Orly x NASA 2023 Collection – Swatches & Review


What more could one need than NAILS and SPACE! You can truly never go wrong with a space themed nail polish, in my humble opinion. And if you agree with that humble opinion, well do I have the collection to show YOU. (Could you ever guess what the theme is here).

Orly recently collaborated with NASA (yes that NASA) and released a space themed (well duh what else) quartet of polishes! We’ve got 3 gorgeous full color shades and 1 topper, all inspired by various explorations and space travel. I was so excited when I saw this release, and couldn’t wait to try out the shades when they showed up on my door!

They also released 4 sets of nail wraps with various space imagery and the NASA logo on them as well, if you’re looking to step up your nail look at all. All of these are available on the Orly website, both in little bundles as well as individually!

These are so gorgeous, I don’t need to ramble on more, so let’s jump right into the swatches!


All of these bottles also come with special wraps, matching the polish and inspiration as well! You can see them peeking out in my swatches.


First up we have ‘Golden Record’ and as you can imagine with that name, it’s a bright yellow gold shimmer shade. There’s even the tiniest bit of green tones to it. And Orly says it’s “inspired by NASA’s message of peace golden record on board the Voyager space probe”. Look at us learning!

For the formula this was an easy 2 coats to opaque! It’s super smooth to paint on, especially with Orly’s wider brushes. Since it is a high shimmer shade, there will be some brushstrokes, but as you can see even in my bright lights most do disappear and aren’t noticeable. The lights do bring out the sparkle and make it look even more glowy, but even in normal lighting you’ll get a gorgeous shimmer on the nails!

Golden Record – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘Perseverance’. This is a warm, brick red shimmer with a golden sparkle all throughout. Orly says it’s “inspired by NASA’s Perseverance rover and the Martian landscape”, and that feels accurate. Definitely very Martian here. A very interesting color and I’m not mad at it.

Formula-wise it’s another easy 2 coats here. Super smooth and so lovely and pigmented to paint onto the nails.

Perseverance – Live Swatch


Next up we have ‘View from L2’. This is a black base with a most delicate silver shimmer going throughout, as well as larger scattered silver holographic glitters. Truly a space polish here, and one that Orly says is “inspired by the NASA James Webb Space Telescope.” YEAH SPACE.

Now this one did feel thicker than the others – maybe like it was dried out a touch. I’m not sure if it has to do with the bigger glitters or what, but it was a little harder to be precise when painting onto the nails, and could feel gloopy with too thick of a coat so be sure to wipe the brush off for sure. But overall it was still workable and I was able to get a smooth 2 coats on the nails. And just look at that sparkle – a good coat of top coat will bring it out even more.

View From L2 – Live Swatch


Last but certainly not least we’re rounding these out with a topper. This is ‘Spirit of Peace’ and it’s a clear base filled with a delicate golden shimmer, larger matte white glitter pieces and metallic golden hexagon pieces. Super fun!

I showed it here as 1 coat on its own on bare nails, and then 1 coat over a plain black polish. Over a darker base you can really see that golden shimmer pop through, and it’s a stunning look! I enjoyed this and it’s a nice little topper. The pieces pick up well and distribute nicely on the nails without much swiping.

Spirit of Peace – Live Swatch


And that’s the set! I always really enjoy when a brand goes there with a theme and I think all of the polishes truly fit the feel of space! It’s a fun little collaboration and I had no complaints. ‘View from L2’ was the only somewhat thick one, and it was still workable on the nails.

Do any of these catch your eye?


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PR Disclosure: Though the shades in this post were sent to me, I was under no obligation to post from the brand. I never guarantee positive reviews, and all thoughts and opinions are my own. I review these shades thoroughly and in the same manner as I would with any polishes purchased with my own money.


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