Monthly Manis: March 2020

Now, it’s no secret that Sinful Colors is the biggest part of my collection. They’re the brand I started reviewing when I started this blog way back in 2016, because they’re so dang cheap (and I was on a college student budget at that point). And they come out with tons of collections a year, so they easily build up quickly. These collections are often with fun and interesting finishes, so it can be harder for me to let them go.

So for this month’s #MonthlyManis, I made it a #SinfulMarch! I only pulled Sinful Colors polishes and I focused on all of the singles outside of collections. I had a period there where I was very obsessed with just collecting any older Sinful Colors polishes that I could, just because they were older Sinful Colors. I had a weird collector moment, where I just wanted them all just to have them all.

And then I came to my senses and realized that wasn’t feasible, especially with how many other polishes from different brands that I constantly have coming in. I live in a studio apartment in Chicago, and I don’t have the space and storage to collect them all and keep them if I don’t like the polish at all. So my main goal this month was to go through this large group of untried polishes and see what I just don’t love, and what I can pass on. There are other people out there who collect Sinfuls, and have great archives of them, so I’m not needed to do that. It was a big thing for me to realize that I don’t need to keep everything, and letting go of things that I just don’t like is alright!

Now obviously I still have a lot to go in this group. I started out well trying polishes but then of course, events happened and I wasn’t wearing polish as often. But now I’m getting into a better routine of painting my nails and cycling through polishes. And especially once my swatch sticks get here, I can continue to put the polishes onto sticks and feel out formulas that way as well! I’m getting rid of polishes that I just didn’t like at all, and especially with non-unique colors, if I didn’t love it, they were gone. I have too many dang polishes to keep ones I don’t like at this point.

So let’s look at the ones I was able to try this month and whether or not I’m keeping them!

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Monthly Manis: February 2020

One of my main goals in my 2020 Resolutions Post was to go through my collection and destash polishes that I just don’t love or aren’t adding value anymore. Now, I’m a person who loves lists and goals, (you should see my blogging notebook), so I gave myself a goal along with that to paint my nails in a full mani at least 3 times a week. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but with how I’m constantly swatching, I’m making a real effort to stop and actually give myself time at night to relax and paint my nails and watch a show. I’ve been enjoying it quite a lot and definitely want to keep it up!

And at the end of each month, I want to sum up the polishes I wore, and whether or not I’ll be keeping them in my collection and why. And you’ll definitely get some stories and old swatch photos with each one! Now, let’s get into this months manis!


Up first we have ‘Exposed’ from Essie. This came out in the Wild Nudes collection in early 2017. At that point in time, I was just about to graduate from college, and then head into adult life. So I definitely did not have the budget to buy the amount of collections I do now, and ended up passing on it. Looking at em now, of course it’s a lot of neutrals I already have in my collection. BUT, there were still 2 in the collection that caught my eye, and somehow they found their way into my cart when I was ordering a collection off PolishPick.

This is a stunning deep mossy, dusty olive green cream shade. It’s dusty, it’s muted, it’s a green, it’s all the things I love and want. It was a beautiful 2 coat formula as well, so of course it’s staying.

Essie – Exposed


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