, semantics, but of course, I always want you all to know exactly what you’re getting and what to expect with a polish!

There are 14 shades in this line, and I have 8 here! The 6 I didn’t grab were a mix of golds and silvers, and pinks that I wasn’t as interested in. I know Accio Nails has swatched all of the shades, so I recommend her Insta posts as well for any shades not here! (And her swatches were the ones that convinced me to buy these in the first place!)

I grabbed these off the LA Colors website, and they’re $3 each. You can also find these at the Dollar Tree for only $1 as well!

So let’s get into the colors!

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LA Colors Color Craze Shimmer Gel Polishes

Helllllloooo everyone from my holiday break. I have had entirely too many days to just sit around and relax, and for that I’m very grateful. But now it’s time to be productive as well and get some posts taken care of! There are palette reviews coming at you, as well as a ton of comparison posts for all of the previous holiday collections coming! 2020 will be about decluttering and keeping my collection under control, so I need to get back on my comparison post game for sure! I’ll be putting up a post all about my 2020 blog goals, explaining all of that, so stay tuned for that.

Since I finally finished up all of the holiday collection reviews, and before we get into spring releases (I know, already!) I’m getting to other collections that have been sitting on my desk for entirely too long. And that includes this one.

This is the LA Colors Shimmer Gel collection and it includes 8 super sparkly shades with holographic sparkles. The lovely Melissa of Accio Nails (see her blog here, she posts amazing swatches!) enabled me by sending me 3 of these shades. And then I just had to pick up the rest of them, as well as some other polishes off the LA Colors website! They’re so affordable at $3 each, and the shipping came so fast as well. I saw Melissa’s swatches of them and fell in love with them all, so I can’t believe I waited this long to try them. But they had gotten pushed aside for other collections. Now that I finally feel caught up again, it’s time to bring these babies out into the light!

Let’s get into the swatches!

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LA Colors ‘Matte Liquid Lip Color’

Hey look, affordable liquid lipsticks!

I’m terrible at remembering to touch up my lip colors, so liquid lipsticks and other longwearing lip colors are often my best friends. So when I saw a display of new LA Colors Liquid Lips at my local Shopko (hey-o Upper Peninsula), I had to snatch some. I’m always on the lookout for cheap liquid lipsticks.

LA Colors was always known to me as the brand in Dollar Tree that offered pretty cheap makeup that felt cheap. But now, they’re releasing a lot of new and improved products, and I’ve been pretty impressed so far.

These are their ‘Matte Liquid Lip Colors’ and these retail for $3 (I found them for $2.50 at my Shopko) and you can find them at Family Dollar and Dollar General (and for those in the UP, Shopko), as well as on LA Color’s website now! They have 18 shades total.

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LA Colors ‘I Heart Makeup’ Highlight & Contour Palette

Guys, I’m graduating from college in exactly a month. Where has the time gone? Soon, I’ll be moving to Chicago and starting a real adult job (I gotta get a real adult job first whoop) and life is moving real fast but I’m excited.

I just  love to give you really personal things when you’re all just here for a review, yeah yeah I know, and it’s not going to stop. ANYWAYS.

Today, I have a super affordable product to review! It’s from the brand LA Colors. LA Colors is the brand you see boatloads of makeup from in Dollar Tree. They’re also sold in Dollar Generals and Family Dollar. You can also buy from their website at! (I feel like that’s a new thing and I’m so excited.) That’s super nice if you don’t have any of those stores near you as well.

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