OPI ‘Summer Makes the Rules’ Summer 2023 Collection – Swatches & Review

OPI collection reviews are always the most popular posts for this blog. They’re always topping the stats, and clearly everyone else is just as interested in the newest OPI release as I am. After all, it was a couple of random OPI bottles hidden away in the corner of a drawer that truly started my nail polish collection, so I’ll always feel an emotional connection to my “roots”.

Which makes a bad collection from OPI hurt so much more.

Sorry, I’m jumping ahead here. Let’s start off by introducing this newest collection. Yes, it’s SUMMER here in nail world. (And maybe wherever you live too, it’s FINALLY getting consistently warmer over here in the windy city). And I always dive into the new seasons with the OPI release. For Summer 2023, OPI’s release is the ‘Summer Make the Rules’ collection. As always it features 12 shades that as OPI says “let your nails be as bright, bold and carefree as you feel this summer”. We’ve got names themed around laying around the beach, lounging in the sun, and just living your best summer life.

These shades range in a rainbow of pastel, yet bright shades, from bright pinks, to corals, teals and lilacs. We have 8 cream shades and 4 shades in a frosty, pearly shimmery finish. They were a little something different to normal shimmers, and I always love something new in a collection.

As always, these are available from my favorite polishpick.com, or also at beyondpolish.com (affiliate link). Now, as I hinted to up above, the colors are just so pretty, while the formulas for a majority just … aren’t pretty. I struggled with quite a few streaky creams here, and that’s so unusual for OPI. Things lift up a touch in the back half of the set, but it was quite the journey to get there. I’ll let the individual swatch photos and videos speak for themselves now, but I wanted to make sure you were starting this post with the right expectations. Let’s dive in.

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OPI ‘Me, Myself And OPI’ Spring 2023 Collection – Swatches & Review

IT’S SPRING here in the nail polish world, even if it wants to continue snowing here in Chicago. I do love a spring collection, with fun shades that brighten up the gray days that we’ll have for the next few weeks still. And it’s always most exciting time over here on the blog when we have a new OPI collection.

So if you haven’t guessed already, we’re looking at OPI’s newest seasonal release. Today we’re looking at the newest spring drop, and it’s the “#MeMyselfAndOPI” collection. This, of course, features 12 shades, and OPI describes it as a way to “Share who u r in a colorverse of ♾️ expression.”. If you can’t tell, or can’t understand that sentence, we’re going for a Social media, tech-y kind of vibe here with the names. (I’ll say in advance, not my favorite, but I get they have to try to keep hip with the times – but I do miss the location themed collections already). We’ve got a rainbow of shades, from pastels to bright creams and some interesting shimmers.

As always, I purchased this whole set from my favorite place, polishpick.com. Y’all know the drill, the best prices for OPI, fast shipping, we love it all around. I’ve ordered from there so many times for so many years and have never had a problem.

Let’s get right into the swatches!

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OPI Nature Strong New Shades 2023 – Swatches & Review

OPI recently released 8 new shades in their Nature Strong line. I’ve never tried the line, so I figured this was a perfect time (and excuse) to pick up the shades and see what it’s about! And I’m sure you’re curious as well, as anyone is when a brand has separate lines going on.

Now the ‘Nature Strong’ line is just what it sounds like. It’s OPI’s first “natural origin nail lacquer”, made from “plant based ingredients sourced from nature”. They say it’s vegan, cruelty free and 9-free, while still being long lasting and drying with a high shine finish. Plant based nail lines are a new trend, with China Glaze and Essie also hopping on and releasing their own versions as well. Now, I have no idea what percentage of these formulas are the natural plant based ingredients, I’m just reading those claims for ya here.

Of course, with any of these I don’t wear the polishes long enough to speak to the wear time claim – and that time can vary from person to person as well, based on their specific body chemistry – but I am here to talk about the formula and application!

These specific 8 shades, as well as the previously released shades are all available Polishpick.com. They’re also available from Beyond Polish as well (code: GingerlyPolished gets you 10% at BP. It is an affiliate link/code, so I will earn a small commission from any purchase, no pressure as always!)

