Essie Fall 2020 Collection – Swatches & Review

You know, Chicago is currently teasing me right now with the weather. It gave me the most beautiful 60 degree days for a week, and now it’s bouncing around to 80s the next, back down to 60 and back up to 75. Just give me the cozy fall weather already!

Well, no matter what the weather is doing outside, I’m full on into fall and no one can stop me. I’ve grabbed a bounty of pumpkin scented candles from Bath & Body works, pumpkin-shaped Reese’s (the shaped ones always taste so much better than the originals), and I’ve gotten far too many pumpkin-cream cold brews from Starbucks. I’m going full BASIC and I love it.

So let’s continue right along with the fall collections, shall we? We’re still in the middle of the great blog post catch-up, and even though I’m deep into fall, I’ll have some bright summer collections that’ll pop up here and there as I work through my backlog. (It really just matches the weather).

But focusing back on fall! Today we’re looking at the Essie fall collection! This is your standard 6 polish release, and it features 4 rich creams, and 2 shimmers. I grabbed these off of (where I grab all of my polishes really, they just have the best prices! If you purchase from there, be sure to put my name in the dropdown! It just helps show where you’re coming from!).

These are some stunning colors, so let’s just get into it already!

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Essie Sunny Business 2020 – Swatches & Review

As I’m sure you all know by now, I’m in the middle of what I’m calling the Great Blog Post Catch Up of 2020! For some reason I just needed a break from blogging, and as the swatches just kept coming, my backlog built up. It may be cooling down outside, and we’re full on into fall collections by now, but I still want to get these summer reviews posted! So be prepared for some back and forth with “older” collections to new fall releases!


This post is looking at the Essie Sunny Business collection! Essie seems to be full on into this habit of releasing like 9 collections a year, so we’ve already looked at quite a few polishes from them! The Sunny Business collection is a release of 9 polishes, 7 creams and 2 shimmers that sum up warm weather and beachy feelings. As always I purchased this from Most of the shades are still available there, and has most of the colors there as well, in case any catch your eye.

Obviously this post has been waiting long enough, so let’s get right into the swatches!

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Essie ‘Bustling Bazaar’ Summer 2020 – Swatches & Review

Hey everyone, I know it’s been an overwhelming couple of days with everything going on, and being born an American and living in the United States my entire life, I just wanted to make a quick note before I dive in. I do feel weird posting normally just about nails during this time, and I feel so lucky and privileged to have this hobby where I can “escape” for a little bit. And I know you all are always looking for a nice little escape sometimes as well. But there are so many resources and voices out there where we can all continually learn from as well. There’s no “escaping” from being a good ally, and that’s something that is always on in the background, even as I continue to swatch and post about nail polish. So it’ll just be a quick little note here and then we’re back to nails.

A nail blog is definitely not the space you’re going to go first for information or resources, but there is still a person behind this and in the end it’s my own opinions and feelings. And so I want to say on this page everyone is welcome and included, regardless of race, orientation, religion, or otherwise – as long as their opinions are not actively hurting others. I personally fully support the Black Lives Matter movement here, and I want to use my privilege and voice to continue to do all that I can, even if it’s just a quick comment before I post some swatches. Any comments that marginalize that movement and the feelings and those involved won’t be tolerated here, and I’ll always do my best to keep it an open community here, even as it’s just one person’s nails being shown. I’m still learning and only one person, but I know the best way to use my voice is to stop any hate and call it out, even in this small space.

That’s all, thank you for listening, and now back to our normal blogging.


We’re continuing on with our Essie love – that’s just how my schedule and swatching played out – with the summer collection! This year’s Summer release is titled ‘Bustling Bazaar’ and it’s 6 bright and bold colors that are inspired by the bazaars of Morocco.

And I bought this collection from, you guessed it, I mention the site basically every single post, because they consistently have the best prices which allow me to continually to buy collections, as well as incredibly fast and secure shipping. I go on about them so much because I genuinely love and will continue to use her services!

As I mentioned there are 6 polishes – 5 creams and 1 foil, and it’s some bright and bold and saturated colors. Let’s get right into the swatches, shall we?

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Essie Originals Remixed Collection – Swatches & Review


Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! I have a day off work coming up, which just means instead of being on my computer all day for work, I can be on my computer all day blogging! I’ve got big plans to get a lot of swatching and posting done, and also enjoying the beautiful weather we’re finally having down here in Chicago. What are your Memorial Day plans? Obviously it’s all a little shifted this year, but of course I would still love to hear!

