Orosa Beauty Desert Garden Trio – Swatches & Review


IT’S FINALLY GETTING WARMER HERE. Okay, it’s supposed to get up to 50s and even 60s this weekend, and that’s WARM for down here after this long winter. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for a spring since I’ve moved down here. I don’t want to hear about you guys already hitting 80s and 90s down in the southern states there, KEEP IT QUIET. The sunshine is more precious up here in this Midwestern little bubble.

But since we’re finally actually getting sunshine, it’s time to continue looking at spring collections! Today we have the Orosa Beauty Desert Garden trio that they’re calling a ‘Pre-Spring’ set. A little transition set to pull us out of these gray days into warmer days. It features 3 cream shades!

Orosa Beauty was kind enough to send these on over to me to swatch up for you guys! I’m still always so thankful when I get polish from brands, and it’ll just never get old. But of course, I’ll always be honest about formulas and performance.

These are available on the Orosa Beauty website for $12 each, or $31 if you buy the set of 3! (And orders over $30 ship for free, just to enable further). But of course, let’s look at the swatches first, and then you can decide if you need them!

Now let’s get into the shades!

Up first we have ‘Sky’. This is a lovely sky blue cream shade that leans very cool-toned. The first coat was definitely more sheer. I did still have some nail line and patches from my ridges after a 2nd coat, but a 3rd managed to completely cover it up. (You can see some patches on my middle nail, so I recommend floating the polish onto the nail and not overmanipulating it). If you have smooth nails, it’ll be easily opaque in 2-3 coats.

It’s a lovely shade for spring, and perfect for the sunshine and blue skies we’re FINALLY starting to get down here!

Orosa Beauty – Sky


Next up we have ‘Dune’, for the Desert part of the collection. This is a nice milk chocolate brown cream shade. I’m a sucker for a nice brown neutral shade, and I ended up loving this even more once I put it onto my nails!

This had a more crelly squishy formula. It was sheer, but still smooth so even though I had some nail line still peeking through, it was even on the nails. And it was easily opaque in just 2 coats. So smooth and buttery on the nails.

Orosa Beauty – Dune


And lastly we had the shade that caught my eye immediately out of the package! This is ‘Wildflower’ and it’s a GORGEOUS bright red coral cream shade. This had a solid 1st coat, with just a touch of nail line left. It was easily covered up and smooth in just 2 coats.

This shade definitely has me craving spring and summer and just warmer weather in general! It’s supposed to get up to the high 50s here and I’m so excited! That’s warm for what we’ve been having in Chicago, okay!

But seriously, if you grab one of these 3 shades, make it this one.

Orosa Beauty – Wildflower


And that’s the trio! Another bunch of lovely creams from Orosa Beauty! Not super unique colors, but who am I to say what’s unique to anyone’s collection? These are solid colors and formulas that anyone can add as a foundation. I will say ‘Sky’ did take the most coats of the bunch, so it’s up to you whether you love the shade or not! My obvious favorite is ‘Wildflower’.


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6 thoughts on “Orosa Beauty Desert Garden Trio – Swatches & Review

    • I know browns are definitely not for everyone, but this is a lovely one if you do like them! And yes, the blue and red were of course my favorites, so pretty! They nailed it with those two!


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