China Glaze ‘Hey Sugar!’ Spring 2023 Collection – Swatches & Review

We’re continuing right along with the spring posts with the BRIGHTEST and PUNCHIEST offering this season. This is from China Glaze, and their ‘Hey Sugar!’ collection. We have sweet themed names and shades for these 6 cream polishes. There are rich pinks, oranges and a yellow here to really brighten up your nails and it’s quite the change from the previous muted and vampy winter shades we’ve all been holding on to. It’s SPRING, time to let them GO.

With a name including “sugar”, I did also originally wonder if these might be textured, to mimic some sugary nails, but these are straight, smooth creams. No worries for you texture-haters out there. (I’m a texture-lover so I would have been on board, but fine, I get it).

As always, I purchased this set from my favorite, Especially for China Glaze, they have amazing prices and I won’t ever be paying full price for a bottle.

Okay, I know those beautiful colors above are calling to you, and you’re anxious for swatches, so let’s dive in!

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OPI ‘Me, Myself And OPI’ Spring 2023 Collection – Swatches & Review

IT’S SPRING here in the nail polish world, even if it wants to continue snowing here in Chicago. I do love a spring collection, with fun shades that brighten up the gray days that we’ll have for the next few weeks still. And it’s always most exciting time over here on the blog when we have a new OPI collection.

So if you haven’t guessed already, we’re looking at OPI’s newest seasonal release. Today we’re looking at the newest spring drop, and it’s the “#MeMyselfAndOPI” collection. This, of course, features 12 shades, and OPI describes it as a way to “Share who u r in a colorverse of ♾️ expression.”. If you can’t tell, or can’t understand that sentence, we’re going for a Social media, tech-y kind of vibe here with the names. (I’ll say in advance, not my favorite, but I get they have to try to keep hip with the times – but I do miss the location themed collections already). We’ve got a rainbow of shades, from pastels to bright creams and some interesting shimmers.

As always, I purchased this whole set from my favorite place, Y’all know the drill, the best prices for OPI, fast shipping, we love it all around. I’ve ordered from there so many times for so many years and have never had a problem.

Let’s get right into the swatches!

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Orly ‘Hopeless Romantic’ Spring 2023 Collection – Swatches & Review


Y’ALL, that label in the corner isn’t lying, yes I’m now officially on the PR list for ORLY. I believed in myself and reached out to sell myself, and they liked what they saw and have been sending over their products! This is a lesson to believe in yourself, and make the first move every so often. Sorry just had to talk about that because I was so excited and proud of myself.

NOW. Y’all also know the drill, the spiel if you will. Just because I’m now receiving these products for free will not change how I’m reviewing them. You can look back on this blog over the years and see that I purchased these Orly collections myself for YEARS. And if they had said no, I would still be purchasing them to review myself. If I hated a formula, and it was so hard to work with? I would absolutely still tell you. You would be able to SEE it in the videos, those aren’t ever edited to improve formulas, they won’t lie. Overall PR just helps me out in the way of freeing up some more funds in my polish budget so I can review other brands for you all. I’ll still continue to buy so much polish on my own and I would never give up your trust in my reviews. Nothing’s changing there.


NOW. Let’s talk about this little collection, shall we?

This is the ‘Hopeless Romantic’ collection and it’s Orly’s spring release. It features the typical 6 bottle release, with 3 shimmers and 3 creams. The color palette overall has a nice whimsical spring feel to it, spanning from some blues and purples, over to the pinks, peaches and reds. These are available on the Orly website, and I do always recommend their Color Pass if you’re so interested in trying out some shades at a discounted price.

Alright, let’s get right in the swatches!

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