Essie Summer 2019 Collection – Comparisons

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IT’S SWATCH COMPARISON SATURDAY! WOO! Look, I’m still keeping it up! Weirdly proud of myself right now, I’m not going to lie. It was a wild and crazy Friday night here, swatching and comparing, and avoiding going outside in our heatwave that we’re having. There’s some good ones here – including my first ever full dupe for one of these posts!

This week we’re looking at the Essie Summer 2019 collection. I pulled comparisons for 4 of the shades. The bright neon orange, ‘Soles on Fire’, and the bright purple, ‘Tangoed in Love’, I couldn’t find anything close for. Two very unique shades to my collection for sure!

Let’s look at the comparisons!


Up first, we have the light pastel orange shade, ‘In Full Swing’. I had a bunch of shades in the same tone, but nothing that quite matched the peachiness of it. ‘Pink Noise’ was a little rosier, and ‘Everything’s Peachy’ was more yellow-toned.


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Essie Summer 2019 Collection


Y’ALL, FALL collections are already being previewed and released, and oooh boy, when it’s supposed to be a high of 99 this Friday, it’s hard to think about fall, even with it being my favorite season. I shouldn’t be shocked, as makeup and nail polish are always ahead, but I’m still catching up! Don’t worry, they’ll be coming to the blog soon enough.

For now, we still got a couple more summer collections to talk about!

In this review, we’re looking at the Essie Summer 2019 collection. I have the Zoya Summer collection coming up after this one, and then we’ll be finished with summer reviews! Crazy to think about!

This is a collection of 6 creams, with 3 more orange-toned shades, and then 3 bright pops of color. Now Essie calls all of these shades “neon”. However, I think at most 2 or 3 would count under that label, but you’ll have to see for yourself.

This collection definitely took a little bit of hunting to track down, but I finally got it. There are a couple left on, and they’re in stock now on – if you’re looking for discounted prices! I ended up buying 3 of the shades from, so they’re out and about at various drugstores as well – but it’s definitely a popular collection! Let’s look at the shades!

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Essie Spring 2019 Collection


It’s finally getting -and staying- warm and I am THRIVING. I moved from a basement apartment up into a 3rd floor apartment this April, and the difference in natural light in the apartment is incredible. I’m loving having my windows and curtains open, and just letting the daylight and fresh air in. As much as fall is my favorite season, I do absolutely love the warmer weather. So with all of this sunlight and not having to wear a jacket, I AM A NEW WOMAN.

Of course with the warmer weather, we have summer collections rolling right into the nail polish community. But for now, we have this last spring collection to talk about! We’re catching up on reviews y’all, we’re on our way.

This is the Essie collection for Spring 2019. It’s their standard 6 piece collection, and features lots of shimmers and soft neutrals. Let’s talk about these spring babies, shall we?

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Untried Month: Essie March

Every time I take a little break for whatever reason – this time was moving – I miss posting and reviewing items so much! It’s always a good little reminder of how much I still enjoy doing this, and love trying out new things for you guys! And now I’m fully settled and ready to get down into reviewing again.


To get back into it, I have another month of Untried Polishes to talk about! If you haven’t seen this project before, either here or Instagram, or haven’t seen my other post (see January’s here), every month this year, I’ve picked a brand and wore untried polishes from that brand. And at the end of the month, I do a lil summary post of all the ones I wore! March was all about Essie.

I only got through 4 polishes this month, so definitely not as many as I hoped to. I wore one at the beginning of the month, and then didn’t wear the last 3 until the last week of the month – when I wasn’t able to swatch before I moved, and was just wearing polishes before they got packed up. It was a busy month, and I got in a little rut of not wearing polish too much. But the last week I was enjoying setting aside a portion of my night to relax and just paint my nails, and I know I’m going to keep that up!

I thoroughly enjoyed that week of new polishes, and as always, I love actually using my collection and trying them, so I’m determined to get better about it now that I’m settled and able to use them more. I’m also going to be able to get fully back into my destashing project, so using the polishes will help me decide if I truly love them or want to pass them on. So let’s talk about them now!

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Essie Serene Slates Collection

I’m currently typing this up at my little desk while people walk around and view my apartment. Is that weird? Maybe. But it’s cold outside and I’m not leaving. Although it has proven my theory that it makes people view apartments a lot faster.

I feel like I look like a real blogger right now. Laptop at desk, Starbucks drink in hand, typing rapidly these important words. We can all pretend here.

Also like a real blogger, (a la Temptalia, my actual idol – if you haven’t read her blog yet, go on over and see the masterpiece that it is), I think I’m going to start posting my hauls and products I’m getting in, as well as swatches of the product before I post the full review. Obviously this will be more for makeup than nail polish, but this way you can see what products I’m buying and what I’m currently testing out, as well as getting an idea what’s coming up to the blog! It helps keep my content going, and if you see something that really peaks your interest in a haul, I can work on posting about that first! I just want to get you more consistent content and show you what I’m playing with.


Alright, should I also be a real blogger and stop rambling already and get into the polishes? Yeah, probs. Alright here we go.

This is the Essie ‘Serene Slates’ collection. It’s a collection of 9 cream and shimmer shades that are all various tones of mainly grays and other neutrals. I was honestly so excited to get my grabby hands on this collection, because I am all here for grays. They’re all I wear fashion wise. And they so nicely match the weather outside – just all gray. It’s perfect for this weird period between winter and spring where it’s just cold.

I picked these up from! Let’s get into the shades.

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Essie Valentine’s Day 2019 Shades

As you can tell, I’m catching up. I’m in the process of moving (as I’ve mentioned on every recent post) so a lot of my nights this past week were spent viewing endless amounts of apartments, and hoping that I find one I like within my budget, instead of swatching and posting. I’ve found a couple places I like, and it’s about applying now, so fingers crossed! And in the meantime, it’s posting collections I got a little behind on! So be ready for a lot of posts and pictures – as if that’s a bad thing.


Getting right into it, this is the Essie Valentine’s collection. As you might have guessed, I had planned on getting this up before, well, Valentine’s Day. But then I had dates with the aforementioned apartment viewings and leasing agents, so it got pushed back. These are beautiful bright colors that you can wear no matter what, so it’s fine. Love is all year, right?

How was your Valentine’s Day? As I mentioned, mine was spent viewing empty apartments. But it was my boyfriend’s birthday 2 days before Valentine’s, so we celebrated then! It was nice and low key, and we went to a fun conveyor belt sushi place, and it was great.

Enough about me, it’s about the polish now.

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Essie Winter 2018 Collection

It’s blizzarding and snowing here the entire day as I swatched these, so I think it’s perfect for reviewing the last winter collection I had to talk about. WINTER FINALLY TRULY CAME TO CHICAGO. We’ve been in a cold snap, and all I’ve been saying if it’s going to be this cold, I want some snow to make it better. And it came true! We had big beautiful flakes just dropping on down and even as they pelted me in the face while I was waiting for the bus, it was just what I asked for. Call me nuts, but I love some snow for the winter.

Now, as I said with winter, I had one final winter collection to review!  (They’re already showing spring polishes and my god you have to be a season ahead to be on time). But it’s a WINTER REVIEW here!

This is the Essie collection for Winter 2018. And it’s of course a traditional 6 piece collection. I picked these up from They had the best prices for Essies and their shipping is always so fast and well packed! Do recommend.

Now let’s get into the polishes!

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