Zoya ‘Daydreaming’ Spring 2023 Collection – Swatches & Review

We have our next Spring collection review here, and this set will most likely be the one that’ll have you looking at the color palette and going “spring?”

That’s right, this is the ‘Daydreaming’ set, and it’s Zoya’s release for Spring. It features 6 shades all with a more sheer jelly base and gorgeous multicolor speckled shimmer. We’ve got a deeper blue, some purples, a ruby red and some coppers here, breaking us out of the normal pastels and soft candy shades we normally see for the season. Now, I’m never here to let “out of season” stop me from wearing any color I’m feeling, but of course I understand if these aren’t quite giving you the spring feelings. NO MATTER WHAT, we’re reviewing these shades today and you can’t stop me!!

I purchased these in a little bundle off of Zoya’s website, which came with their wide brushes as well. (It’s Zoya’s annual Earth month sale going on now, so you can grab these for 50% off through April 30, even without donating any old polish). These are also available on the Beyond Polish website for quite a lovely discount as well – and I added my little affiliate code down at the bottom of this post if you were interested.

Alright let’s just get right into these swatches!


These all have a similar formula overall so I’ll sum it up here first (marketing professionals say that’s not a good technique to keep readers scrolling for the entire post, but I can only hope those shimmers suck you in) and then note any individual differences under each swatch.

These are all an almost jelly formula, being more sheer and squishy than just a normal shimmer. Because of that, the first coat is very sheer, and can be worrying right out of the bottle. Luckily, these all did build up the color well with just a 2nd or 3 thin coat. That shimmer builds and layers up, and each one is so sparkly on the nails, even with just a 2nd coat, so have some faith when using these. It will depend on your own nails and application but they are workable and do end up matching the shade in the bottle. I do recommend thinner coats, as too thick of coats can take longer to dry, and be almost goopy on the nails. But overall I really loved these final looks, and all of that speckled shimmer just got me.

I do always like to note that I am using the wide brushes for these shades, since they don’t automatically come with them. It obviously makes it a touch easier to float the polish onto the nail, but overall I think you’ll get the same effect with the thinner brush on these. Just wanted to mention and now let’s get into the individual shades!


Up first, we have ‘Kira’. This one is a darker, almost cobalt blue jelly base filled with shifty microshimmer. There are aqua blue and pink shimmers peeking through, and they contrast so nicely against that darker base.

As mentioned above, this one has that more sheer 1st coat with nail line peeking through. It builds well with a 2nd coat and can be opaque and set to go at this point. I chose to add a 3rd to further layer it up and cover any last patches – so it’ll depend on your own nails and application here.

Kira – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Marie’. This one is a medium warm-toned purple jelly base filled with that same multicolored shimmer – again with flecks of gold and red peeking through the most.

Again, that sheer 1st coat, and it builds up well with a 2nd. I chose to add a 3rd to further build up the color more and make it deeper on the nails.

Marie – Live Swatch


Continuing right along we have ‘Terra’. This one has a much more pink-toned purple base, leaning right in between pink and purple, and is again filled with that multicolored shimmer like the others. This one has little flecks of gold peeking through most, really adding to the warmth of the base shade.

You know the drill: asheer 1st coat, builds up well with 2-3 coats depending on your application and preferences.

Terra – Live Swatch


We transition right along into ‘Tink’, a deeper ruby red jelly base filled with those same glitters.

Again, more sheer, and I did add a 3rd coat to further deepen up that color and bring out that richness of the base. Overall it’s gorgeous, and shimmers like a little jewel on each of your nails.

Tink – Live Swatch


We continue into the oranges with ‘Sipsey’. This one is a deeper brick red, almost coppery base filled with scattered shimmers. The shimmers in this one feel a touch larger than others, and you can really see those gold flecks contrasting against the base. Not quite a spring shade to most, but I know I’ll absolutely love wearing this in the fall time.

Again, pretty well opaque with a 2nd, but I chose to add a 3rd to deepen up that base color and layer it on up.

Sipsey – Live Swatch


And last but certainly not least we have ‘Yardley’. This one is the lighter and even more coppery warm version of ‘Sipsey’ above. This is the only one of the bunch where the sparkle is much more subtle and just runs throughout the base. It looks a touch more like a traditional metallic finish, rather than the speckled look of the others.

Though it does look more metallic, it has the same sheer formula as the others, and I built it up with 3 thin coats.

Yardley – Live Swatch


That’s the collection! As I mentioned above, these are very outside the realm of “traditional” spring shades, and might be colors you’re not looking to wear in the spring time. But I’m a big supporter of “wear whatever shades you want at any point in the year”. I get the formula could also be a barrier, with more sheer formulas and 3 coats not loved by all. The final finishes and colors are gorgeous, but it always depends on your own preferences! I’m always just here to show the shades for you to make the final choices.

What do you think of these?


These shades are also available at Beyond Polish. (Use code GINGERLYPOLISHED for 10% off any regular priced items – does not work for the discounted bundles. This is an affiliate link/code, so I will earn a small commission from each purchase).


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