And now let’s shift over to the review! The collection we’re looking at today is the Essie ‘Original Remixed’ collection. For this release, Essie took 6 of their classic, popular shades and “remixed” them to create 6 new fun colors. I know this has been talked about a lot lately, but I love grabbing all of the new Essie collections, and couldn’t resist passing them up. so we’re still talking about them today! They’re worth another chat!

Now I only grabbed 5 of the 6 shades. I can’t tell you why I decided to practice self control and not collecting all of the shades for just this one collection. I’m pretending I’m breaking my collector mentality, but then I only pass on 1 shade. Listen, I don’t get it either.

But either way I only have 5 of the 6 shades here. The one shade I decided to pass on was ‘Ballet Sneakers’, which is a super light pink cream. I know I have a ton of those in my collection and don’t wear those as often, so it was the one I left behind.

These are also cool because each of the bottles are decorated with these little designs that relate to the name of the shade. They’re imprinted, and not a sticker, so you don’t have to worry about them wearing off. And the “original” shades have also been released with the special bottles and designs, so if you’ve never owned them and are looking to now, this is the perfect time.

I bought these off of, but they’re also available on as well.

Let’s get right into the swatches!

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Essie Spring 2020 – Swatches & Review


I don’t have much for a rambling intro here (I know you’re all so disappointed), because I’ve settled into a pretty steady routine here in Hotel Social Distancing. I work from home, I do a little swatching, I drink some tea and watch my movie for the night and then I go to bed! It’s a very exciting existence over here – but I can’t complain! I’m enjoying the to catch up on reviews (I’m fully determined to catch up on the full checklist I have in a notebook, because let’s be honest, now is the time).

But of course, there will always be nail polish! Let’s look at more spring collections – it’s up into the 50s today, so it’s practically balmy here in the Midwest!

We’re looking at the Essie Spring collection today! As usual, this is a 6 piece collection. It features 3 straight creams, and 3 creams with shimmer in them.

I picked these up from I know I’ve mentioned them so many times before, as they always have the best prices on China Glaze and OPI – but now they’ve also started selling Essie as well! It’s so nice to just be able to grab all the polishes I want to review all in one place, and always with incredibly fast shipping. Okay, I’m done gushing, you’ve heard it all before.

Let’s get into the swatches!

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Essie Flying Solo Collection – Swatches & Review


Listen here, I got duped. All weekend, it was up to the 50s and lovely, and so sunny. I had my windows open yesterday, I felt the Vitamin D flowing through me, I even believed for a hot second that maybe spring could be on its way. BUT I KNOW BETTER. I’ve lived in the Midwest all 25 years of my life now, and so I fully know about these ‘Fools Springs’ and I STILL FELL FOR IT. I had hope for a while! I pictured myself with windows open, fresh air flowing through, soaking up the warmth. And now we’re supposed to get snowstorms for the next 2 days. In my heart I expected nothing different.

So while I’m getting buried in snow, it’s fitting that we look at some warm, sunny and bright colors right! Pinks, oranges and yellows will always be there for me to pretend it’s spring.

Today we’re looking at the Essie Flying Solo collection! This is a collection of 9 shades that was officially announced about 2 months ago (where does the time go?). I finally grabbed them all, and am now even more in a mood for bright summery colors so it’s the perfect time to talk about them.

I snatched up all of these bad boys from my fav, You’ve heard me talk about that place enough now, but as I’ve mentioned they carry the new Essie collections now as well, and I love being able to basically buy all of the new collections in one place at a great discount. (That discount is the reason I can buy all of these polishes and show them to you!) (And as always, if you do buy from polishpick, feel free to put my name into the dropdown at checkout – it’s not at all affiliated, I make no money, but helps to show the website where the traffic is coming from!)

Now let’s get into the swatches, shall we?

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Essie Valentine’s Day 2020 – Swatches & Review

Happy Valentine’s Day, all! I’m spending the evening curled up and cozy, finishing reviews, watching a movie and going to bed early (I’m starting to get sick, okay). But I can’t ever complain about a relaxed night in. I’m a very exciting person, I know. And of course, chocolate. I’m a monster when it comes to Reese’s, and my parents are constantly enabling my obsession. Are there candies that you can’t ever resist? I hope you enjoyed the day, no matter who you chose to spend it with!