Alright, let’s get on into the swatches!

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OPI ‘Jewel Be Bold’ Winter 2022 Collection + Glitter Exclusives – Swatches & Review

Listen, has it been over a month since I posted a blog post? Yes, but we’re NOT going to ruminate on that today. I think I have this exact same spiel each time I come crawling back here after not posting regularly, and I have no excuses. I’ve still been swatching up a storm on my Instagram (plug here to follow me there), but I neglected you all over here, my heart and soul, my regulars, the ones who continue on even with no algorithm, steady through any storm.

But I digress. Let’s not pause and stay on the negative, and let’s just discuss what we’re all here for: nail polish. And I know most of you are here ESPECIALLY for new OPI nail polish. That’s right, I see my stats, and I know no matter what I’ll always be posting up the OPI seasonal reviews, don’t you worry. Even if I only put up 4 posts a year, it’ll just be the seasonal OPI releases. OPI keeps us all going. So let’s look at this newest release.

This is the ‘Jewel Be Bold’ collection for Winter 2022, and it features the traditional 12 bottles, along with 3 glitter exclusives. So 15 shades total. That’s right, we got a lot of polish so I won’t be too wordy, and I’ll let the photos do all of the talking (she says while still being wordy).

We have just 1 cream shade, and then 14 shimmery and sparkly and glittery shades. So if you’re a lover of sparkle this is the set for you. As always, I purchased from my favorite place, polishpick.com. They always have the best prices and incredibly fast shipping. Highly recommend!

Now, enough talking, let’s just get right on into the swatches!

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OPI ‘Fall Wonders’ Fall 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

Ah yes FINALLY, I’m getting the OPI Fall post up! I’m usually so on it for these collections especially each season and I just feel behind, but BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. I know, it’s technically not even fall yet, how could it possibly be late? Well in nail world it’s already been fall for a WHILE. So it’s about TIME we look at OPI’s fall release.

As always, this is a traditional 12 bottle release from OPI for their seasonal collection. This one is the ‘Fall Wonders’ set for Fall 2022, obviously. We have 8 creams and 4 shimmery shades, featuring “down to earth shades inspired by the world’s natural marvels”. So it’s very earthy and neutral and muted and perfect for fall around.

Y’all know the drill, I bought this set from polishpick.com – it’s still my favorite place for the best OPI prices, that allows me to buy even more other shades to review for you all. (If you buy from there you can mention I sent you on over, I don’t earn any commission it just helps to know where traffic is coming from).

We have a lot of shades to look at so let’s dive in already!


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OPI ‘Power of Hue’ Summer 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

Well HELLO there! You know what time it is. I think I say this every single time and every single season, but it’s the most exciting time of the year because we’re looking at A NEW OPI COLLECTION. Listen, I’ll say it straight out, OPI collections are always the most popular posts on my blog, so I know you’re all as excited about them as I am. And this one has a full range of bright summery colors that cover a whole shimmery rainbow.

This is the ‘Power of Hue’ collection for Summer 2022 from OPI. It’s our traditional 12 bottle release, and as always I grabbed this from my favorite nail polish supply shop, polishpick.com. Check it out and as always, let her know I sent you. Of course, we have a lot of shades to talk about, so really let’s just get right into it, you’ve been waiting for long enough. I’m not even rambling for once, I’m just letting the photos speak for themselves to bring you in, and then from there decide on individual formulas. ONTO THE SWATCHES.


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OPI ‘Xbox’ Spring 2022 Collection – Swatches & Review

HAPPY SPRING, EVERYONE! Why yes, since Spring collections always start hitting shelves at the same time each year and every single year I make the same comment about writing this spring post while it’s snowing outside. AND THAT WON’T STOP THIS YEAR, there’s snow on the ground while I’m writing this happy spring post!!!

Anyways, if it’s not yet the most exciting time of the year in where the weather is finally starting to warm up, it’s at least the most exciting time of the nail polish year: when the first seasonal collections pop up. I do always love a Spring collection, with their bright pops of color – even if I am a big fan of deep, dark vampy shades year round.

