Essie ‘Feel the Fizzle’ Spring 2023 Collection – Swatches & Review


We’re continuing with the spring collections, and this one just might be the most Spring™ of them all. It just slaps you in the face with the most Spring colors you could imagine. It fills your mind with chirping birds, blooming flowers, warm sun on your face – okay I’m done. So yes, it’s very spring, yes.

And I’m talking about the newest seasonal release from Essie. This is the ‘Feel the Fizzle’ collection for Spring 2023, and it features 5 saturated spring cream shades, and 1 iridescent topper. Super gorgeous, and just imagine those skittle manicures you can wear with these.

I purchased this lovely little set from Beyond Polish (exciting, this is now an affiliate link! Which means if you click on that and purchase through it, I’ll receive a little commission. You can use GINGERLYPOLISHED for 10% off your order as well – on regular priced items, not the bundle, but no pressure either way! You can just go to Beyond Polish’s website on its own. I wouldn’t link to any websites I don’t use and trust and love myself). Beyond Polish does also have an Essie bundle that gives you a little discount as well if you’re not comfortable using my code! (Essie releases far too much to pay full price amirite).

Alright enough talking about how Spring it is, and let me just show you! Into the swatches!


Starting us right off is ‘Ride the Soundwave’, and it’s a warm toned bright aqua blue shade. Not too much to say here as it was a lovely 2 coat formula, just like we’re used to! No complaints, and it’s smooth and lovely to paint on, especially with Essie’s wide brush.

Ride the Soundwave – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Don’t Burst My Bubble’. This one is much cooler-toned than the blue above, so you have two sides of the blue spectrum covered. It’s a medium, almost cornflower blue cream shade.

And this one was another easy 2 coat formula for me, feeling even more opaque and pigmented than the previous shade. Again so smooth!

Don’t Burst My Bubble – Live Swatch


This next one is a shade and color that will always just have my heart, it’s stunning. This is ‘In the You-niverse’ and it’s a warm toned lilac purple. There are definite pink tones to it, just giving that warm and rosy feeling to it, and I love it. It’s definitely perfect for spring (did I not mention that enough above?).

Luckily there’s also a gorgeous formula to match! 2 easy coats and it’s fully opaque, smooth and nice to paint on.

In the You-niverse – Live Swatch


I swear, this collection is just full of my favorite types of colors! This next one is ‘It’s High Time’ and it’s a stunning cool-toned almost mint green cream. Again, I’m a sucker for these types of shades (for all greens really), but there’s just something about those teal tones.

Broken record here, another easy 2 coat formula on this one.

It’s High Time – Live Swatch


And the last cream of the bunch! This is ‘You’re Scent-sational’ (no do not take that to mean it’s scented, but imagine if it was). ANYWAYS, this is the sunniest of the bunch (yes I said that because it’s yellow)! This is soft warm yellow shade with just the tiniest drop of green to it, keeping it from a traditional primary yellow.

This was the only shade where I needed to use 3 thin coats, as I still had some streaks after the 2nd. But of course, if you’re read any other posts, y’all will know I have extremely ridged nails, so polishes can always be a touch more streaky on me. Depending on your nails and application, you might be set with 2 thicker coats, but it’ll all come down to your own preferences! Yellows can always be more tricky so I wasn’t as surprised needing that extra coat.

You’re Scent-sational – Live Swatch


And last but certainly not least, we have the namesake of the whole collection. This is ‘Feel the Fizzle’ and it’s a clear base just jam packed with iridescent pink flakes that shift to a bright blue.

I showed it built up with 3 coats on it’s own first. You can see it’ll still be sheer, and show a lot of nail line, but it gives a fun shifty look to the nails, if you’re looking for something a touch more subdued but still bright. Then I also showed it as 1 coat over ‘It’s High Time’. It gives a lovely added sparkle to any base shade, especially any darker base that’ll really contrast against the flakes! So there’s two ways to wear it, and it can add a little something extra to any nail look.

Feel the Fizzle – Live Swatch


And that’s the set! As mentioned above this color palette fits right into the “traditional” spring shades – those greens, yellows, purples we see all around each year – so if you’re looking for those spring feelings and vibes any of these will absolutely fit the bill! Great formulas all around, and I have no complaints here. It’s truly spring time here with Essie.

Do you like these more “traditional” seasonal color palettes, or something different?


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