And as with Valentine’s Day, that means we have a Valentine’s Day collection and polishes! Essie has once again come out with a 6 piece collection for the occasion, complete with the fun bottle wraps. (You do get the bottle wraps when ordering from Polish Pick). Each shade has a different wrap and design, and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t part of the reason I really wanted to buy this collection, okay.


As mentioned, there are 6 polishes! There are 3 cream shades, and 3 more metallic shades.

I grabbed these from As if I don’t already talk enough about how much I love Polish Pick – they’ve now started selling Essie as well! So I can grab even more of the collections I review at discounted prices, and from one place. I really love it, and wouldn’t talk about it so much unless I’ve had great experiences. (And as always, if you do happen to buy from Polish Pick, you can put in my name in the dropdown at checkout. I don’t make any money from this, it just helps the site see where you all are coming from!)

Alright, enough blabbering, let’s get into the polishes!

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Essie Expressie – 4 Shades, Swatches & Review

I actually still feel caught up and timely on my posts?? Am I a real blogger now? Should I not admit this and pretend I always have it together? How was everyone’s weekend? How did you spend it? I had a lovely productive time, and got a lot of swatching done. Weekends are where I catch up on a lot of stuff that got pushed back throughout the week, and they’re so relaxing and they’re just very important to me, okay. I need my weekend time. Are you the same way? Is it about being productive or relaxing?

Alright, onto the polish. Today we’re looking at something else that’s all about speed and time! Sorry, bad segue into talking about a quick dry polish line.

Essie recently released their new Expressie line, a new formula all centered around a quick dry formula.  There are FORTY new shades that they dropped, and they’re all available online at Ulta, Target & CVS, as well as being in stores at various drugstores. They seem to be mostly cream finishes with 4-5 shimmery shades. I only picked up creams to test out first, and of course, in some ugly pretty colors – my favorite.

As you can see, these are the same height as Normal Essie bottles, but skinnier. They have only .33 fl oz., less than the .5 fl oz that comes in normal polish bottles. For that reason, I don’t love that they’re priced at $9, the same as normal Essie shades but with less product. I do think the price should be lowered – or if you’re able to buy them at a discount would help. I had a bunch of Walgreens rewards that I used for these, so I got them all for about half off.


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Essie Winter 2019 Collection

Anyone else leave their Christmas shopping to the absolute last minute? No? Just me? Listen, I may have just turned 25 but I still have not learned at all, and will just have a crazy busy week while I try to catch up on everything before I go back to my parents for the holidays. It’s all FINE.

Well, speaking of just turning 25, I had a fabulous and very full weekend with friends and celebrating. It was so very fun and I felt so loved. But now we’re straight back into the real world (ah yes, what it’s really like to be an adult) and once again I feel a lil behind. We still have a couple more holiday collections to discuss and review, so it’s fine time we got to them.

This one we’re discussing today, I’ve been so excited about, and couldn’t wait to get it on my nails from the very first teaser photos I saw.

This is the Essie Winter 2019 collection. This is a 6 shade collection full of almost jelly-like sparkly polishes with larger glitters all throughout. They remind me of that crinkly see-through paper you get in gift baskets, so you know, perfect for a holiday collection.

I picked this up from, where I get all of my Essie collections. They have the best prices, and super fast shipping, and always have the newest collections before everyone else.

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Essie Game Theory Collection

Guess who’s feeling productive!!! Let’s see how long that lasts!!! And let’s see if I can finish up a couple more posts before it’s December already (when the heck did that happen how is it already more than halfway through November, make it stop). I’m rambling because I surprisingly don’t have a paragraph to start you out with. Who am I? I blame Daylight Savings.

So let’s get right into the polish! Today we’re looking at another Essie collection (they’ve been busy this year). This is the Game Theory collection, and it was released this fall time, right before their Fall collection. I finally gathered up all the shades and it’s time to talk about em! All the shades are still available on, where I purchased them. I’ve also seen them now popping up in a new display in CVS, so hey-o suddenly popular again!

This collection has 6 shades all with a matte velvet finish. I’ve been loving all of the matte finish polishes that have dropped this fall and winter, and JUST GIMME ALL THE MATTES. I love any sort of matte finish on a polish, and especially shimmery polishes like these ones. I’ll stop blabbering and just let you see how pretty these are already. Let’s get into the swatches now!

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