OPI ‘Me, Myself And OPI’ Spring 2023 Collection – Swatches & Review

IT’S SPRING here in the nail polish world, even if it wants to continue snowing here in Chicago. I do love a spring collection, with fun shades that brighten up the gray days that we’ll have for the next few weeks still. And it’s always most exciting time over here on the blog when we have a new OPI collection.

So if you haven’t guessed already, we’re looking at OPI’s newest seasonal release. Today we’re looking at the newest spring drop, and it’s the “#MeMyselfAndOPI” collection. This, of course, features 12 shades, and OPI describes it as a way to “Share who u r in a colorverse of ♾️ expression.”. If you can’t tell, or can’t understand that sentence, we’re going for a Social media, tech-y kind of vibe here with the names. (I’ll say in advance, not my favorite, but I get they have to try to keep hip with the times – but I do miss the location themed collections already). We’ve got a rainbow of shades, from pastels to bright creams and some interesting shimmers.

As always, I purchased this whole set from my favorite place, polishpick.com. Y’all know the drill, the best prices for OPI, fast shipping, we love it all around. I’ve ordered from there so many times for so many years and have never had a problem.

Let’s get right into the swatches!


We’re starting out the bunch with the lightest cream shade. This is ‘Pink in Bio’ and it’s a very light ballet pink shade. Almost white with just some drops of a neutral pink to it. It’s delicate and soft, and could be great as a nice transition after the darker vampier shades of winter.

Formula-wise, the 1st coat is definitely streaky. I do have very ridged nails which always makes any polish a touch more uneven, but this formula wasn’t working with them at all either. I was able to get it pretty well opaque with a 2nd thicker coat floated on, though I did have to add a 3rd on some nails to fully cover any last ridges peeking out. It’ll definitely depend on your own nails and application – I definitely recommend floating your coats on, aka putting as little pressure on the brush as possible as you paint it onto the nails, to help keep it as smooth as possible.

Pink in Bio – Live Swatch


Next up we have 2 sheer shimmers that are very similar to each other, a nice little pair of a warmer and cooler shimmer.

This first one is ‘Switch to Portrait Mode’ and it’s the warmer and more peachy of the 2, and has a very subtle pink flash to it. As mentioned above these are very sheer formulas, so it did take some building up. With just 1 coat, it does give your nails a perfected “your nails but better look”. I built it up with 3 coats and it’s pretty well opaque, though there is still a touch of nail line peeking through. So this one will definitely depend on your own preferences and whether you enjoy more sheer polishes!

Switch to Portrait Mode – Live Swatch


Now for the 2nd shade of the pair! This is ‘I Meta My Soulmate’ and it’s much more cool-toned and pink than its shimmery friend above. As mentioned this is a lighter ballet pink shimmer with the most subtle of bright pink flash to it.

And it has the exact same formula as the shade above – though maybe a touch more pigmented. Again, 1 coat gives you that “your nails but better” look, and 3 coats is pretty well opaque. Depending on your nails and nail line you might have just a tiny bit still peeking out, so again it’ll depend on your own preferences.

I Meta My Soulmate – Live Swatch


We continue right along into the pinks with ‘Spring Break the Internet’. This one is a bright fuchsia with a tiny bit of purple-y sparkle to it. Again a touch more sheer of a formula, so it’ll just take some more building up. It was pretty well opaque with 2 thicker coats, though I did add a 3rd to continue to build up the base and cover any last patches I had, especially at the end of my nails. Overall it was still smooth and easy to work with.

Spring Break the Internet – Live Swatch


We’re continuing along the little rainbow spectrum of shimmers with ‘Left Your Texts on Red’. And as you might guess, this is a warm-toned almost jelly base just filled with silvery-pink shimmers.

With that more jelly base, it is a touch more sheer again. There is definite visible nail line after the 1st coat, but it’s smooth and even with the color. I was able to get it pretty well opaque with that 2nd, but depending on your own nails and application you might want a 3rd coat to further deepen up the color and build it up even more. A gorgeous color here, and I could see wearing it for the holidays as well! I didn’t have any issues with cleanup or with the color staining the cuticles at all.

