Essie Originals Remixed Collection – Swatches & Review


Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! I have a day off work coming up, which just means instead of being on my computer all day for work, I can be on my computer all day blogging! I’ve got big plans to get a lot of swatching and posting done, and also enjoying the beautiful weather we’re finally having down here in Chicago. What are your Memorial Day plans? Obviously it’s all a little shifted this year, but of course I would still love to hear!

And now let’s shift over to the review! The collection we’re looking at today is the Essie ‘Original Remixed’ collection. For this release, Essie took 6 of their classic, popular shades and “remixed” them to create 6 new fun colors. I know this has been talked about a lot lately, but I love grabbing all of the new Essie collections, and couldn’t resist passing them up. so we’re still talking about them today! They’re worth another chat!

Now I only grabbed 5 of the 6 shades. I can’t tell you why I decided to practice self control and not collecting all of the shades for just this one collection. I’m pretending I’m breaking my collector mentality, but then I only pass on 1 shade. Listen, I don’t get it either.

But either way I only have 5 of the 6 shades here. The one shade I decided to pass on was ‘Ballet Sneakers’, which is a super light pink cream. I know I have a ton of those in my collection and don’t wear those as often, so it was the one I left behind.

These are also cool because each of the bottles are decorated with these little designs that relate to the name of the shade. They’re imprinted, and not a sticker, so you don’t have to worry about them wearing off. And the “original” shades have also been released with the special bottles and designs, so if you’ve never owned them and are looking to now, this is the perfect time.

I bought these off of, but they’re also available on as well.

Let’s get right into the swatches!

Now I don’t own any of the “originals” and didn’t pick them up, so I don’t have those to show and compare. But one of my favorite accounts @polish.lab.rat swatched them all up so you can see them on her profile!

Up first we have ‘Satin Slip’. This is a remix of the original shade ‘Angora Cardi’, which is a deeper mauvey berry cream shade.

‘Satin Slip’ is a soft berry crelly shade. There’s just enough jelly to it to make it softer and squishier than a normal cream formula, and I loved it for that. This is 3 coats built up, and though it’s opaque and covers the nail line, you can see there’s still some jelly-ness to it.

It could be good with just a 2nd, but I did notice the color continuing to deepen and brighten up with a 3rd. It’ll just depend on your preference. Either way, they’re easy coats and a smooth formula to work with.

Essie – Satin Slip

Up next we have ‘Like a Rebel’. This is a remix of ‘Lady Like’, which is a soft blush pink cream shade.

‘Like a Rebel’ is an incredibly sparkly blush pink base with tons of larger golden sparkle. This had a sheer 1st coat – but it was smooth so it could be worn as a “1 coat, your nails but better” look that I talk about pretty often.

Otherwise it builds up to fully opaque easily in a 2nd coat. Another smooth and easy formula, no complaints here!

Essie - Like a Rebel
Essie – Like a Rebel

This was such a unique foil color to my collection and I’m glad I picked it up. It almost matches my skin tone, but then those golden sparkles are just stunning! Definitely love this “remixed” version.

Essie – Like a Rebel


Continuing right along, we have ‘Berry Nice’. This is a “remix” of ‘Berry Naughty’, which is a deep burgundy wine cream shade.

‘Berry Nice’ is a bright shimmery berry foil shade. It had a good 1st coat, though I still had a few little patches and uneven spots peeking through. A 2nd coat easily covered it and made it opaque. It also deepens up to the color in the bottle with the 2nd, and adds even more sparkle and shine as it’s layered up.

Essie – Berry Nice

I think this would be beautiful around the holidays as well, or a super shimmery summer shade!

Essie – Berry Nice


This next one might be my favorite of the collection, spoiler alert. This is ‘Wicked Fierce’, a remix of ‘Wicked’, which according to Essie is a “deep, blackened red” cream shade.

‘Wicked Fierce’ is a shimmery brown base with a green to bright red flash. It’s got some shiftiness to it, which I am ALWAYS here for.

This also had a BEAUTIFUL formula and can be opaque in 1 easy coat. I showed 2 here as that’s what I do for every polish, but honestly you can zip this on with 1 easy coat and be set. It’s so smooth and glides onto the nail like butta.

Essie – Wicked Fierce

And I wanted to show that shift goodness. It goes from brown to red in my bright lighting, and then in other lights, you get a little glimpse of green as well. It’s so cool, and I love that they brought it out. Also will be perfect for the fall seasons!

Essie – Wicked Fierce
Essie – Wicked Fierce


Our last shade that we have here is ‘Below Zero’. This is a remix of ‘Smokin Hot’, a dusty taupey purple cream.

‘Below Zero’ is a dusty purple base with tons of bright blue shimmer, which gives it an icy look so ‘Below Zero’ is very fitting. (Even though I don’t like to think about the cold now that it’s finally regularly above 60 degrees here).

It had a sheer 1st coat, but it was smooth. It builds up well in 2 coats and is pretty well opaque. I ended up adding a 3rd, and that continued to deepen the color and build up the shimmer – again your own preferences for how many coats you’ll need.

Essie – Below Zero

But look at that gorgeous shimmer! The remixed versions of each shade seem to add a ton of shimmer and sparkle, and honestly I’m so HERE for it. Gimme all the sparkles.

Essie – Below Zero


And there are the shades! (Well 5/6 of them). I think this was a fun collection and idea for Essie to do! I’m glad I did decide to pick up the shades, as they’re more unique to my collection, and just fun on the nails. All around the formulas were so nice, and I have no complaints here! It’ll depend on your color preferences!

Are you picking up any of these?

These are available on as well as


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6 thoughts on “Essie Originals Remixed Collection – Swatches & Review

  1. I don’t have any of the originals that these are remixes of either! Below Zero is the only one I’ve grabbed, that shimmer against the dark base just gets me. Someday I need to pick up Berry Naughty, Smokin’ Hot, and Wicked, they’re such classics.

    Liked by 1 person

      • A note of caution regarding WICKED:
        While I 100% agree that it’s a classic that should be in your stash, it appears that Essie has changed the color (as well as the number), which I found out after purchasing a new bottle of it to replace one that had gone all gooey on me. The new formulation (352) is darker and seems to have more brown in it than the old/original formulation (249). So far, I’ve been unable find any mention of this discrepancy online.

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