Sally Hansen x Jelly Belly 2020 – Swatches & Review

Listen, we all know what’s happening right now, no need to remind, but during this time I’ve definitely hit periods of “I don’t want to do anything I just want to play Animal Crossing or the Sims 4”. And because of that some blog posts got left behind, so we’re playing a little bit of catch up, and getting these out of the queue!

I posted these swatches on my Instagram a while ago now (follow me to see them all as they post, and sometimes even before these posts go up). These are the next installment of the Sally Hansen and Jelly Belly collaboration! The first release came out around the same time last year, just in time for Easter. There were 11 total shades released then – with 3 crelly glitter mixes and 8 cream shades. I picked up 7 of them (you can see that full post here – especially as some of these shades were re-released for this new collection).

For this new release we have 9 shades, 6 new shades and 3 repromotes. The 3 re-promotes are ‘Tutti-Fruitti’, ‘Island Punch’ and ‘Green Apple’. I had Tuitti Fruitti from the last collection, and ended up grabbing ‘Island Punch’ this round. Those will both be shown at the end of the post!

The other difference is that the last collection had plain white caps with the printed Jelly Belly logo, while these have pearl white caps with the logo. Otherwise the bottles are the same! (Please enjoy my quick phone photo for this year’s, I forgot to take a real photo and didn’t want to leave it out!)

For the other 6 new shades we have a nice variety of different finishes and colors! I think I like this half even more than the 1st! So let’s get into the swatches already!

Up first we have ‘Piña Colada’. Of course you probably know by now that I love any sort of yellowy-weird shades like this, so this was the shade I most wanted to get my hands on. It’s a lighter yellow with almost a hint of dustiness to it, as well as lime green. It’s a weird shade to fully describe as well as photograph.

It had a thin 1st coat, which I was expecting for this light of a yellow, but it builds up surprisingly well in the next one, and is pretty well opaque with a 2nd thicker coat. If you’re doing thinner coats, you might want a 3rd, but it was an easy shade overall.

PinaColada copy


Next up is ‘Birthday Cake’. This is a slightly off-white base with two sizes of orange, yellow, and blue hexagon pieces. It had an uneven 1st coat, but the pieces pick up well and smooth on nicely. I still had some nail line and patches after a 2nd coat, so I did do a 3rd to fully even everything out. With this one I do recommend doing thinner coats, as with more polish in a coat, it’s more likely to get uneven and a little harder to control. It also helps it from feeling too thick and chunky on the nails.


This one might have a touch of bumpiness to it from the pieces, but I found they didn’t stick up or catch on anything. A thick coat of top coat will help smooth out any bumps you might have. It’s a touch finicky because of those pieces, but nothing crazy – and especially if you do thinner coats.

I will say they absolutely nailed the look of Funfetti cake batter on the nails. (And now I just want to make a Funfetti cake…)



This next one is one of the two more frosty-shimmery versions of previous shades, or “jewel” shades as they call them.

This is ‘Jewel Bubble Gum’ and its a frosty light pink with a golden flash to it. (Bubblegum released in the first collection was a bright bubblegum pink cream, so this is the “jewel” version of that). It paints on very smoothly and easily. It’s almost opaque in just 1 coat, though I had some ridges peeking through. A 2nd coat fully smooths it out as well as smoothing over the ridges in my nails and makes it stunning!


I ended up liking this one more on the nails than I thought I would! It seems to glow, and that gold flash is gorgeous. As with any sort of frosty-pearly shade, there are some brushstrokes, so I recommend painting on the final layer as straight as you can. Or if you want to completely smooth it out you can sponge on a final layer (Something I showed the effect of in my OPI Neo-Pearl post).



Another favorite of the collection once I got it on the nails is this one, ‘Cotton Candy’. This is a STUNNING bright coral pink cream shade. This also had a really nice smooth formula, and most people could get it opaque in just 1 thicker coat. I did 2 here, and it just glided on so nicely.

This is going to be so lovely for summer!



The other jewel shade is “Jewel Very Cherry” (the original Very Cherry from the first release is, as you can imagine, a bright red cream). This one is a bright fuchsia pink base with bright pink-purple shimmer to it. It had a good 1st coat, with some patches, but those were easily covered with a 2nd coat.


You know I enjoyed these jewel shades, and it would be super interesting if they did it for more of the previous colors!



Last but not least is another shade I was so interested in (especially as it played hard to get) is ‘French Vanilla’. It’s a white base with small black speckles all throughout it, just like french vanilla ice cream. This one is an Ulta exclusive.

The first coat was pretty uneven, with my ridges peeking through and making things a little patchy. But it’s pretty well opaque with just a 2nd thicker coat. I had a few patches so I ended up doing a 3rd, but overall a pretty easily formula.


The little speckles distribute well, and I love that the formula is thin enough that others can be layered and give more dimension. As you can see a little bit, they gathered on the side of my bottle from it laying there during shipment, but just stand it up, and it’ll be fine.



And then the two re-promotes! First is ‘Tuitti-Fruitti’. (Aw look at that different hand post and my rounded nails). It’s a light milky pink crelly pink with tons of different sized and colored metallic hexagon pieces. This is 3 coats built up.



And the other is ‘Island Punch’, a dusty purple cream. This had a beautiful formula and can be opaque in just 1 thicker coat. Super smooth and easy to paint on and I just couldn’t resist that dustiness again!



And that’s the 2nd part of the Jelly Belly collaboration! I’ve loved both of these so far, and especially loved the different finishes in this one! There were a bunch of fun and unique polishes, and it fit the Easter and jelly bean vibe all around.

Now make a shade for the Juicy Pear jelly bean, please.


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3 thoughts on “Sally Hansen x Jelly Belly 2020 – Swatches & Review

  1. Birthday Cake is so cute, I love glitter crellies and will definitely be picking that one up if I see it. Same with French Vanilla, although I don’t think my local Ulta is open yet and I’m not sure I should really be going there anyway. Cotton Candy is tempting just because that is my FAVORITE Jelly Belly flavor! Tastes nothing like actual cotton candy, but it’s delicious and sweet.

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