Let Your Texts on Red – Live Swatch


We’re sliding on into the oranges now. This is ‘Data Peach’ and it’s a gorgeous. It’s one of my favorites as I’m truly a sucker for Peach anything – nail polish or candy flavors or otherwise. This is a stunning warm peachy orange shade with golden shimmer all throughout.

Again, a touch more sheer than I was fully expecting from the color in the bottle, but still workable overall. It could be pretty well opaque if you’re using thicker coats on smooth nails. I did add a 3rd on my own nails to build up that base color more and cover any last patches peeking out.

Data Peach – Live Swatch


Now we pause the shimmer parade for a little group of creams!

First up we have ‘Silicon Valley Girl’. This is a nice bright neon orange cream shade. It’s definitely pulling to a more red-toned orange than a yellow one (I know you understand what I mean here).

I had just a few streaks and patches after the first coat, but then a 2nd easily covered and made it fully smooth. Super gorgeous cream shade and so easy to work with!

Silicon Valley Girl – Live Swatch


Continuing along in our rainbow order, we have this softer, cooler toned pale yellow cream shade. This is ‘Blinded by the Ring Light’ and it’s just a perfect shade for spring.

Now when it comes to formula, I unfortunately didn’t love this one as much. I know yellows in general, especially lighter yellows like this can notoriously more difficult to formulate, and unfortunately this one fell victim to that. It’s definitely streaky on the 1st coat and I still had a lot of streaks on the 2nd. And especially on my very ridged nails, I still had some unevenness on the 3rd. With smoother nails you should have more success, and I do recommend floating the polish onto the nails as much as possible. Using too much pressure can pull the polish and create more streaks. Just not my favorite overall!

Blinded by the Ring Light – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Clear Your Cash’. This is a lighter, yellow-toned almost lime green cream shade, and it’s absolutely perfect for the spring. I mean, come on, this is the color we’re all coloring the grass for a spring picture.

Now formula-wise, this was more pigmented that the previous shade above, and I was able to get it pretty well opaque in just 2 coats. HOWEVER, I did use a 3rd coat to smooth over the thicker ridges in my nails – but those are for my own nails, and if you have smoother nail beds, you should be good with just 2 coats.

Clear Your Cash – Live Swatch


Okay, let’s just get this out of the way right away. I hate this name. This is the worst of the bunch and why are we “trying to be cool and hip” here. That’s right, I don’t like NFTs, OKAY I’M DONE WITH THAT PART.

ANYWAYS, ‘NFTease Me’ (ack) is a warm-toned lighter sky blue shade. Truly the shade I want the sky to be right now, but instead we get more GRAY. Formula-wise, this one felt even smoother and thicker than the shade above, so it’s an easy 2 coat formula, ridges and all.

NFTease Me – Live Swatch


And now for the last cream finish of the bunch! This is ‘Incognito Mode’ and it’s a dusty, cooler-toned almost mauve purple cream shade. Definite pink undertones to this one, making it such a unique color and hard to describe!

Just like the other creams in the set, this was an easy 2 coat formula. You can still see my ridges making themselves known, but that’s going to be the case for basically any cream shade for me. No complaints and it’s smooth to paint on!

Incognito Mode – Live Swatch


And finally, our final shimmer, and our final shade of the bunch! This one is ‘I Sold My Crypto’ (another cringe name, I’m sorry) and it’s a sheer, almost jelly shimmer base with a blue toned purple shift all throughout.

Now I will say this shade is much more sheer than I was expecting based on its appearance in the bottle. The 1st coat is almost a “your nails but better” look, adding just a little sparkle and a tint to the nails. The color does build up well with 3 thin coats, but you might still have some nail line peeking through, especially with longer nails. I do wish it was more pigmented and deeper to truly match the bottle color, but of course that’s my own preference.

How do you feel about this one?

I Sold My Crypto – Live Swatch


And that’s the set! We had quite a range of colors and finishes in this release, with some traditional spring colors and some that are a little different! Maybe not the best formulas I’ve ever seen from OPI in this set – but they’re workable and build up well. Not in love with the theme, but hey, they can’t all be winners.

What do y’all think of this set overall?

These shades are also available at Beyond Polish. (Use code GINGERLYPOLISHED for 10% off any regular priced items – does not work for the discounted bundles. This is an affiliate link/code, so I will earn a small commission from each purchase).


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