Orosa Beauty ‘The Winter Blues’ Bundle – Swatches + Skittle Manis


I first won a giveaway of Orosa Beauty’s fall collection, which is how I got to try out their formula originally. I fell in love with the shades then, and the square bottles just get me for some reason. They feel so classy and just so pretty on display. And of course, the polishes inside are gorgeous as well.

They’ve been so lovely to send me more of their shades, and I’m so thankful! I love getting to try out more of their shades, and am very tempted to pick up the rest of them off their website… Stay strong, Quinn.

Anyways, let’s look at this newest little bundle they sent me!

They call this the ‘Winter Blues’ and “it’s the only winter blues you need”. Living in Chicago where it’s just so dang cold and GRAY, I fully identified with that. It’s a selection of 5 of their cream shades, that’ll pair together in a lovely little combo mani.

I already had 2 of these shades previously, so the duplicates will be moving onto a good home with a friend. But I was excited to try out 3 new shades! I showed individual swatches of the polishes included, as well as some manis at the end!

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Orosa Beauty Winter 2019 Shades


Now that it’s December (where has the time gone???) I basically go from 0-100 with Christmas loving. I go from hating all mention of Christmas before Thanksgiving, then to immediately decorating my apartment and getting everything festive. I battled with decorations (and knocking over 3 plant pots in the process) and got my apartment all cozy and decorated up today! Have you started decorating for Christmas?

And so with that mindset it’s only appropriate that we talk about new winter shades from Orosa Beauty!

I recently won a giveaway of their fall collection, and ended up loving the cream shades in that one. And then I was so pleasantly surprised when this box of new shades showed up on my doorstep as well! I wasn’t expecting it at all, and was so grateful that they decided to send them over to me! But of course, even with products that are sent to me, I’ll always post my honest opinion! Wanted to be thankful but also up front!

These are 3 new releases for Winter from Orosa Beauty! They’re a new polish brand that started this year, and I’ve been loving their shades. There’s just something about that square bottle that gets me, and I just want to hold them and look at them. Have you ever had that.

They released 3 shades, 2 creams and 1 topper for their winter collection. These retail for $12 each on the Orosa Beauty website or for $31 for the set of 3!

Let’s look at the swatches!

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Orosa Beauty Fall 2019 Collection


Hey-oooo this is our last fall collection to talk about! Isn’t that crazy to think about? And then I’m almost “on time” for all of the holiday collections┬á­čśé┬áI know it’s crazy to think about, but all the brands are in full on holiday mode, so that is the ONE PLACE I will allow holidays early. Otherwise all Christmas music has to wait until December 1st and we’re not forgetting about Thanksgiving here. Rules are rules.┬á

So let’s talk about this last fall collection shall we? Our last grasp on the 60 degree wonderful last sunny days in this blog (I miss those days, it’s already down to 40s and gray here).

I have the Fall collection today from Orosa Beauty! This is a new to me brand, and a newer overall brand to discuss. This brand started this year, and this is now their 2nd collection they’ve released, after a Summer collection. I had seen posts, but hadn’t been truly dialed into their releases until this fall collection. It’s full of stunning cream shades and some beautiful deeper colors.

And then I was tagged in a giveaway they were doing, and I won! This is the first giveaway I ever won on Instagram, so I was so dang excited! (Is this what it’s like to win the lottery). The brand was so kind, and they told me I won on Thursday and the package with the polishes was already to me two days later on Saturday! I was so impressed, and the polishes are just so cute (there’s just something about those square bottles that gets me.

This is their Fall 2019 collection and features 6 cream shades – 1 more sheer, and the rest are full creams. They retail for $12 each on the Orosa Beauty website.

Let’s get on into the swatches!

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