Orosa Beauty Desert Garden Collection, Pt. 2 – Swatches & Review


For the first half of this collection, released a couple months ago, see the full post here:
Orosa Beauty Desert Garden Trio – Swatches & Review


Listen, I got a wee bit behind on my posts, so you’re about to get like 4 in a row as I finally catch up. It’s quarantine y’all and we aren’t shaming people for not being productive here. But every so often the productive bug hits here, and I have to hold onto it AS LONG AS I CAN.

So on this post, we’re talking about Orosa Beauty baybeeee. They were kind enough to send on over to me the 2nd half of their Desert Garden collection. The first 3 shades released in the beginning of March, and now we’re looking at the 2nd 3 shades to be released! It features 3 bright cream shades inspired by the tones of the desert, and I couldn’t wait to pop these suckers onto my nails. (And as always, even though they were kindly gifted to me, all opinions are honest and my own.)

These are available on the Orosa Beauty website for $12 each, or $62 when you buy the full collection.

Let’s get into the swatches now!

I will say one thing to note about Orosa polishes is that they have a short, wider brush, so they can take a touch getting used to when painting on. Not everyone might like them, but of course, something to know!


Up first we have ‘Desert Rose’. This is a lovely cream pink with a touch of purple tones to it. This had a touch of nail line, and some of my ridges peeking through after the 1st coat, but it was easily smoothed out and opaque with a 2nd.



Up next we have the shade that my eye of course immediately went to. If you’ve been here for any number of posts, I love any sort of mustardy yellow goodness, and I was not disappointed.

This is ‘Super Bloom’ and it’s a BEAUTIFUL orangey yellow cream shade. This had an uneven 1st coat, but it was pretty well opaque in just 2. I did up doing one more to fully even it out because of the ridges in my nails, but most people with smooth nails will have it opaque in just 2.



Lastly we have ‘Saguaro’. This a rich, forest green cream shade. This had a lovely formula and was pretty well opaque in just 1 thicker coat. I slathered another one on as I usually do, and bada bing, it’s gorgeous.



And look, something new, I did nail art with them! Let’s see how long this lasts, and I can’t promise nail art with every collection, but I do want to try to continue doing it more often! Especially when the colors go together so well.

(These were also made with dotting tools, as I’m still new to the game and that’s what I have.)




I know right, who is she, doing nail art over here.


And that’s the 2nd half of this collection! Overall these colors were super nice, and I especially loved them all together – as you can see how well they work together in the nail designs. They were easy formulas and no complaints here. I’ve been enjoying trying these out.

Here’s the whole Desert Garden collection all together! As I mentioned, if you want to see the other half reviewed, click on the link at the very top of this post!




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