Essie ‘Bustling Bazaar’ Summer 2020 – Swatches & Review

Hey everyone, I know it’s been an overwhelming couple of days with everything going on, and being born an American and living in the United States my entire life, I just wanted to make a quick note before I dive in. I do feel weird posting normally just about nails during this time, and I feel so lucky and privileged to have this hobby where I can “escape” for a little bit. And I know you all are always looking for a nice little escape sometimes as well. But there are so many resources and voices out there where we can all continually learn from as well. There’s no “escaping” from being a good ally, and that’s something that is always on in the background, even as I continue to swatch and post about nail polish. So it’ll just be a quick little note here and then we’re back to nails.

A nail blog is definitely not the space you’re going to go first for information or resources, but there is still a person behind this and in the end it’s my own opinions and feelings. And so I want to say on this page everyone is welcome and included, regardless of race, orientation, religion, or otherwise – as long as their opinions are not actively hurting others. I personally fully support the Black Lives Matter movement here, and I want to use my privilege and voice to continue to do all that I can, even if it’s just a quick comment before I post some swatches. Any comments that marginalize that movement and the feelings and those involved won’t be tolerated here, and I’ll always do my best to keep it an open community here, even as it’s just one person’s nails being shown. I’m still learning and only one person, but I know the best way to use my voice is to stop any hate and call it out, even in this small space.

That’s all, thank you for listening, and now back to our normal blogging.


We’re continuing on with our Essie love – that’s just how my schedule and swatching played out – with the summer collection! This year’s Summer release is titled ‘Bustling Bazaar’ and it’s 6 bright and bold colors that are inspired by the bazaars of Morocco.

And I bought this collection from, you guessed it, I mention the site basically every single post, because they consistently have the best prices which allow me to continually to buy collections, as well as incredibly fast and secure shipping. I go on about them so much because I genuinely love and will continue to use her services!

As I mentioned there are 6 polishes – 5 creams and 1 foil, and it’s some bright and bold and saturated colors. Let’s get right into the swatches, shall we?

We’re going in rainbow order because that’s just always satisfying, okay.

So up first we have ‘Spice It Up’. It’s a rich, bold red cream shade that definitely has orange tones to it. It’s more warm toned, and just warm all around on the fingers.

And this had a STUNNING formula, absolutely incredible. It was completely opaque in just 1 coat and was so smooth – even on my ridgey nails and it just practically painted itself on. So nice, and I was just blown away.

Essie – Spice it Up


We’re continuing right along with ‘Souq Up the Sun’, a bright creamy cool-toned orange cream. (Yes I just said creamy cream, we’re going to go past it). Now this is a more white-based shade, so it did take a few more coats, we can’t compare it to the beauty above.

It has a smooth 1st coat, though my ridges were definitely peeking through and making it uneven. It starts to build up well in 2 coats, and most people will be able to get it opaque in 2. But I added a 3rd to cover any last spots, so it’ll depend on your nails and preferences! Either way it’ll be easily opaque for everyone in 3.

It’s so bright and juicy and perfect for summer. I’m always here for a good orange.

Essie – Souq Up the Sun


Now this next one of COURSE is my favorite because it’s a more ugly-pretty browned yellow shade, and I LOVE IT. OF COURSE, I love the ugly ones.

This is ‘Kaf-tan’ and it’s a lovely brown mustard shade. It’s warm and brown and yellow and maybe a little orange all at once and it may be weird for a summer release but I’m so here for it. This was a super smooth 1st coat – though I did have some ridges peeking through. A 2nd coat easily fully covered it and made it fully opaque and it was a one-two easy formula.

May not be for everyone, but damn, do I love it.

Essie – Kaf-tan


Our one departure from all of the creams is a good one! This is ‘Mosaic on Down’ and it’s an incredibly shimmery gold foil. If you look closely it’s mainly gold, but also has sparkles of silver and copper to it, and it’s just so dimensional and shiny.

The first coat of this was smooth, but I did still have visible nail line. The foil itself does need to build up with multiple coats. But it easily builds up with that 2nd coat, and is just so sparkly on the nails.

Essie – Mosaic on Down

I can only imagine how beautiful this would be with the sun hitting it in the summer! And I love that its not just a normal gold shade, and offers something a little more unique to my collection.

Essie – Mosaic on Down


Our namesake of the collection does not disappoint, and whooo boy it’s another beauty. Clock me with how many times I say that in this post.

‘Bustling Bazaar’ is a super bright aqua teal cream shade. It’s definitely right in that space in between a blue and a green. If you put it next to a straight up blue, it’ll pull more green. If you put it next to a green, it’ll pull more blue. I also edited the color a touch on this one, as my photos weren’t originally showing the slight dustiness this polish has. It’s bright, but there’s still a little something subdued about it. (And I know I don’t really ahve to say this but of course want to mention it, the only time I color correct or change the color of polishes in photos is to make it more color accurate and match what you’ll see in real life. Sometimes my bright lights and camera can’t quite capture it correctly).

Now this has a good 1st coat. I had a few little uneven patches on my nails, but a 2nd coat easily smoothed them out and made it fully even. So bright and perfect for summer.

Essie – Bustling Bazaar


Our last shade of the bunch is ‘Worth the Tassle’, a playful bright purple cream. It’s definitely a little more pastel and white based, but still a rich saturated color.

A broken record here, but it had a good 1st coat with just a few patches peeking through. And like all the others a 2nd coat easily covered it and made it fully opaque. Another easy, smooth formula!

Essie – Worth the Tassle


So that’s the Essie Summer collection! I found only one shade, ‘Souq up the Sun’ needing 3 coats, and that was just for my super ridged nails. All of the others were easy 2 coaters – except for ‘Spice it Up’ with that ONE COAT action. I LOVED the colors in this collection, and it was a deviation from the standard summer colors which I’m always so here for! All together they make a lovely palette, and I can’t wait to wear these year round!


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6 thoughts on “Essie ‘Bustling Bazaar’ Summer 2020 – Swatches & Review

  1. This collection looks SO GOOD all together! I am definitely getting Souq Up the Sun because I need all the oranges and this one looks super flattering on you, it’s gorgeous. Bustling Bazaar is also calling my name, how fun, I always go head over heels for shades like that.

    So glad to see you mention the Black Lives Matter movement, I will definitely be following your lead and giving it a mention in my next post to spread the love!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, I loved seeing the full color palette when they were all together, they worked so well! I’ve seen some gorgeous nail art using all of them all well!
      And thank you. I was wondering if it was even worth it, since it’s a small little mention, but figured I should since it’s about spreading it all throughout our own lives!

      Liked by 1 person

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