Essie Valentine’s Day 2020 – Swatches & Review

Happy Valentine’s Day, all! I’m spending the evening curled up and cozy, finishing reviews, watching a movie and going to bed early (I’m starting to get sick, okay). But I can’t ever complain about a relaxed night in. I’m a very exciting person, I know. And of course, chocolate. I’m a monster when it comes to Reese’s, and my parents are constantly enabling my obsession. Are there candies that you can’t ever resist? I hope you enjoyed the day, no matter who you chose to spend it with!

And as with Valentine’s Day, that means we have a Valentine’s Day collection and polishes! Essie has once again come out with a 6 piece collection for the occasion, complete with the fun bottle wraps. (You do get the bottle wraps when ordering from Polish Pick). Each shade has a different wrap and design, and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t part of the reason I really wanted to buy this collection, okay.


As mentioned, there are 6 polishes! There are 3 cream shades, and 3 more metallic shades.

I grabbed these from As if I don’t already talk enough about how much I love Polish Pick – they’ve now started selling Essie as well! So I can grab even more of the collections I review at discounted prices, and from one place. I really love it, and wouldn’t talk about it so much unless I’ve had great experiences. (And as always, if you do happen to buy from Polish Pick, you can put in my name in the dropdown at checkout. I don’t make any money from this, it just helps the site see where you all are coming from!)

Alright, enough blabbering, let’s get into the polishes!

I’m going to start with the 3 creams.

First up, we have ‘Talk Sweet to Me’. This is a gorgeous dusty mauvey-pink cream shade. This had a thicker cream formula, so I was able to do thicker coats and it was so easy to control on the nails, and won’t flood the cuticles. Most people could get this opaque in just 1 coat – I did a 2nd to cover up the patches I got from the ridges in my nails. (I know I constantly mention the ridges, but they’re important, alright).

Overall it was such a good formula and I was impressed! It definitely made me love this cream even more.

Essie – Talk Sweet to Me


Up next we have ‘Don’t Be Choco-late’. This is a milk chocolate brown cream shade. Another beautiful formula, it could be opaque in just 1 coat. I did 2 here, as that’s what I always do. But so nice, and easy on the nails!

Essie – Don’t be Choco-late


The last of the creams, we have ‘Love-Fate Relationship’. This is a very deep, burgundy wine shade. This has a touch of crelliness to it, so it was definitely a touch uneven on the first coat. But a 2nd coat evened it out, as well as deepening up the color. Overall, another easy formula.

Essie – Love-Fate Relationship


And now we have the 3 more foiled-metallic shades.

Up first is ‘Piece, Love & Chocolate’. This is a bright pink foiled shade. I had some nail line still peeking through after 1 coat. But it was easily opaque after a 2nd coat. These foils were super smooth, and I didn’t have any problems with brush strokes either.

Essie – Piece, Love & Chocolate

A perfect shade for Valentine’s Day. Or any day really, who says you ever have to limit your polish.

Essie – Piece, Love & Chocolate


Next up we have ‘Surprise & Delight’, a red shimmery metallic shade. This had an absolutely beautiful formula and was opaque in just 1 easy coat. It was so smooth and just floated onto the nails.

Essie – Surprise & Delight

This one had a touch more brush strokes to it, but most disappear as it dries. They’re not super noticeable unless they’re in my bright direct lights. Overall still a beautiful shade.



The last shade might be my absolute favorite of the collection. This is ‘Unwrap Me’, a bright purple metallic shade. And a beautiful formula to match a beautiful shade. Another that was easily opaque in just 1 coat. It was so easy to control and just so lovely on the nails.

Essie – Unwrap Me

And no brush strokes with this one either. I don’t have enough words for this one, it’s so stunning and the definite standout of the collection!

Essie – Unwrap Me


And that’s the collection! This was a solid collection full of beautiful formulas overall. A ton needed just 1 coat, and were so easy to control on the nails.

Color wise, the creams might not be so unique if you have a bigger collection, but they’re such solid formulas that they will be great core additions to any collections. The foils are where the color really shines, especially ‘Unwrap Me’. If you only grab one shade from this collection, I definitely suggest ‘Unwrap Me’. They’re all cute, holiday appropriate shades, as well as fun ones to wear at any time.


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3 thoughts on “Essie Valentine’s Day 2020 – Swatches & Review

  1. My go-to candy is KitKats, I am constantly drowning in them. Reese’s would be a close second for me though, YUM, if any are around they won’t be around for long 😀
    I think I should have picked up Unwrap Me. When I saw it in person, I thought it was pink but it looks like a delicious glowing purple in all the swatches I’ve seen! Definitely seems like the one to get.

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