And it’s always most exciting for me to start out a new season with OPI. OPI is always the most popular posts on both my blog and Instagram, so clearly you all love it as well.

This year, we have a little collaboration collection for Spring, with OPI joining forces with Xbox. Yes, I didn’t expect it either, but I’m here for whatever. This features 12 mostly cream shades that range across a bright and happy, almost pastel rainbow with various themed names that match up across Xbox and its exclusive games.

As always, I grabbed this collection from my favorite, polishpick.com. (If you purchase from there, put my name in the drop down as who sent you. Not at all an affiliate thing, just helps show where traffic is coming from).

Now let’s get on into the swatches!

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OPI ‘Celebration’ Winter 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

IT’S TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Well, at least nail polish. It’s time for holiday nail polish. I’m a person who doesn’t allow full Christmas until December 1st, but you know, the nail polish world doesn’t wait.

But that’s right, we’re diving into our first holiday collections here on the blog! We have a lot of glitter and sparkle and shimmer on the way. And as always, we have to start out with my love, OPI. This is the ‘Celebration’ Collection for Winter 2021. It features 12 shades in a “core” release, and then 3 glitter toppers, so 15 polishes total. That’s right we have 15 polishes to talk about today, so I’ll keep it short up here.

As always, I purchased this whole lot from my favorite place, polishpick.com. You know the drill, they have the best prices for OPI and always super fast shipping. Definitely check them out, and put my name in to let them know I sent you!

In this release, we have 5 creams, 1 pearl, and 6 scattered holographic shades. I know everyone has been so excited for those holographics, so let’s dive right in.

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OPI ‘Downtown LA’ Fall 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

IT’S FALLLLLLLL, I write as its continually 80 degrees outside here in Chicago. Listen, we had a week of 72 degree days, and I was a fool and let myself think that maybe fall weather was on the way. It happens EVERY YEAR and I fall for it EVERY TIME. The weather went up to 90s immediately after that, it was playing me.

But even though it’s not fall outside, it’s FALL in the polish world! That’s right, we’re already looking at fall releases! The major mainstream brands have dropped the fall releases so we’re diving right in with my favorite, OPI.

This is the ‘Downtown LA’ and it continues their 40th anniversary celebration with another California-themed release, this time for the bustling city of Los Angeles.

We have a lot of gorgeous saturated and rich creams here, along with a couple sparkles that I know everyone will love! And as always, I grabbed this from my love, polishpick.com. I know buying from these discount websites can be intimidating at first, but I’ve purchased from PolishPick so many times – it’s the only place I buy my OPIs and China Glazes at this point. They have the best prices, and insanely fast shipping! So if you do pick some up let them know I sent you! They have the collection not only in the regular lacquer formula, but also in Infinite Shine and Gelcolor formulas.

So let’s get into the swatches already!

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OPI ‘Malibu’ Summer 2021 Collection – Swatches & Review

It’s my favorite time of the season and that’s A NEW OPI COLLECTION! OPI is always the most exciting release for my Instagram, and blog, and when I get the most traffic, so I’m always so excited to share a new collection with you all! Let’s get right into it!

For Summer 2021, OPI’s collection is ‘Malibu’. (I believe for their 40th year anniversary they’re doing all California themed collections, but don’t fully quote me on that). OPI describes it as “12 colors inspired by the iconic beaches of the Malibu coastline”. This collection is definitely different from the others I’ve reviewed so far and features a half neutral, half colorful offering. There are 6 beige & brown shades, and then 6 more colorful shades.

We have a mix of creams, some shimmers, and a more jelly finish!

OPI ‘Malibu’ Summer 2021

As always, I grabbed this from my favorite place, polishpick.com. They have the cheapest prices for OPI and the fastest shipping! I’ve been ordering from them for YEARS now. If you pick up any shades, be sure to mention I sent you! (I receive no commission or anything, I just absolutely love them, and it lets them know where traffic is coming from. I do receive a discount on ordering the shades, but overall I still pay for them with my own money.) They offer this collection in regular lacquer, Infinite Shine, and Gel Color.

Let’s get right into the swatches already, I know that’s what you’re here for!

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