Sally Hansen x Peeps Insta-Dri 2023 Collection – Swatches & Review

Y’all know I love a themed collection, an unexpected collaboration, and a weird little texture. So if any of those things have your ears pricking up, keep on reading, and this collection will be for you.

Today we’re looking at the newest release in the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri line: a collaboration with Peeps, just right in time for the Easter holidays. If y’all aren’t familiar with Peeps, they’re a marshmallow company known for releasing chick and bunny shaped sugar covered marshmallows each year in the spring time – mostly for the Easter holiday. As a child I loved eating them (as they were just pure sugar) or microwaving them so they would inflate and blow up (it’s fun, I tell you).

Sally Hansen has collaborated with other candy brands before for their Insta-Dri line, such as Jelly Belly for jellybean themed polish, so honestly this collection and set made sense in my opinion. We have 7 shades here, 6 full color textured shades, and 1 topper. They all have the Peeps logo printed right onto the cap, and they’re named after the different shaped and colored marshmallow creatures they release. 6 of these shades also dry with a textured finish, just like a sugar coated marshmallow. I always love when a brand commits to a theme and of course, so I was very excited when I started seeing promo for them. (And I’m even more excited to see what they continue with in the future).

These are available from Ulta (although always beware their terrible polish shipping), or other drugstores like Walgreens and Walmart. Let’s get on into the swatches!


These all have a very similar formula (except for the one topper obviously), so I’ll just discuss it here right at the top, and note any individual differences under each swatch!

Overall, these are all a more sheer base filled with these textured pieces which give it that sugary texture like I mentioned above. Though the texture is definitely larger than other “sugar-finish” shades I’ve seen, like Zoya PixieDusts. It’s hard to describe fully, but you’ll have those bumps and texture overall.

The base and color overall is more thin and watery, but I found that made it easier to paint over all of those bumps with each coat, and fill in the gaps to give a more opaque finish. I built up these shades with 3 thin coats. I preferred thinner coats with these, as I found that thicker coats don’t allow the texture to show through as much, and can instead just look bumpy and unintentional (which you can see a touch on my ring finger in the first swatch). Thinner coats lets that texture dry through to its fullest effect and just really pop through the base. I had no issues painting these on, and they’re a very interesting finish, which I know won’t be for everyone. But if you’re a unique finish and texture lover, these will be right up your alley.


Time now to look at the individual shades! Up first we have ‘Classic Chick’, aka the classic yellow chick shape that everyone knows from Peeps (and I mean, peep, chicken, peep is the sound they make, okay I’m done). And of course, this one is a bright yellow shade, matching that Peeps chick perfectly with that same “marshmallow” textured finish.

As mentioned, 3 thin coats to build it up to opaque.

Classic Chick – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Pink Bunny’. You guessed it, named after the Pink Bunny peep, and in a shade of bright warm-toned fuchsia with the same textured finish.

Again, 3 thin coats to build it up to full opacity.

Pink Bunny – Live Swatch


Zooming right through these, next we have ‘Blue Chick’. Do I even need to say what these are based on? Who cares, I will anyways. This is based on the Blue Chick Peep and is a warm-toned medium bright blue textured shade.

3 thin coats to full opacity.

Blue Chick – Live Swatch


Next up ‘Purple Bunny’, from, of course, the purple bunny. This one is a warm-toned, almost lavender purple base with the same textured finish.

Repeating myself here, but again, 3 thin coats to full opacity!

Purple Bunny – Live Swatch


And last in this set of solid colored shades we have ‘Marshmallow’, based for a plain white marshmallow, the base for the whole brand.

I did find this one was the thinnest and most watery of the bunch, running down the brush more than the other shades. It’s a touch more uneven, but I was still able to get it opaque with 3 thin coats. Just make sure to wipe off the brush before painting so you’re not flooding your cuticles.

Marshmallow – Live Swatch


The last shade with that same textured finish is ‘Cotton Candy’. (Me over here not even knowing there was a Cotton Candy peep, I’m behind on the Peeps times). This shade features a light, warm toned soft pink (some might say cotton candy pink) base filled with scattered smaller blue glitters and larger blue metallic hexagons, and that same textured finish.

Even with those larger glitters, I still built this one up the same way, with 3 thin coats. I didn’t have issues picking up those pieces, and they distributed well onto the nails.

Cotton Candy – Live Swatch


And last up, we have ‘Party Cake’. This takes us away from the texture entirely, being a clear base topper filled with yellow and white bar glitters and larger white, yellow and golden hexagon pieces. I’m not sure why we moved away from the textured finish for this one – as it’s the same marshmallow chick shapes as others, or why they didn’t go for the rainbow sprinkle look either. (Look at me critiquing a polish based on a marshmallow).

I showed this as 1 coat over a bright pink cream shade, and you can see it just adds a little something extra to any shade you place it over. The glitters did pick up well – I would swipe a few times on each nail with each coat to transfer the glitters from the brush onto the nails and spread them around. Overall, just a touch of placing, but it wasn’t difficult to work with, and I didn’t have any complaints. It’s a fun little topper (even if I wanted more of the texture).

Party Cake – Live Swatch


And that’s the set! I could have done without that last topper, and I wish they kept the textured theme for it, but overall it’s such an interesting collection, and I love that they went for it with the textured finish! Like I mentioned, it won’t be for everyone, but if you love textured polishes, or even just collecting interesting nail polish shades, these are great!

What do you think of these?


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