Monthly Manis: February 2020

One of my main goals in my 2020 Resolutions Post was to go through my collection and destash polishes that I just don’t love or aren’t adding value anymore. Now, I’m a person who loves lists and goals, (you should see my blogging notebook), so I gave myself a goal along with that to paint my nails in a full mani at least 3 times a week. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but with how I’m constantly swatching, I’m making a real effort to stop and actually give myself time at night to relax and paint my nails and watch a show. I’ve been enjoying it quite a lot and definitely want to keep it up!

And at the end of each month, I want to sum up the polishes I wore, and whether or not I’ll be keeping them in my collection and why. And you’ll definitely get some stories and old swatch photos with each one! Now, let’s get into this months manis!


Up first we have ‘Exposed’ from Essie. This came out in the Wild Nudes collection in early 2017. At that point in time, I was just about to graduate from college, and then head into adult life. So I definitely did not have the budget to buy the amount of collections I do now, and ended up passing on it. Looking at em now, of course it’s a lot of neutrals I already have in my collection. BUT, there were still 2 in the collection that caught my eye, and somehow they found their way into my cart when I was ordering a collection off PolishPick.

This is a stunning deep mossy, dusty olive green cream shade. It’s dusty, it’s muted, it’s a green, it’s all the things I love and want. It was a beautiful 2 coat formula as well, so of course it’s staying.

Essie – Exposed


Next up, I wore OPI’s ‘Aurora Berry-alis’, a lovely berry cream shade from the Iceland collection for Fall 2017. Honestly, one of my favorite collections OPI has done, it was full of these beautiful soft and muted colors perfect for fall and winter. I really need to pull more of those bad boys out to wear again.

So again, keeping.

OPI – Aurora Berry-alis


Next up, I pulled out a shade to fit the cold weather we’re still having here – listen, I think spring is on its way, but it was still in the 30s when I wore this bad boy. This is Essie’s ‘Go With the Flowy’ that came from their Winter 2016 collection.

Essie – Go With the Flowy

Please appreciate this picture I found of when I originally swatched it and whoo boy, I really figure out my lighting, and hand poses. Just a -touch- of improvement in 3 years.

But it’s still an easy two coats, I love the shimmer and so I’m keeping it!



Continuing right along, I pulled out another oldie but goodie. This is ‘Ireland’ from the Zoya Whispers collection, which they called a Transitional collection for winter to spring 2019. Honestly, very accurate and it was a lovely collection of more soft, muted shades.

It was actually the very first Zoya collection I purchased! I remember how much “ALoveTart” on Youtube raved about them, and so when they had a BOGO sale, I just jumped on the collection. This was before I fully committed to a blog as well, so I don’t even have swatches of them all.

Another easy 2 coat formula, and it’s a keep. (I promise there are some actual destashes coming).

Zoya – Ireland


Next up, I had to pull out some Sinful Colors. SC is definitely the largest section of my collection – so much so that next month is going to be an all Sinful month. As I always say, its the brand I started my blog with, and the brand I love to collect, so of course I have a ton of em.

I grabbed ‘Skin-tillating’ from the Naughty Nudes collection. Again, one of my favorite collections that Sinful Colors has ever done. This came out in the springtime last year, and it was the first newness that we got from SC in a while, and it came out with a BANG. This one was a gorgeous deep purple-brown base with that beautiful blue shimmer. LOVE IT, IT’S A KEEPER.

Sinful Colors – Skin-tillating
Sinful Colors – Skin-Tillating

And well I started it earlier, now I have to post older swatches if I have them. This was the first collection I was able to swatch in my new apartment after I moved, and now I’ve been here almost a year! Yes, this entire post will be about sentimental items and looking back on how far I’ve come.



Okay, I promised there would be actual destashing happening with this project and in this post, and we hit it. The last polishes of the month ended us on a just okay note.

Up first ‘Pre-Show Jitters’ from the Essie Gel Couture line. I snatched up this bad boy when Sally Beauty was getting rid of all their Essies and they were marked down to like $3 a bottle. I do wish I was more on top of that, as I definitely got to the clearance after it had been cleared OUT.

This is a soft creamy white shade with a touch of beige to it. This was 3 coats, and I STILL had some unevenness and patches, so because of that, I’m going to let this one go. At this point, I have so many polishes that if I don’t absolutely love something, it’s not worth keeping to me! I did say I would be more strict and actually declutter, look at me GO!

Essie Gel Couture – Pre-Show Jitters


And the last mani of the month! This is China Glaze ‘Pilates Please’ from the Chic Physique collection for Spring 2018. This is a peachy-melony orange cream shade.

And again, just like ‘Pre-Show Jitters’ above, this was 3 coats and still uneven and patchy. I didn’t absolutely love the formula, and the color isn’t unique in my collection, so it’s out.

Feb 27

And of course, the previous swatch photo of it! You can tell I’ve tried out all the hand poses over the years!



Alright, so totals for the month! I wore 7 polishes – for starting halfway through, that’s pretty good for me, and I’m destashing 2!

It’s honestly been so fun going down memory lane with these, and I can’t wait to continue doing it! Like I mentioned, next month will be an all Sinful Colors month, so stay tuned!


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    • Definitely a very sort of “february” color palette looking at all of these together – lots of muted and moody colors, just like the weather outside! And yes, Exposed was SO GOOD, I’m so glad I picked it up. And Ireland has been a favorite for many years!

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