LA Colors Metals Nail Polish – Swatches & Review

Listen, I told you all that you were getting a lot of posts as I worked through my backlog today, so ENJOY THEM. This poor post has been waiting in my drafts for far too long, and I’m finally setting it free because these polishes are just beautiful. (Also here’s an advertisement to follow my Instagram, as I often post swatches, like these ones, up there even if the blog posts aren’t done yet!!)

So let’s look at these beauties already! These are the Metal line from LA Colors. LA Colors describes them as having a “metal effect from bright, jewel tones to classic metals”

Now I will say, I wouldn’t quite call these “metal” finish. I do think of more chrome finishes with “Metal”, so I will call these super foiled shimmer shades. I know, I know, semantics, but of course, I always want you all to know exactly what you’re getting and what to expect with a polish!

There are 14 shades in this line, and I have 8 here! The 6 I didn’t grab were a mix of golds and silvers, and pinks that I wasn’t as interested in. I know Accio Nails has swatched all of the shades, so I recommend her Insta posts as well for any shades not here! (And her swatches were the ones that convinced me to buy these in the first place!)

I grabbed these off the LA Colors website, and they’re $3 each. You can also find these at the Dollar Tree for only $1 as well!

So let’s get into the colors!

Up first we have ‘Crystal Pink’. This is rosy pink foil with lots of silver shimmer. This had a smooth 1st coat, with some nail line still peeking through. But a 2nd coat easily covered it, and it was super opaque and so nice to work with.


Are you already sold on these polishes? WELL YOU SHOULD BE. I mean just LOOK at that shimmer.



Up next is ‘Majestic’. This is a smoky, cool-toned purple shimmer with lots of silver sparkle. It almost walks the line right in between a purple and a blue, but in the end it pulls more silvery-purple. You get that, makes sense, right?

This had a beautiful formula and could easily be opaque in 1 thicker coat, or 2 easy ones.


I swear these descriptions will seem short and quick, but it’s always because I have no words with how lovely all of these polishes were.



‘Glacier’ is a super saturated cobalt blue with silver shimmer. Again, another super easy formula that can be opaque in just 1 thicker coat, or 2 thinner ones.


I did notice the color deepens up with a 2nd coat to match the bottle, and it’s just STUNNING on the nails.



‘Metallica’ is a smoky steel gray shimmer with silver sparkle all throughout. This was absolutely opaque in just 1 easy coat. So smooth, and it glides onto the nail like buttah.


Just no words, such a beauty with a great formula.



‘Molten’ is a lovely, smoky brown shade with silver shimmer, for all your vampy vibes (yes, you can still be vampy in the summer).

And BROKEN RECORD HERE, another easy 1 coat formula. I can’t stress enough how good these polishes are for $3 (or even $1 if you find them at Dollar Tree!)



Definitely one of my favorite colors of the bunch, this is ‘Jaded’. This is a super saturated teal shimmer with silver glitter. This had a good 1st coat, though I had a few patches peeking through. A 2nd coat deepens up the color, and makes it fully opaque and so beautiful! So shimmery and so lovely.



‘Marvelous’ is a bright fuchsia pink foil with silver shimmer. Annnnnd another shade that could be opaque in 1 thicker coat. I did 2 here, and the color does deepen a little with a 2nd coat. Super smooth, super easy, no other words needed.


Lastly we have ‘Dynasty’. And as you can see, this polish is not like the others. Instead of being a super shimmery foil shade, this was more of a jelly polish with shimmer. It’s still pretty, but I will say I was a little disappointed that they suddenly changed the formula of just one shade in the full line. I would have definitely preferred a deep red foil!

But ANYWAYS, as mentioned this is a more jelly like deep red base with purple and red glitter all throughout. It had a sheer 1st coat, showing some nail line. The color deepens with the 2nd coat and it pretty well builds up fully with the 2nd.


I will say in my brighter lights it does look a little more uneven. In normal lighting, this is much less noticeable, but if it’s something that bothers you, I recommend a 3rd thin coat on top!



And those are the LA Colors Metal polishes that I picked up! As mentioned there was just one in here that I didn’t like as much, mainly because it was a sudden switch from all the others. I wish it had been a bright foil like all of the others.

Otherwise, the first 7 are absolutely beautiful and so many were opaque in just 1 coat. Super easy formulas, and for only $3! LA Colors has been putting out such interesting shades and polishes lately, and they’re definitely on my radar.


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  1. in love with Glacier and so is everyone who sees it on me. My seche vite fast dry top coat deepens all these colors even more!!! love dynasty and Metallica too! way to go la metal!!!

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